Metformin for PCOS | Week 1

hey guys and welcome back to my channel

today I wanted to give you guys a weekly

update on my very first week of taking

metformin so for those of you that don't

know I was recently diagnosed with

polycystic ovarian syndrome otherwise

known as PCOS and my fertility

reproductive endocrinologist has me

taking metformin to help with that so I

kind of wanted to just give you guys an

update on how week 1 has been going and

I want to do these every week for the

first time three or four weeks of taking

metformin there's not a ton of videos

out there I'm taking it for PCOS and if

there are various areas to draw it out

20 minute videos and I just wanted to be

quick weekly updates letting you know

how it's going for week 1 of taking

metformin I have only been taking 500

milligrams as of yesterday because I

yesterday I was one week I started

taking 1000 milligrams so for week one I

only took 500 milligrams of metformin to

ease my way into it just so it's not a

total shock to my body so day 1 was

really good I was really nervous to take

it just because I don't know so many

people hyped it up and made me nervous

and we're like oh my gosh this

medication was horrible for me and I

just want everybody to know that you

should take everyone's opinions with a

grain of salt when it comes to starting

new medications they affect everybody

differently and you won't know how they

are going to affect you until you start

taking them yourself so started taking

it on a Saturday night I was fully

expecting it to just literally blow up

and make me feel horrible I was fine

Saturday to Sunday and then Monday so I

had taken three days worth of metformin

and I always take it at night right

after I'm done eating dinner and

so three days in I was hit with nausea

which is the first time that had

happened I was just laying in bed it was

almost time for me to like go to bed and

all of a sudden I felt super super

nauseous I got kind of pale I did not

feel good and that lasted for maybe

thirty minutes and then it went away and

I went to sleep woke up and I fine so


Tuesday Wednesday we're fine I think it

was two days after the nausea I was hit

with a migraine and I already suffered

from migraines so was it coming on I

another coming on and I got hit with one

pretty bad the nausea tunnel vision

elevated heart rate heart palpitations I

couldn't get up so I don't know if that

was a direct correlation with the

metformin but I did have a severe

migraine during the first week of taking

metformin and then I have had small

headaches in between the migraine they

have been a pleasant but not impossible

to live with number one thing you're all

probably wondering what happens with

metformin is the diarrhea and I am no

exception to this case I have had it all

week long but I will say it hasn't been

miserable for me I kind of have like IBS

so I'm kind of used to it of gross

assess sounds and it hasn't been

miserable no it'll say about that other

than it's happening but it's it's

livable it's not that bad it's weird I

go I have on and off days I've been

fluctuating weight all week long within

like three pounds it kind of just been

shifting so I wouldn't say I've had any

weight loss yet so I do think the weight

loss is going to pick up here especially

in the coming weeks because I kind of

mentioned in my last video that I'm

changing my diet and I'm doing so for a

good reason I I wanted to test the

waters and I tried some like carbee

foods this week and dairy to

see how we're doing with the metformin

and it added has kind of bad reactions I

had a bagel one morning and oh my gosh

it was horrible and I'm very sad about

it because I love bagels and cream

cheese but definitely won't ever be

doing that again so after I'm done

filming this I'm actually going to a

natural grocery store and I'm going to

the grocery shopping and what I'm doing

over the next three weeks is eliminating

three major food categories from my diet

one being dairy to being gluten and

three being processed sugars essentially

I'm going to be living a paleo lifestyle

for the remainder of my life but I also

don't want it to be a miserable

experience so I am cutting out those

things week by week so this week for me

I'm cutting out dairy next week is I'm

going to be cutting out gluten into the

gift of that sugars added sugars refined

sugars obviously fruit has sugar but you

know what I mean

the white sugar that tastes good on

everything so that's what I'm going to

be doing right when I'm done filming

this heading to the grocery store and

I'm going to make a separate video on

what I got at the grocery store for my

paleo PCOS guide so that's all I've got

my air conditioner is thinking on so

probably just got loud but yeah thanks

so much for watching subscribe and stay

tuned for metformin week two and a

grocery haul for my new diet I'm not

good lifestyle so yeah thank you guys so

much for watching and I'll see you guys

next time