5 Tips For Surviving Your Master Thesis

okay so first thing what is the thesis

that's a little good question because I

have no idea how this was gonna work so

a thesis is the culmination of

everything you do while you're studying

your master's program so you have a one

product that you have to do from

beginning to end they give you some time

to do it and you need to do all the

research you need to just pump in

everything that you learn in a master's

program and submit something that is

gonna be new relevant and it's going to

just create new knowledge for the field

of your study pretty much so now we have

the dips that you need to survive the

masterpieces yeah please start now tip

number five take beaker breaks and I

mean yet season is filled with speaker

bricks but these stress don't let the

thesis get the best of you right go take

a long walk in the park go to the gym

what else did you do what I can tell you

is that you need to relax a little bit

because what Sunday's tell you is

totally true you need to just stay some

time relax

these can be really stressful but don't

let it get you because you will be able

to work if you're just too stressed and

also you're supposed to be doing this a

little bit so step back looking to to

feel and see what what are the topics

that you want to talk about what do you

want to research because you won't have

the time to do this in the future did

not report you need to make the most out

of the time with your supervisor so this

is the person who's going to help you

you just guide you through the whole

process so what you need to do is please

make the most of this time because that

person has all the criteria the people

we use to evaluate your process so bring

as much as you can through every

supervision just

don't take it as a moment you go and

talk about improving in general and

bring some specific things things that

they will just base your project on one

human once you present it because that's

gonna be really important so for example

with my supervisor what I did was before

we were meeting or two days before the

meeting I had a lot of questions yeah so

I prepared the question and I mean I

asked some of the questions to my

friends and my colleagues so I could

just shorten the number of questions I

had so by the time I met with my

supervisor the meeting was productive

and efficient and it went really good so

much so that at the end of my project I

had a lot more time left to the

supervisor so we were just you know

emailing casually and just talking about

the whole project so use your time


number three talk to your classmates

talk to your colleagues I mean it's good

to have a peer review before the peer

review you know they might know someone

who knows someone who knows someone in

your field and really can give you a

good connection to help you with your

thesis talk to your classmates

yes what I have is that I had some

roadblocks in which I didn't know what

to do but my classmates had the best

ideas they had the comments with people

who have the skills that I needed to

just move my my project forward and it's

also a good balancing point because you

know how they are doing versus how

you're doing so sometimes

it's nice to know that other people are

stressed do you feel that stress q like

okay no how are you deep number two is

how clear skin that means knowing where

you're gonna submit and how you're gonna

schedule all the work including great

time like the weekend off not doing any

schoolwork that's really important

because you need to have a life as well

so the schedule is not only about how

much I'm going to work with having them

I'm gonna balance my life yeah with this

product in it so it's a lot of freedom

in a thesis project because you're

supposed to be just managing everything

you're your own boss see here soon as

you have your own at work anything you

do and it's supposed to be around 40

hours per week so you need to schedule

when you're good to do what and work

towards like maybe deadlines help me I

set some deadlines and set some goals

and when you accomplish these little

goals you feel very nice you're like

yeah I'm finished with the introduction

behave the methods and you get some more

free time as you can see every move

every time and tip number one is to find

a relevant topic now before you even

come to Sweden to study I think you

should start thinking about a topic

because it's very hard to find that

unique topic to your program you might

get depressed when you're near to the

project and you find that everything has

been researched but that's not the case

there's many things and many I'm

you need to come up with so many topics

you can research so start searching

early before you concede exactly that's

a really good tip so now you know how to

survive your thesis project yeah

so good luck actually have some extra

tips for you okay just what you like and

the like what you choose choose what

your life is the motivation you can

continue this project and the like what

your juices become the engagements that

you can continue on to the end of this

project this is really important because

the process never be easy so keep your

mind of initial ideas yes if you are

working on pairs or teams choose your

teammates carefully a good advice is to

find an organization you like and work

with them for your cities they can help

you find in real problems and help you

in collecting the data free research

also your research can be a good

competition for them