Planning Your Maternity Leave! How Much Time Should You Take Off?

maternity leave parental leave whatever

you want to call it it's coming and you

need to plan for it but a lot of women's

struggle to figure out the right amount

of time to take off of work to be with

baby if this is you I have three tips

for you today to help you decide how

much time to take off hey it's Lisa

Dante and you're watching the crazy good

life your place to be to create the life

that works for you as a working mama

today it's all about maternity leave or

more specifically how much time you

should take off for your mattli now

maternity leave like everything else to

do with baby comes with a lot of

pressure and everyone has an opinion on

what is the perfect amount of time let

me tell you there isn't the right amount

of time there's only the right amount of

time for you and your situation now I

know there are countless studies out

there and I've read many of them that

tell us that longer maternity leaves are

best for baby but there are just as many

that show the positive benefits of

shorter leave times this contradiction

which we're going to continue to see and

studies that have to do with raising a

baby is an easy one to explain your

child's future success his health

development happiness earning potential

and so on is not dependent on one single

factor we humans are the byproduct of so

many things people the experiences our

geography our religion that make us who

we are so you can rest assured that this

one decision is not going to change the

course of your baby's life for the

better or for the worse I know women who

have taken two days maternity leave and

I know others who have taken five years

and there's a whole bunch of women that

I know that I took everything in-between

if you were to put them all in the room

with their children you wouldn't know

who was who personally I took 20 weeks

off from my first daughter Isabella and

then six full months for Elia is that

short or is that long that's really up

to you to decide but for me personally

it was the right amount of

for me for my baby and for my situation

so what's the right amount of time for

you I have three questions that you can

ask yourself to help you make that

decision so question one what are you

eligible for this is the first question

you should ask yourself because it sets

the boundaries of what you will do the

answer to this question is found in two

places where you live and where you work

each country has its own set of laws on

the training leave leave them yourself

if you depend on anyone else to read

them for you you may miss something here

are a few things you should look out for

how long is your job protective is your

time off paid or unpaid and if it's paid

how much can you expect to receive how

early or late can you start your

maternity leave are you eligible for any

benefits while you're off and what about

your partners rights

you'll also need to understand what

criteria you need to meet in order to be

eligible for those rights and what you

need to do before you take your mattli

these are the very same questions you'll

want to research when you're looking at

your company's policies either read the

company's policies on your own or speak

directly with an HR professional it's

also a good idea for your partner to

check out their maternity leave policy a

lot of companies are progressing their

maternity leave plans and you don't want

your partner to miss out question two

what is your company's culture you're

probably asking what does culture have

to do with it and let me tell you


most companies look for employees that

fit their culture how many times have

you heard that so if you're planning on

staying with your company for the long

term you may not want to push the

boundaries too far see a company's

culture doesn't always align with its

policy let me give you an example I was

pregnant with Isabella when I was living

in New York the u.s. is one of the only

countries that still doesn't have much

as crummy as that was I was really lucky

to work for a company that would protect

my job for six months but I was with the

company long enough to know that taking

six months wasn't common practice it's

not that nobody did it it's just the

people that were at my level and in my

area weren't doing it I confirm that

fact by speaking to a number of women

and men in my company and that is what

I'm recommending you to do really think

about your company's culture how have

beige treated pregnant women in the past

how have they been spoken about in front

of them and when they weren't present

and how did you treat them and what did

you say about them then go out and speak

with the people you work with at your

level and above and ask them what they


were there any repercussions for their

decisions and do they have any advice to

give to you people like to share their

experiences so don't worry about

imposing on their time just ask them and

be sure you pay it forward next time the

last question is a big one what is the

right amount of time for you to answer

this question you're really gonna have

to think of a number of personal factors

your finances your partner's eligibility

for mattli and how much time you can

leave your work but the one I want you

to really think about is what will work

for you Society tells us that a good

mother wants to be at home with her baby

but not all of us are cut out to be

full-time moms just like any other job

you had a teacher a surgeon a lawyer a

mom is a job the hardest job if you ask

me sometimes to be a good mom you have

to be away so that you can do the things

that light your fire so that when you

are with your kids you can be the best

mom they need you to be I feel better

when I am doing meaningful work that is

important to me and when I'm happy I'm a

more patient attentive and caring mama

to my girls so take a long look in the

ask yourself what it is you want to do

and what is right for you

these questions will help you decide how

much time to take off from eternity but

all of that planning and figuring can

fly right out the window once you meet

your new baby so make a plan but be sure

that it's flexible enough to meet your

changing needs so what did you think of

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