How old is too old to start mixed martial arts?

you know it's an interesting question

that keeps coming up how old is too old

to start MMA in today's era and it's

relevant that you look at today's era

right because don't forget Randy Couture

started MMA at 34 years old went on

became how many time world champion he

went three world championships but had

his first fight at 34 now of course

there was a little bit more to that


right he had 20 years of world class

wrestling he had that background I was

teammates with a guy Matt Horwich and

Matt Horwitz went on he got a black belt

in jujitsu the AFL if you'll recall that

he became their world champion he had a

great career and he had absolutely no

background started at 26 years old but

he had a work ethic like you wouldn't

believe in he was athletic he was just

one of these guys that passed their

junior high in high school and no

coaches recruit him and pull him into

any team no basketball no foot nothing

yeah he was kind of one of these social

good social myths misfit guys that had

go and do other activities but he had

incredible DNA and he had a work ethic

like he wanted believed and he was able

to start a little bit later

now the ring those guys up for nostalgic

reasons but not as part of my argument I

do think it's a new sport now however so

many kids so many places around the

country we're now seeing kids starting

an MMA not going into any other

discipline to start with no just pure

boxing pure you know wrestling with the

local high school or jiu-jitsu just MMA

just within its own sport there and

finding little circles and putting on

the appropriate padding and sparring

around a little bit I don't know that I

agree with that that that's going to

translate over time we're gonna have to

wait and see I don't know that I agree

that that's going to translate over time

because I think that's too small and I

don't think you do get the competitions

you know the great thing a lot of people

will tell you it's practice of being in

the practice room well those people that

are tell you that also own gyms that are

looking to sign up memberships if I

could have one thing which is I never

practiced but I compete every single

Saturday or I never compete but I

practice every single day you are much

better off to go out and compete it is a

totally different feel and it's a whole

different world

so for some of these young kids that are

coming up in purely MMA

I don't even fully know what that means

and maybe in some countries it means

something different than it does here in

America but in America there is no scene

there is no circuit there is no spar and

there is no competition there is no

weigh-ins for anybody under 18 we just

don't have it even our amateurs must be

18 years old and I would stress and

encourage the competition above

everything else the guys that are the

really great fighters that you see on TV

you will always think ok I need that

skillset I need to know how to spin and

kick a guy in the stomach or stand on

one foot and kick the guy in the head or

throw that that's what you see on TV but

the guys that are getting their hands

raised and the guys that have the

championships and the guys that are

closing out the night are just really

good competitors the sport could be

anything as long as its grueling and

tough and has to do with heart those

guys that you want to be like can play

they understand how to compete so

whenever you want to start MMA whatever

age you want to do it don't take your

eye off the ball and think that you're

going to be a great fighter because you

were in the gym I know guys like this

all the time think they know how to box

because they go and hit mitts every day

and boy do they look good doing it or

they think they're in shades it's

totally different deal hitting mitts is

a very small piece of a training session

hitting a heavy bag important pieces

small pieces most important thing have a

partner have an opponent in front of you

push and pull struggle learn from