Tub Talk EP. 2: Fanning & Misting

what's up mico family in this video

we're going to be continuing with

episode 2 in the series of

tub talk in this episode we're going to

talk about fanning and misting

some things to do some things to avoid

let's get into it there is no karma

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what's up everybody microtrophic here

and welcome back to my channel where

together we are going to grow in mind

body spirit

and mushroom in this video i want to

talk to you guys about fanning and


based on the last episode of tub talk

there was a question

around relative humidity and things like

that so

environmental conditions outside of the


or in your local area that increase the

temperature or humidity

in the grow room so we'll talk a little

bit about that and i'll actually show

you how i fan and missed my tubs

or what that means to me and i'll be

doing this on

a fully colonized substrate block

and i'll also be doing it on a second

flush tub to show you guys the process i

do for both

so let's get right into it so fanning

and misting i get i asked this

probably uh more than a few times a week


i wanted to simplify this and just give

some context to what i believe

is necessary and unnecessary um

let's start with the unnecessary part of

it so

first off with proper field capacity in

your substrate

you shouldn't have to quote unquote fan

and mist

up until after your first flush if you

under dehydrate your substrate and

have to be fanning and misting all

you're doing is creating opportunities

for bacteria

and other microbes and things of that

nature by continually having to

open your tub and expose it to the

conditions outside of it

so make sure you create substrate at a

proper field capacity

i'll go ahead and link my how to make

substrate video right up here for you

guys you can check it out

i get perfect field capacity every time

and like i said i don't have to fan or


because of my methods until after my


flush but generally i do like to as i'm

starting to see pins which i'll show you

guys here in a moment on this albino

melamic penis envy

tub i do like to give it one fan

and mist um i should say one misting

um initially when i start seeing all of


pins starting to form and i'll actually

show you my fanning my fanning isn't the


fanning i don't take off the entire lid

um and and fan it i don't flip my lid


flipping the lid i've been asked about

recently and all you're doing

is really just taking all the stuff

that's landing dust particles and things

like that

and reintroducing it into and letting it

fall into your tub so just be mindful of


my fanning

realistically looks like this

i take my lid and

open it one two three four five

so 20 to 30 times and that's how i fan

we're letting a little bit of oxygen in

a little bit of the gas out

but ultimately that's it i'll do that

two maybe three times

a day and other than that i don't really

like to open the lids i let them

like i like to let them do their thing

and to

um you know be as hands-free as possible

i don't do the neglect tech i don't like

to do the unmodified tubs this seems to

work for me the best

all right so the question of um

of uh you know or that was posed in the


in the comment section on the last tub

talk video was

um you know it was something to the sort

of this is nice and all but what about

for those who have a higher relative


um so let's talk about environmental

factors if you're in an area where it's

just really hot

and you have um you know let's just say


you're constantly not seeing any

condensation buildup

and it's drying out you're gonna have to

mist so let's go ahead and i'll show you

how i missed

you're gonna have to miss you know maybe

twice a day as well

now actually what i'll do is i'll bring

you guys up here

give you a better angle

of what this looks like

so this might be the only time that i

take off my tub lids

so there's already enough condensation

in here

and there's actually let me see if i can

zoom in here for you guys too

we already have some pins forming as you

can see right there

all over the substrate

and as far as misting goes i like to use


i'll go ahead and give you guys a link

to something similar

in the description this is a pressurized

so the mist looks like this

a little a bunch of mini micro

uh particles of water little droplets


you know drenching with like a something

like this

that i use for my isopropyl alcohol okay

so one thing is i'm not misting the top

of the substrate there's already enough

water in the substrate i don't want to

add any extra water i don't want to slow

down or bog down the rhizomorphic growth

in the pinning okay

what i'm going to be doing is spraying

the inside

of the tub walls there's already a

little bit

more or less on the fronts but what i'm

going to do

is try to not touch the substrate

i'm misting the inside walls

enough to where it's beat it up

and then i'll put this back on top

and that's how i fan and mist

like i said i don't really like to open

the tub for any other reason

than to mist so now all this water is

going to evaporate

it's going to create more gases but

that's what the

misting and i'm sorry fanning part of it

is all about

so once this is evaporated there's gonna

be a bunch of excess gas in there we

have to relieve that if you're not

getting enough from your micropore tape

or even with your

poly fill this is simply doing this

20 to 30 times two times a day

seems to be enough for me all right

so that's that now i'm gonna go ahead

and bring down

another uh cake here some ghost and

these guys are on their second flush

they're just starting to get pins let me

show you how

i missed in those tubs

okay so here we have another tub this is

of some true

albino teacher uh ghost phenotype

something new i've been working with in

2021 i like the culture it's pretty

active and it's pretty unique

um it's hard that what i like about them

is they don't sporulate

but you can still get sports swaps from

them but that's a separate video for


so same process basically with these

tubs um

and on a second flush which for after

the first flush i took this same

um mister and i did a heavy misting

on the surface of the substrates where i

can see slight pooling of the water so


the water kind of settles into the cake

it's going to be evenly dispersed to the

rest of it

coco coir is pretty good for like

reabsorbing water

so i'm going to go ahead and take this

off let me show you and give you guys a

little closer look actually

some pin action so as you can see these

clusters are starting to form back in

all over the cake

and if you look inside there's not too


condensation it's predominantly

actually right now as i'm looking

there's really none almost some right


a little bit right here as well so what

we're gonna do

same process take our mister

spring the inside of the walls

not spraying the fruiting bodies at all

this can cause them to abort faster

slow down growth things like that so

no bueno something else i'll do too

is i'll take the top of the lid

and i'll give it a spray too i'm sorry

the inside of the lid

i'll give that a spray as well if some

drips down that's okay but it's better


you know misting your cake directly

cool so you guys very quick video i get

asked about this a lot

if you guys have environmental issues

where you have a higher relative


there's not much about it you can't

really like block the sun out too much


block out the heat so what you're gonna

have to do is get some kind of a fan


um something that cools something of

that nature

in the summer times where i'm at it gets

really hot too and i have to i have to

combat and battle these situations

as much as anybody else um in the

winters it's vice versa

it's you know it's really cold

and i have to increase the room

temperature um

to you know to best suit the mushrooms


so wherever you're at it's definitely

possible if you're in like places like


man you're fighting the good fight uh if

you're in arizona you're fighting the

good fight i'm somewhere i would say

just say

in between where it gets hot and it gets

cold so i have to modulate

and uh you know alter my my

environment for things like this

so i hope that helps quick tip don't

spray directly on your cake

spray the inside of the walls and

for fanning you know i mean you don't

have to take this thing all the way off

one two

three four five six all the way up until


i'm just even doing this from here i can

smell the mycelium so i know that

gas is coming out air is going in

we're not opening and exposing it to a

whole bunch

of different contaminants or whatever

might be floating in the air so

with that said i hope you guys enjoyed

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