Lawn & Garden Care : How to Mow the Lawn After Winter

I'm bill Elzey with showplace lawns

how to mow your lawn after winter used

to we would always what they called

scalp the lawn cut cut it that first cut

just as low as you could probably get it

across there and then that was to get

rid of all the stuff that was hanging

around through the winter get rid of it

and then bring the grass up from there

since we practiced nowadays of getting a

nice tall thick grass as coverage to

keep it from drying out to be more

healthy and so forth

we don't do that anymore and the reason

being is this grass goes into shock

every time it's mowed if you're gonna

spend the entire spring summer and fall

getting that grass to get nice and thick

why would you want to come back and

shave that all off and start over again

we can accomplish the same thing by not

scalping it but by lowering the cut in

the st. Augustine lawn for instance if

you're cutting it at a three and a half

inch height through the course of the

summer in the fall you could bring that

back your first mowing to a two inch cut

cut it a couple of times at two inches

and then raise it cut it once or twice

raise it again so as by into May you're

cutting it back at that three and a half

inch height the same way on your Bermuda

grasses cut it a little lower but don't

cut it real low you accomplished in

getting rid of the old growth getting

that jumpstart on it to get it growing

again but you do not need to cut it at a

scalping rate leave a little bit of

height in your grass and you're

accomplishing the same thing by getting

rid of the old stuff and getting it

started mooing you

these are some ways this is the way to

cut it after winter