Monday October 21st and I feel very much

pregnant I'm currently at the park

mostly here walking the track but

healthy food was playing first lip there

I was awesome she was coming if you want

to come to the park come walk I was like

okay I'll come join you you know kind of

walk these babies out and everything and

do everything I can to keep these boys

out so I was like I'll come join you

so I've been a great big sistering

daughter she said she'll pick up my

brother from the library I waited

outside for him for like ten minutes he

comes outside with this friend which is

fine a nice room

hey if I came alone anyone want my house

how hard a food she was ready she was

too much it was eating had leftovers she

was leaving and I'm like I gotta go I

would like Matthew six forty four forty

five yeah chicken sandwiches


luckily it was all night anyway go down

the flash


yeah it was one of anyways you guys let

me out and I just came out with it you

guys I don't know I don't know quite

frankly I don't they are chilling so so

far hi you go down the slide



we put it


you went down what up get out

hey you don't run the place knock him


I thought oh look little when he's gonna

get from syphilis he want to start my

count AHA share oh yeah

hey well well

you want to go for the beachy playground

I felt like I was too big for him it's

like mindful ba for you it is

you want to put down a bigger flat

mother of course we're not walking

dammit let me just walk or you'll find

me if you come with you or now you know

everything let me walk why I can't just

let him play by yourself

this once will be for you huh

anyway so this far or I'm at the

induction we have wine when ceccolini

that was Saturday October 19th at about

8 o'clock p.m. they say about 48 hours

it's like the beans will hate the gap

and it works

with the 48 hours

that network background


now we have hippie eggs

huh I can't get up there

what else today you know he's a spicy


help awesome so today I actually treated

myself and juicy crab for land shares my

first day out for work so I want to just

crap and I got the hot juicy sauce and

it was very very hot and I got some

shrimp I did that



you know you got any other way a labor

let me know






what's up y'all is it is they to let me


Oh starting with tiny lead and going

down what we can call and I'm actually

leaving the post office but I'm just

around the post office I went to pick up

a package okay

Solomon okay


hello britain family I love your channel

every time my new blog comes out you'd

be like what's up gang

I hope you and the fan love the shirt

I'm so excited to meet Ruth and sincere

what is going to be a great big brother

much love and many blessings my

Instagram name is Miss Solomon won Miss

underscore Solomon one so if I'm Matt

I'm gonna go ahead already go back and

follow you if I'm not already mi SS

underscore Solomon follow beggar I love

it I love it I love EXO guys go follow

my girl also tank so yeah let's see what

she got here Oh

Marshalls gang so freakin cute

so my baby look at my baby shirt and

then one for Big Brother thank you so

much say this is so freaking cute


I do love it so much

yes yeah I'm trying to think of my

brother keep saying welcome to his own

histogram and I'm like I was gonna be

awesome Instagram together so you have

like cool brother pictures and stuff

Instagram name the ground will show you

what the history in Atlanta Instagram

well sure just not do them there are

lots of pretty rims and just posted pics

on my page Johnny it's Marshall gained

the nickname for the Instagram I was

something like what they Instagram and

be for them yeah I help me someone was

might be a Twitter Instagram man

but thank you so much hey I love it love

it love those shirt so much I have on my

high school hitting today my high

school's come my row classic 2010

mama things it is very homecoming week

is actually my high school homecoming

week but I went to my high school and I

went to Savannah State University for

college and welcome to my homecoming so

oh come back the lamb but yes you guys

it's Lee it's gonna eat well when I

would not protect in any of the

homecoming festivities tomorrow nor for

Tanana State I mean I said listen

tomorrow game if the boys are not here


I don't know I love our games when I

love our games anyway I don't leave me

walking down steps at that point

mm so just the most office this morning

I woke up did my normal routine I'm

really over like one of the main

benefits of being all and I haven't

gonna work

it's not waking up early but of course I

got a little was he cool he had to eat

at the school and I gotta cook breakfast

II love my husband my son so he still

girls everywhere since talk in the


cook them breakfast get was ready for

school take him to school okay sabji not

to wake up early but whatever

all right know what you like to be in

for Daniel and I have the plans because

at that point I definitely will not be

waking up I mean with me look awkward 19

damn twins so I will not waking up

hearing noise a bit like waking up

having to cook was breakfast and

stuffing in the school so yeah let him

enjoy it after this sweet baby after

this week mama is born

come on it so yeah I woke up get all day

went to my doctor's office try to do not

short-term disability paperwork and even

submit then I went to my job and my job

for a couple hours

actually I was just there kind of

chilling talking her name something

everybody checking emails I have to go

fax awesome stuff and I had to time one

time partying time for the young for I

left Friday so I wouldn't be at that

make sure you girl get her chick we know

make sure I got my money anyway but had

to go secure the bag no shirts and yeah

now seven

but go to Walmart then you go to the

bank and I want to come back home

times what I want to eat them that's my

thing I'm trying to see what I want to

eat that's just going to turn my moves a

little bit you go on myself first

Oh still so much I wanted to be back at

the house I said it's kind of really

well from school so yeah let me go to

Walmart say I'm hungry but I'd never go

home and sit down and start folding

clothes doing the front house I'm not

gonna wanna go back out and I read their

night do i this stuff when I got was

because it stung me down isn't this a

normal routine and do it and I can get

it done a lot quicker by myself oh I

might that's the bank in from me

that's 115 with child and show you I

would say got the boy so thank you thank

you again so much girl over you and

he helped me come up with some mystery

remains or the boys is the green

y'all keep Brantley a girl and y'all

watching this vlog like when we say the

first thing me and girl go ahead and had

two babies

let's go Happy Camp a very loud in here

before you break all right Triple A


thank you guys Chipotle now we got some

Brewster's so Bryce is with me why are

you with me here okay to go to the

orthodontist today and I guess he was

hungry whatever - and I was like me

anyway so I was like yeah come on him I

say he's packing paper to eat I was like

let's go

so just pull a different place and then

I wanted partly was fabrics for linen

sleepy so yeah we had some minor over

stairs but you're there really for

what's up at the house down you wanted

to stay with me my mind doing some

cleaning up and stuff you know whatever

the homework

I mean I'm okay with you know typing

computer so I'm doing but it's all it

ain't no rest of your great hate that

also okay good yeah hoodies I said

little why my grade it's like are you

even doing that schools around been here


I'm tired

when you're looser now you just starting

to forget today I have been missing you

guys woke up this morning and got rid of

actually what I'm getting ready why

didn't wanna hear hey got both ready

he went cool eight nine got it again

nine o'clock 8:45 9 their fortune enemy

to go to Kinko's

just send something up for him so I want

to meet that and since I came home I

just kind of like and go upstairs

Comstock Linda catching up a little bit

and then I was another freaking Linder

and I never can act like the one that

room area a little walks in area

well I was just like thank you just it's

like a catch-all room so we had like

just stuff on the dryer just like laying

on the dryer okay Queens I ain't cleanin

eggs in the floor in their name they

pulling out stuff for just got like old

Christmas decorations and stuff and just

random stuff I support this stuff out

and might kind of start going through

that and say well sure say hey hey I

can't get fresh air so I kind of went

through that stuff out the trash bin

yeah yeah if then I got real I don't

know I walking up in the trash can and I

spied away from the windows and stuff

outside on the house like at the outside

for on the star soupy

throwing on windows and stuff went in

the house sit down for a minute when I

was there I put out the baby mama dance

video so I got not seen it go watch that

if the remedy is featuring the village

ability is my family to raise a kid or

in my case all three of my kids so yeah

put that out just playing around

that's a serious we didn't rehearse any

thank you come on in this recording

video I'm gonna try to clean up I wasn't

in a metal in my bathroom and clean off

my dresser in my room just came out the

best thing and everything like me a

candle and then when this chill out

we're meeting so honey come here will



they would love to owe your baby I just

say well I didn't say what how men

should they yawn this year I said we

said to see only 200 have any pens are

they going you said - wait what - how

old is he

no no no now we sell units in any way it

wasn't some pictures doing something


a face painting but I didn't get a spot

weld in this picture time away I think

we do have a Rocco this morning Martha

Lucy's the ID and what was six to you

Mike yeah get it together

that's perfect and um yeah right like

say cheese

that's it somewhere walking like this

he's so cute

you made this would not cooperate so

Willie didn't get posted this morning I

think you know more I'm stuffed had my

ball I had my whole a ball and truck in

wager that I'm just here rambling

um yeah Nixon is in full effect

I have decided to let babies be I'm not

gonna stress out when they come I'm

gonna try the mos def induction stuff

free own uh a real for real like but

yeah I'm just gonna chill I want them in

a good hot bath don't have to go bad

comes I'm gonna do that besides that I'm

gonna let them be and now I'm coming in

wanna come however I will come I gotta

smaller than my appointment that um my

specialist actually have me downs we do

it over forty weeks due date and

November 8th if they're over the

reasoning of over ninth where they have

exchanges so November 8th I don't know

they need to base our measurements all

the time to do that because of what

purpose but that means that it had me

being Jew on a Friday instead of a

Saturday something she just gives me for


because if she was getting a weekend

travel to see their who available Monday

or Tuesday instead of doing it next


I don't blame all can you do it Friday

tomorrow if so this would be 38 weeks on


I'm glad ya know that's tomorrow I'm

gonna try it anyway anyway guys I'm done

round balloon

I've just got enjoyed the vlog look at

the major sectors been at home chilling

like one house and finish can train it

so every time and I will just talk to

you guys let everyone hold next video I

see is my labor a delivery vlog for