Milking cow first time after calving for colostrum

good morning Prancer calves today was a

little bull calf and we let her sit with

him for a few hours and lick him and get

him clean we've just moved him over to

his Caston and we've brought Prancer

down for her very first milking her

j-just put teat dip on let it sit for

about 30 seconds and now he's wiped it

off and what he's gonna do is instead of

getting the milking machine and going to

all that drama right after she's calves

all he wants to do is we had a half a

gallon two quarts four points high

whatever you want to call it

he just needs enough to feed the baby we

like to do it this way because then we

can guarantee that the baby gets


in the timely manner sometimes the dairy

calves they don't latch on right away

I think the dairy utter has been

designed for machine mill things not for

cast nursing and so the heats things

straight down and being small it's a

little harder for him to find it just

this way it's real simple for her she

doesn't get stressed out and J can get

milk out of each teat and hopefully

hopefully we will get half a gallon but

whatever we do get we'll take that up

and we'll feed it to the little cache

that we named it risotto have a good day