My experience with Mederma | How to remove scars | Mederma Review

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it was just Labor Day weekend and I had

a curling iron incident so this video is

gonna be all about my experience with

mederma didn't care for scars so yeah

hopefully it works out if you know

someone that has used this or you use

this to yourself and it's worked out let

me know in the comments it says but I'm

only gonna have to do this once a day

for eight weeks for new scars to reduce

the appearance of it so I mean hopefully

it doesn't take that long just because

it is only a curling iron burn but I

just wanted to take every precaution

because it's my face and this is big so

yeah I'm just gonna like check in every

once a while throughout the eight weeks

I've only been putting the mederma on

for the past two days and I honestly do

see a difference but you know how when

you burn yourself like when your arm or

something with a curling iron and the

brown starts to peel so that's what's

happening right now but most I'm trying

to prevent a big light line across my

face which would that wouldn't be the

worst thing in the world but I just

figured I would give this a shot it was

only 1899 at the grocery store and yeah

I thought this would be just like a fun

little review video so be sure to

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this bad boy turns into the real test

will be if the mederma

gets rid of the lights like the light

strip really quickly but yeah that's the


I still look silly got feet and so this

gap is completely gone now but when you

put them with dermal like if you

accidentally do too much your skin

starts to peel off I don't know if you

can tell I mean I don't know if it's

like also working as an exfoliant or

what but maybe you can tell I hope you

can it's not bad but like it just seems

strange to me I don't know this is what

it looks like and I've realized that if

you put too much on your skin starts to

peel off so

alright guys so it is October 28th we

are officially exactly 8 weeks from when

I burned my face no makeup because the

scar is gone

so the mederma really worked well um I

put it on once a day for like a month

straight and then I just kind of did it

sporadically because oh sorry there was

hair um and then we just kind of did it

sporadically because it was basically

gone but I wanted to do the full six to

eight weeks that I said to do like just

in case that's what I did just to be

thorough for the video honestly I

probably would have quit after four

weeks if it wasn't for this but I just

wanted to be sure I just wanted to say

it really worked and I'm really happy

because there was a huge white spot on

my face not what I would have been able

to cover it or that it was that big of a

deal but um this was worth it totally um

I didn't use it all and I'm not sure if

it goes bad and hopefully I don't have

another face car any time soon but

that's definitely a thing like there's a

lot of this in here so I mean I guess if

you it does say that for existing scars

do it for three to six months so I'm

sure you would go through it then but

once a day for eight weeks I still have

some left so um I'll guess I'll get up

close for you so I mean this is my skin

the side where the scar was up close and

personal I certainly don't notice it

anymore I'm super happy about it and I

hope this video is helpful I hope that

if you're trying this out it works for

you too

because I oh it does have an expiration

date it expires in 2020 so it lasts a

year but I hope this is helpful because

I certainly was looking at reviews like

when this happened to me because I

wanted to get the best thing this is

definitely affordable and worth it so

yay for not having a long lasting scar

with my face don't forget to Like and

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experience with mederma if you've used

it or if you know of another product

that works really well leave that in the

comments I'm sure people would be

interested and I'll see you in our next