Infant Massage Therapist

hi I'm Shawn Hart phone I made license

and such parapets got the Elizabeth

Blackwell Center which is part of River

segment but it's hospital and Ohio

Health and we're going to show you a

little bit on infant massage and

hopefully it will give you a few ideas

and stepping off points a lot of it is

going to be instinctual you know you're

going to be rubbing your baby anyway

you want to make sure that baby's in a

nice safe warm area no drafts you want

to make sure baby's awake when when

you're massaging them main thing is that

if if your baby starts to fuss session

is over they have a short attention span

so you want to make sure that you you

play along with babies so different

things that you can do something that's

that's called milking it's actually you

would start at the with the limbs

closest to the body and you would

actually kind of massage or um compress

the arm a little bit or even like kind

of like in a milking action you can also

do what's rolling think of like play-doh

you're rolling out a coil you can do

that when you're you can massage the

belly also one of the great things for a

belly massage you want to start off by

doing a nice little paddle wheel on the

belly and then you can do something that


to call I love you so you want to do the

first letters of each of each word so

you want to start with the eye on the

left side and then you make the L so

that's a cross and down and then you do

the U which is up over and then down and

that actually is the path of the the

intestines and it can help with with

digestion and elimination and can help

with that belly pain sometimes it's a

great way to bond with your baby you

know it has a lot of benefits and say

that's what you would get with with an

adult and better circulation better in

the immune system sleeping better so

just have fun and to make sure that you

take your cheese from your baby if

they're if they're done the session is

done so good luck