The Best Way to Start Training MMA!


it's going on guys for the route back

again with another video today I'm gonna

go over some QA questions that I got on

my Instagram today we're gonna be

talking about how to get started in

mixed martial arts alright guys so again

we're gonna be talking about the best

way to start training MMA now to give

you guys kind of a rundown in a

background of myself you know I started

training MMA just simply because I

wanted to compete more right I started

playing football at a young age I did

Kempo karate as a young kid and then I

also did some amateur boxing on the

offseason in my college career so after

college I needed something to do right

so I started to get into MMA and lo and

behold I'd had Dean Thomas right there

in my my back yard so I ran up to him

asked him if I could start training and

there went so the best thing to do to

start is to actually start get a hold of

a gym get a hold of a coach and make

sure they're qualified to teach you what

you need to know alright so again step

one find a qualified gym and a coach I

found American Top Team and then the

rest is history right so step two we

want to find out what you do best

now I would say most people say what do

you want to do the most right some

people will say okay find something that

you like to do the most for me I would

say what you do the best will actually

turn into what you like to do the most

because if you're efficient and you're

actually good at it you're gonna want to

do that thing right that's when you

develop your true passions is when you

actually understand that you actually

can do these things adequately okay so

again find out what you do best

whether that be MMA based drills of you

know grappling wrestling jujitsu

kickboxing Muay Thai boxing whatever you

like to do there and what you feel is

best for your specific style and let's

say say whatever you're good at go ahead

and try that first and get really really

good at that okay so going on to step

three be consistent when I started

training MMA I went every day two times

even three times

day to train and this was also as I was

still training other clients doing my

own thing as far as working out and

getting things in order from my own self

as far as getting my career started and

also being a pro fighter was a pretty

hectic schedule for myself but I still

made it possible to be consistent each

and every day okay

step four right you want to ask constant

questions all right you're never gonna

get good you're never gonna know new

things or learn new things if you don't

ask questions so make sure that you get

with the coach and you constantly pick

their brain you constantly ask them what

you need to do to get better and also

finding out new moves and new techniques

to get your game up there so that you

can be where you want to be going

forward okay step five you want to

develop a style I've been I develop

styles throughout my entire career

sometimes they work sometimes they

didn't but when I found that true style

of mine where it actually worked with my

entire game that's when I stuck with it

and it was successful but again you're

gonna go through these different types

of styles whether that be trying to

imitate John Jones or whether that be

you know trying to imitate you know GSP

right the game will ever change but you

need to find something that's going to

really match your personality and the

way you like to fight okay step six you

have to be patient right a lot of times

guys want to jump in and as soon as they

sign up and get it all the time at

American Top Team they want to fight in

the UFC automatically that's not how a

thing goes all right these guys have

been fighting for years and decades

almost and never make it to the UFC so

you have to be patient you have to be

consistent and you have to make sure

that you're always consistently growing

and learning okay so step seven we want

to keep an open mind now you want to

develop that white belt mentality you

want to keep ever growing so again you

want to stay open-minded to new things

and new ideas and new training

modalities because you're gonna have to

evolve and the only way you do that is

to keep an open mind the best fighters

and the best best athletes that I coach

like the likes of Dustin Poirier he

keeps an open mind he always wants to

evolve and get and try new things

all right so again

keep that open mind so step eight goes

right into it you want to constantly

evolve so keeping that open mind will

help you engage in evolving your overall

game again if you don't evolve with the

times if you don't get better if you

don't strive to progress in your overall

game and in the sport itself then you're

probably going to be left in the dust

and you're not going to develop your

true potential that you could have done

you know if you kept that open mind and

you kept evolving all right so I hope

that answers your question

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