When Can You Start Milking? AND 4 Ways to Raise Kids

today I wanted to talk about when you

could start milking your goats after

they've had their kids most likely you

are raising goats because you want their

milk and so it's a good question so when

can you get that first nook now there

are several approaches to this this

dough just a couple days ago some kids

but they're just little itty bitty

things they can't keep up with her

production and I don't want her getting

mastitis so I am going to empty her out

of it so that she's not so tight and

then I'm going to bond it hurt monitor

her just as the days go by so that is

something important after you have your

dough has a need to watch and make

sure that she doesn't get so tight

because sometimes the kids can can start

to suck and they just can't keep up with

those you know there's um a letdown and

so it overwhelms them and convince their

teats can become so big that they just

can't handle that either and and they

just can't keep up and that can lead to

problems and you want your dough to

continue making as much milk as possible

for your sake as the months go by so a

tight utter will tell the dough hey

you're making way too much milk slow it

down and then that can decrease their

milk production so there are several

approaches that you can take to raising

kids one of the ways is just bottle

raising them the king of dough would

have the kids and you would separate

them and then start bottle raising them

if you have the time

to do that and and or you have a dough

that you know has some disease of some

sort that you don't want to pass on to

the kids then that would be an option to

do that now that is an option that I

don't want to do myself I love it that

my dough's can raise their own kids I've

found that a dough that has been raised

by their mother is a very good mother

when it's her turn

I also don't have the time to do that

and I just find I just like it when the

dough's can raise their own kids the way

that I do it is damn raising the dough's

are raised the kids and they do so until

weaning and I weaned at two months so

for between two and three months

depending on if it is a little buckling

or a dough length and so that is another

option is just to have the dough raise

the kids and then once the kids are

weaned you can begin to milk another way

to do this is to separate the dough's

and the kids so you could do this in two

ways you can either separate them in the

daytime or separate them at night now

this would happen after the kids are

several weeks old so you let the damn

the dough raise them for several weeks

and then you can begin to separate them

so the first way that you would do that

is separate them in the daytime and they

would each go into their separate places

and then you would milk the the dough in

the evening another way you can do it is

to separate them in the evening and then

you would milk her first thing in the

morning and then put the kids back

together with her in the daydream that

is actually the what I do when I've done

that I actually this year haven't done

that yet but when I have in the

has I've separated them at night it's

easier to do it that way and I like it

that the kids can go out with their

mamas during the day and forage and you

know get get all the outside activity

going on with their mom and then I

separate them at night and that is a

very good option another approach is to

do like half being raised by the DOE and

half raised by the bottle so you would

separate them in the daytime and give

the babies their bottles during the day

at an earlier age and then at night

they'd be returned to their mother and

by doing this you can start milk

production for yourself a little bit

sooner you can start it like almost

immediately and then the kids are then

can be sold at an earlier age and

they're there they're already on the

bottle the people that buy them can take

them and raise them on the bottle and

you can sell them at an earlier earlier

age and and that can be also an

acceptable way to do that this also is

the way that people that are showing

their goats use this method because they

have found that it helps prepare their

dose really well for the show ring like

removing the kids from the dough that

it's like they're the utter of the dough

like swells and stretches and that is

what you want in the show ring so if you

are planning to show and are heading

that way definitely that is an option

for you that shows you a four ways that

you can do it you can do total

separation from the beginning you can do

just Dam raising the dough raises the

kids you can do dough raising with

separation which would be either you'd

separate them during the day or separate

them during the night and number four

you could do either that at the dough

raising the kids and the bottle feeding

on both at this you know you're doing

that at the same time but that allows

to sell the kids in an earlier age and

can help prepare your dough for the show

ring those four options are great

options that you can do with your goats

too to know and just be confident and

know that when you can start milking

your your dough's and get some fresh

milk for yourself but it'll also not

only will you be able to get some milk

sooner but you can also be watching your

dough's and making sure that when they

first kid that they're not huge like the

other dough that I'm going to be

bringing into milk she they have been

favoring one side so the other side is

just very large and ballooned out so

that will relieve the pressure on that

side it will also hopefully when this

one sits smaller and not so pressure

build the kids will begin to drink on

that side as well and and then as the

kids grow they will be drinking more

milk as well but that just you don't

want your dose get mastitis and so you

need to be watching that so that you're

milking them out so if they are full and

the kids aren't able at the very

beginning to get it all you just need to

be able to milk them out a bit so that

that doesn't happen


hey this dough was featured in my video

about how to train a goat to milk and

she was my goat that did an awful job of

it I mean you should go watch that video

it will make you laugh because it was a

disaster but I figured out a great way

to get her milked that was really

helpful because she could kick both feet

into the air at the same time and Oh way

over my head

and it was awful the first week of

milking and so she hasn't been milked

for a year and we'll see how she is

going to do but you can see that this

side is very full

I love this know she started out rough

she was wild and now she's won a very

infection ago which is a very good

mother so I love that you're gonna have

to build up my muscles again you don't

realize how much muscle it takes to milk

until you start milking if you're ever

concerned with how much to take we

really don't need to worry about that

the dough will hold back what she needs

for her babies and you really can never

like them i at least in my experience

you can never really build out a go

completely they're continually making

them so they will be able to keep up and

they were in so I mean you don't want to

like strip them out completely but you

know you can get a good portion of the

milk and they'll make more on the baby

as well we'll have enough

so you don't need to worry about that


and faith here she had two kids

two months ago and so I haven't been

milking I haven't separated this year I

haven't separated any of the kids from

the dough's I actually just saved milk I

froze milk last year and so we just have

a couple more bags gallon bags of it in

the freezer and so we've been finishing

that up so I really haven't been in dust

for need of milk and so I just haven't

started that chore yet but she had one

of her kids one of her little weather's

left the other day and so she just has

one little doily on her and so one of

her sides is fairly tight so I'm just

gonna milk out the other side to keep

that again so it doesn't get too tight

and then maybe the the doling I'll be

more willing to drink on that side as

well so I will keep the doling of hers

on for another month I believe that the

doling should be kept on as long as

festival especially if they're going to

be raised or breeding purposes you want

them to have as much nutrition as

possible and so weaning them too soon

and just skin start them of the

nutrition that they need so I will leave

the buckling or the weather's earlier

you know what two months if there is if

someone is interested in them and

wanting to pick them up this year for

the first time I am milking five dose

last year I was looking for so this year

we added one more the goat milk is in

high demand and people love it

so good for you so if you want to know

the astounding benefits a goat milk you

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well as you can see we got some good

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