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welcome back to academic everybody your

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body modifications and more i'm your

usual host the professor and on this


we are doing another product review for

tattoo aftercare


this time if you haven't guessed it by

now it's after inked

tattoo moisturizer and aftercare lotion

some mouthful now it's worth remembering

that while the product packaging says

tattoo moisturizer and aftercare

lotion this is just identified on the

website as a

quote daily moisturizing lotion

then again the directions on the website

include avoid unnecessary touching of

your new tattoo do not scrub or scratch


and other things which suggest that it

is supposed to be used for aftercare on

a new tattoo

the legal disclaimer is interesting

too anyway this

is being applied just a fully healed

skin so

keep that in mind for all the reviews on

this channel i try to review the same


for each product the list being the


the scent the feel the greasiness

specifically the spf if any

the size of the product and the look of


after application and then of course

overall thoughts so

you can find timestamps for each one of

those in the areas in the description

below and of course as you come to

expect from this channel for full

transparency i was not

sent this product for review i purchased

it on my own

and i am not involved with or being

compensated or reimbursed by the company

in any way

so let's get started ingredients

this is vegan and cruelty free it uses

synthetic beeswax

and i'm mentioning this because a i made

a point to address it in the viking

revolution bomb video and check the

card there in the corner for a link to

that and b

i know this is a major sticking point

for a lot of people myself

included to a point if a company is

going to market their products as vegan

and cruelty free

i'd rather see them go overboard on that

attempt than

half asset so i appreciate that after


sticks to their claims basically at

least i'm assuming

they do but that part of the legal

disclaimer means i guess we'll

put an asterisk by that ingredients

i guess because who knows


okay here we go this smells like a

combination of

orange glow furniture polish and old

cardboard honestly the smell is

not pleasant beyond the orange and after

a while on your skin that orange scent

starts to go away and you're mostly just

left with a

stale smell

my wife tells me that the smell is

reminiscent of some high-end

moisturizers but that is

completely lost on me i mean i'm just

being honest here

it's not good

feel at first when you put this on it

feels like a normal

lotion but almost immediately after

applying it

it begins to feel kind of tacky

if that makes sense on my sleeve here on

alice which i keep shaved

my arm sticks to the table when i type

it sticks to the chair arm it makes it

feel almost

clammy even and keep in mind i'm in a


environment too so take that for what

it's worth i guess

greasiness the hand that i use to apply


feels greasy but my arm just feels

tacky it's really strange

even hours after it was applied my skin

still feels

yeah tacky is the only way that i can

describe it by comparison my usual after

care lotion that i use which is just

straight up lubedurm

it doesn't feel that way after a while

what that means exactly i'm not entirely


though i've no doubt that someone will

leave a comment and explain why that is

that it feels that way and i apologize

for my ignorance on this and two points

to whomever gets there first

spf none that i can see this won't

protect your skin from uv rays at

all now this is a bit of a double-edged

sword i wouldn't want to put any kind of

chemical sunscreen on a healing

fresh tattoo and if you watched my

tattoos versus the sun video you know

all about this but

i absolutely do want to put

broad spectrum sunscreens on a fully


tattoo so the fact that this product

seems to be marketed as

both it makes me wish that it was two

different things one

for healing a fresh tattoo and one for

protecting healed work the latter

including an spf but it isn't so

onward we go size

this is a three ounce bottle it's 90


pretty standard for a lotion size i

suppose if you're using the recommended

two to three times per day

i'm not sure how long that'll last but i

don't think it'll be for long

the look finally

the look after using it i don't think

you can tell that it's on at least not

on me maybe you're not supposed to

i don't know it's the whole thing is

just kind of confusing and your mileage

may vary on that just like everything


but without the other aspects of scent

and feel i'd never even know that i

applied it

overall i really wanted to like this


it's really popular you see it all over

the place but i just

don't of course this is just my opinion

and it very much relies on

skin type and personal preference but

with my singular experience with it for

this review

i don't like the feel of it it somehow

manages to be both greasy and tacky at

the same time

i don't like the smell because it just

smells stale

it's really hard to describe i don't

think it does

anything for my tattooed skin

so would i purchase it again no

i really kind of doubt that i'll even

finish using the amount that i did buy

so i hope that was helpful i mean have

you tried it have you had a different


is there another product that you would

like to see a review of please just

leave me a comment below and let me know

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