Lymphatic Massage after a Liposuction

hi it's dr. Natale here so if you've had

liposuction with us then you need to be

doing or post-op lymphatic massage you

want to be doing that about five minutes

a day three or four times during the day

there are several different ways that

you can do it if you have your

compression garment on then the

compression garment should provide

enough glide for you just to do the

massage over the compression garment if

you're in the shower then you can use an

antibacterial soap as your glide or if

you're out of the shower and you're at

it or incision sites have clothes then

you can use lotion or massage oil for

your glide you want to massage in the

direction of your lymphatics so

depending on which area you've had done

and that's going to depend on which myth

areas you're going to massage towards if

you've had your arms done then your

lymphatics are going to be in your

armpits so you're going to want to do

your massage starting at your elbow and

your work your way towards your armpit

if you've had your abdomen done you're

going to want to start at the top of

your abdomen and work down towards your

groin because the lymph nodes that join

drain this region are in your groin if

you've had your legs done then you're

actually going to want to work from your

knees towards your groin as well

so I'm going to demonstrate this massage

for you for just a second you want to

use medium pressure it is going to be

tender at first the more you do your

massage the less tender it will become

also if you're starting to get areas

that are firm or more swollen than the

rest of the areas then you want to

provide a little bit more attention to

those areas when you do your massage on

a regular basis it will become less

tender less swollen and less firm and

this will aid in your recovery if you

feel like you cannot provide the

appropriate pressure you cannot reach

the area yourself or you're not getting

the results that you desire as quickly

as you desire we also do offer lymphatic

treatments with the machine

in our office that will help you

expedite your process so we're gonna

demonstrate now exactly what that looks

like and what the pressure going is

going to look like okay so here we are

with the patient's abdomen exposed and

basically what you're going to want to

do is you're going to want to take your

thumbs and you can use both thumbs at

the same time and you're going to just

take this in a light sweeping motion

like I said working from the top of the

abdomen getting making sure that you're

getting all areas making sure that

you're kind of moving in different

directions using that medium pressure

and you're just gonna want to keep going

all over the entire area and like I said

just gently working your way down so

that you're covering all areas you can

use your other fingers if it's easier in

some areas make sure you get around your

bellybutton that tends to be a tender

area and you're just gonna sweep sweep

sweep all the way down sweep sweep sweep

and like I said it's gonna be in your

groin here in here for your abdomen and

then your armpits up here if it's your

arm so just use that light sweeping

motion for approximately five minutes if

you have any further questions you can

always feel free to call our office at

four eight zero eight four five four one

two one otherwise continue your

lymphatic massage until you're directed

to stop it and hopefully this was