I have no martial arts experience, where do I start?

hi it's Ramsey Dewey over here in

Shanghai China welcome to another

edition of Q&A with a coach today we

have a question from our friend

Xerxes five four nine four and I've

heard this question from a lot of the

viewers on this channel

Xerxes says if someone wanted to get

into martial arts and has virtually no

experience what would you recommend to

start out with and you probably want me

to say well go take a Crotty class or a

jiu-jitsu class or a judo class or a

boxing class or a wrestling class and

those are all great ideas go do that go

take a bunch of classes go gym hopping

if you want to buy a new car for example

if you're in the market for a new car

now let's say you've never driven a car

before you never owned a car maybe you

know how you have a license I'm gonna

amend that previous statement you you've

driven a little you're legally able to

drive you're not gonna crash into

anything but you go to the market to buy

your own car for the first time what are

you gonna get will you simply log on to

youtube go to a channel where there is a

car expert and say hey what car should I

buy and then you'll say well you should

obviously buy a Ford Mustang because I

really like Ford Mustangs and then all

the people over here who don't like that

particular model of car car will say

well no that's that's not what I would

get I would get this one instead is

there a lot of vehicles out there to

choose from and they all have their pros

and their cons so how is a martial art

art like that well are you just going to

sign up for whatever I tell you to

without questioning

if I say hey sign up for an MMA gym

there's a lot of variability on the

quality of MMA gyms I love the sport of

MMA but a lot of em MMA gyms are

terrible some of them are good some of

them are not that's why when we go to

buy a car we shop around man we shop


we test-drive a few of them we do some

comparison shopping and then after some

educated research some first-hand

experience Smashville sitting in the

driver seat and testing that thing out

looking for the bugs seeing if it's what

we really like seeing if we're

comfortable there then and only then do

we decide yes I'm gonna buy this car so

why should martial arts be different go

test-drive some classes go test-drive

some different styles most martial arts

gyms all the good ones I know with very

few exceptions will offer at least one

free trial class so that you can go in

and see what it's like so you can

experience it firsthand and decide is

this a place where I want to train or

not is this a style I feel comfortable

with is this a style that is consistent

with my goals and if you don't have any

goals right now make some what are they

why do you want it why do you want to

learn martial arts is it because you're

getting picked on by bullies at school

and you want to learn how to fight back

is it because you want to be a

professional fighter is it because you

want to have a cool social venue where

you have like-minded people to hang out

with those are all great reasons why not

that's fine

so go try it out try out as many as you

can and after the first class you might

go to a really great gym and you might

think hey I really like this and that

Ramsey Dewey guy on the internet said

try several and I feel like I kind of

want to sign up here that's fine if you

feel that way

sign up sure but if you don't feel that

way if you feel like ah man I feel like

maybe this place is not consistent with

my goals but I've I feel like I owe them

something because they gave me the free

trial class nah man just keep looking

keep looking until you find what you

want if it gives you the result you want

that's the right way so keep looking for

the place that gives you the results you

want at the same time understand this do

not use your gym or your coach as a

scapegoat for your own failings don't

use your teammates as a scapegoat for

your own failings own your own failings

if you are not progressing the way you

want to if you're not learning the way

you want to before you blame anyone else

look inward and ask yourself what could

I be doing better because if you've done

a bit of gym hopping and you've shopped

around here you've try and pry it out 20

different gyms and it's just not

clicking with you one of a couple of

things is happening maybe you're really

not that interested in learning martial

arts or maybe there's there's something

that needs fixing right here inside of


because out of 20 different martial arts

schools there's bound to be one at least

one that has something good to offer you

so to recap shop around

look introspectively into yourself make

a list of goals thanks for watching now

get out there and train