When can I give my baby cow's milk?

hi I'm dr. Christy rivers one of the

pediatricians here at bundu as a parent

you may wonder why you can't just go to

the grocery store and pick up a gallon

of milk for your infant after all it is

cheaper than formula and quite

convenient however the American Academy

of Pediatrics recommends waiting until

after the first birthday to give your

baby cow's milk and there are clear

medical reasons for that recommendation

cow's milk simply does not meet your

baby's nutritional needs in fact it is

too low in iron and essential fatty

acids it is also too high in protein

sodium and potassium and may cause a

strain on your baby's kidneys

furthermore cow's milk is not easily

digested by your infants GI tract it can

cause bleeding in your baby's stomach

and intestines and can even lead to

blood in the stools this can cause

anemia and untreated anemia can cause

medical and developmental problems down

the road you can give your baby cow's

milk after his first birthday but be

sure not to give any more than 24 to 32

ounces per day any more than this can

fill your baby up and he will not meet

all of his nutritional needs with other

healthy foods also he may consume too

many calories and that may lead to

obesity be sure to visit the

pediatrician for every wild child visit

and that way the pediatrician will be

able to track your child's growth and

nutrition and make sure he's right on

track for more information about

nutrition or other great topics visit

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