🌱 $500 in 5 Hours SOLO (9 Lawns) πŸ’°Self-Employed Mowing πŸƒπŸ»β€β™‚οΈ Start a Lawn Care Business - Exmark 30"

i look bald

with my hat now what's up amigos

zachary make money mowing today i will

be taking you through

a very hot 490 feet 495

workday today and it will be nine small

residential yards and hopefully i can

inspire and show you guys

not only how i beat the heat in the

summer but also how i make my own money

and inspire you to make your own money

and start your own business

one more one chamber one blower i work

by myself because i'm an introvert and i

like my space

so let's get this day started let's get

this 495 dollar work day


a really important tip to beat the

summer heat would be to start earlier

than me and don't start your work day at

8 43 in the morning

as you may or may not know i do have

sick chickens and they require

lots of loving in the morning and bottle

feeding so

start before me start at seven if you

can start at eight o'clock if you can

and the sooner you start then the sooner

you will avoid the

afternoon heat wave but again i will

show you that starting at 8 43 in the

morning is not a big deal when you're

used to the sun

another very important thing that helps

me beat the heat is to simply

go outside and play in the sun more and

don't avoid it at all cost

if you sit inside the air conditioner

all summer avoiding the sun as much as

you can

of course it's gonna feel hot when you

go outside but if you go outside

you go exercise you play sports you hang

out with your friends maybe you play

tetherball with your friends in the


then the sun doesn't get as bad and you

able to tolerate it better but again

that's just me

and my perspective i find that when i go

outside in the sun even if it's 100


if i go skateboard or if i go exercise

when i go out to mow the following day

i'm already used to the sun and it's not

that bad

back when i would go to bed at 2 a.m i

would eat fast food all day and i

wouldn't really exercise that much

the sun would beat me up so much when

i'd be mowing and i'd be questioning why

am i in a lawn care business it's 100

degrees outside i can make money doing

something else

but once i started taking care of myself

eating better

sleeping more consistently and sleeping

longer hours i found that i'm able to

tolerate the sun much more

i found that i don't sweat as much which

is weird maybe i'm just different

and the sun actually gives me energy now

versus beating me up if the sun's

beating you up

maybe you should take better care of

yourself and see if that helps you

tolerate the sun better because it did

for me

now whenever i'm outside i feel like the

sun is nectarine and i love sitting in

the sun

after i get done mowing i might go into

my backyard and just tan for an extra 20

30 more minutes

for real the sun makes me feel good and

the sun should make you feel good too if

the sun's hurting you

i don't think the sun's a problem i

think the way you take care of yourself

is the problem disclaimer maybe that's

easy for me to say because i have brown



so that's the yard i just did people

think that

houses back to back literal next-door

neighbors are the ideal

way to mow i don't like that because

when a yard is back to back next door to

the other neighbor

that means that i gotta knock both out

without being able to sit inside my

truck and cool off in the ac

i would much rather prefer to drive


15 seconds to the right knock out this

next yard

even though i gotta drive to it this air

conditioner just cooled me down and gave

me some

fuel and now i can knock this yard out

much easier

the customer just wanted these little

shrubs to be evened off below the window

i pulled these by hand and here is a

tiny amount of debris

this little black and decker 22 inch

hedge trimmer electric powered is so

perfect for my business because i don't

do very much huge trimming and when i do

hedge trimming it's tiny jobs like this

so i can leave this little electric bad

boy in my truck i have two batteries and

it will never run out of juice

for these little jobs that i do


little bed complete and cleaned up just

the shrub trimming and weed spraying no

mulch or anything today maybe next time

you see this yard it will have some

fresh black mulch

i used to think that wearing t-shirts

was the move

and i would think that people who were

long sleeves were silly because why

would you wear long sleeves in the

summer but let me tell you a dry fit

long sleeve is a million times better

than a t-shirt

the sun hitting your skin is what makes

you hot so

dry fit long sleeve dry fit pants or

fishing pants

a nice little wii sombrero and

those are the main things don't wear a

t-shirt if you do just be expected to

have really hot arms

another tip that i found helps me beat

the heat is

to get rid of my headphones when it's

really hot outside i don't know why

maybe i'm crazy or different but when

i'm listening to music or joe rogan

podcast or youtube

and the sweats in my face and i'm trying

to listen and really take in what the

music or what the information is telling


it's kind of overwhelming but if i just

have earplugs it just seems a lot

simpler and smoother and i'm able to

focus on my breathing

and get through the yards so maybe you

should try it out get rid of the


joe rogan can wait just listen to some

imagination and

it might feel better

yard number five complete so we just hit

past the halfway point and now we're at


at 11 a.m remember i started really late


8 43 in the morning so for 280 dollars

in i think two hours two and a half

hours i'll take a little bit of sweat

any day

trust me the sun is not that bad when

you get used to it

take for example my amigos over here

they're having a dang fiesta

come party with us in the sun it's

funner than being inside

another pro tip that i wish i would have

known sooner is to drink

little electrolyte packages these little

propel packets they're basically just

200mg sodium a piece and when you're

sweating out a bunch

of your sweat these make you feel better

they replenish you and they give you

energy to get through your work day

one more thing to realize also when

doing any type of business or any type

of work

is no business is perfect if money was

no object and i had a million dollars do

you think i'd be mowing these nine yards

in a texas july time of year right now

i'd probably be in the philippines or in

hawaii because i got that island blood

inside of me

but i'm doing what i'm doing because i'm

saving money

i'm charging what i'm worth and every

single work day that i complete is

getting me closer

to being in hawaii of the philippines so

just realize no job is perfect

everything has pros and cons

but you just got to pick a job that has

a lot more pros than cons

and then that way you'll be able to make

the money that you need to be making



one mower one trimmer one blower

no trailer one zachary

and lots of 495 dollar work days

another thing that you have to pay

attention to in order to be successful

in your business is you need to find

your ideal type of customer and you need

to only take on those ideal types of


once you get past the point of being

comfortable in the beginning you do have

to take on as much as you can that's

what i do that's what you'll have to do

you have to say yes to lots of different

jobs even if they're not your ideal


but take it from me as long as you stay

in business you will be able to get to

the point where you're having so many

callers you're getting so good at


that you could pick very specifically

which yards you want to take on

where i live at in texas it's not like

every single home is a tiny little

residential house like that

there's half acres full acres those

crazy urban

houses with crazy landscapes and trees

everywhere those types of houses

those houses are all around me but i

mark it hard

so i could pick from all the callers my

ideal type of customer

for example this yard right here a tiny

little residential yard with tiny little


small beds and small shrubs that's my

ideal type of customer i would love to

take that customer on

if somebody calls me and they have a

third acre of a property and they have

shrubs everywhere i don't care what they

would pay me to do it i'm still not

going to take it on because it's not my

ideal type of customer

another thing also is i find that for

little yards like this

i have much better margins compared to

when i used to roll around with my

trailer in my gravely

i make much better margins on tiny

little 50 60 yards like these

and it's less labor on my body i get to

get back into my truck

more often because it's smaller yards

and i get to sit in the air conditioner

and i just enjoy it so much more so it

just goes to show you should experiment

with your ideal type of customer you

might be the opposite of me you might

like a zero turn

it doesn't matter we're all gonna make

money regardless but just find your

ideal type of customer

for me little residential homes with

tiny landscapes just like that are

perfect so i can maintain it by myself

easily if it's a big crazy landscape


yards of mulch needed to make it look

good i'm not going to take it on but if

it's a tiny yard like this with a little

tree ring

i'll take it on so find your ideal

customer and mark it hard

so as you can see this yard was pretty

much completely dead the past two weeks

when i came the last time it just died

out there was a little bit of growth two

weeks ago but now it's pretty much all


there's two things you can do in this

situation so me and this customer have a

verbal agreement to where i'm gonna come

every two weeks no matter what whether

it's springtime when it grows three

times as tall it's the same price every

two weeks or

in the summer if it grows a little bit

it's still the same price every two


you could just continue coming as per

your schedule or you could do

which is what i'm probably gonna do

right now is just text the customer and

tell them i think we could just let the

yard go

once a month per mo if that and we could

just resume back to the bi-weekly come


because the yard's obviously not growing

right though it's kind of hard to let go

of money like that but it feels good


and by doing that you're just making the

world a better place and

the yards are going to be there no

matter what when you come back another

thing i also have to go over and

remember to go over each video

is you might think my yards are poor

quality or you might say

where's the grass it's just weeds and

dirt so as a lawn care business i tell

all of my customers they should water


they should fertilize regularly they

should top dress aerate

they should do a lot of things to their

yard to make it look healthy if they

want it to look healthy

a lot of my yards they simply just want

their yard to be mowed every two weeks

every week and that's it they might

water it they might not they might

fertilize it they might not

at the end of the day they just want it

to be mowed and if that's what they want

i'll do it as long as i offer

the other services to them every yard

gets mowed trim

edge and blown the same they all get the

same amount of love some of the yards

just have

higher grass quality than others at the

end of the day i'm going to do what the

customer wants and if they want it to

look like a magazine cover

we'll work on that if they just want it

to be mowed because of the hoa then we

could do that as well

this is just an example of what these

yards look like in this current


as you can see a lot of them are pretty

ugly they're just weedy

not hating just showing these actual

yards so

you can say whatever you want about my

yards but my yards look pretty average

to their surrounding neighborhood that


yard is in so i'm just showing you guys

what i'm working with

see that's a look that was a good

looking yard that's a decent looking


that one's pretty weedy this one's

pretty weedy

that one's pretty weedy you get the

picture just showing you some more yards

in my

area a lot of these yards could use some

watering and they're obviously not

getting the watering that they need

but that's just the name of the game and

that's the cycle of life

these yards will all be lush and green


fall just like every single year so you

just gotta roll with the punches and

accept summer to be a dry time of year

that's a good looking yard but

back to the dry ones

two more things to make your life so

much easier in the summer one make sure

your mower your trim or your blower

is filled up the night before you get

started and two make sure you have an

extra spool on hand because you don't

want to be playing with this guy

in the heat when you're frustrated

because you were almost down in the


but it broke on you and the string fell

apart so now you got to do this and you

got to walk back

have an extra one on hand make sure your

stuff is filled up before you start

and you'll have a much smoother day for



and that was a 495 dollar simple workday

mowing nine yards

it wasn't even five hours i think i'm 10

minutes shy of five hours so below five

hours you can make 500 bucks

if i could do it you could do it too

look how simple my equipment is

a mower a trimmer and a blower

you don't need a lot to do a lot and i

just want to inspire and show others

that you can make your own money you can

become your own boss

if this simple 26 year old half filipino

halfway introverted skateboarder can

operate a lawn care business at this

level you can do it too

it's now i believe 100 degrees i'll put

the weather right here

it's hot outside but again

it's not that bad when you take care of

yourself when you eat good you sleep

good you don't eat greasy foods you're

not going to sweat a lot i'm not even

covered in sweat

it's just like a cakewalk at this point

if you enjoyed the video and you want to

learn more about how to start a lawn

care business i am working on online

courses on marketing advertising

legalities of a business how to quote

properly the website link will be in the

description i'll see you guys in the

next one i'm about to go get

a slushie or something peace out huh i

can't get a slushie because i just said

i can eat healthy

i'm probably gonna eat a banana okay


so i just have to get used to explaining

how i price my yards whenever i make a

video where i'm showing the actual


of these yards and the simplest way to

explain it is

i don't care what the average price of a

yard in my area is i charge what i feel

like i'm worth and i feel like i'm worth

a lot and i feel like you're worth a lot

as well

i don't care if the average price in my

area for a yard

this size is 30 i'm worth 40 45 because

i do a good job i do all the work by


i show up when i say i'm gonna show up i

have a clean truck and a clean


my customer service is a1 i reply to a

customer as soon as possible if they

want to call me and ask me a question

i'll answer it

i'm flexible with them when it comes to

scheduling as long as they're flexible

with me

there's so many things that go into the

price besides just

how much to mow my yard and i think a

lot of people don't understand that

if the customer wants to just have the

front and back mode for twenty dollars

whenever they want not on a schedule

then they can get someone who's doing it

as a side hustle or a part-time job

to come and mow their yard for 20 bucks

or on the other hand if the customer

wants a legitimate business

to pull up to their house week after

week month after month and a

professional look

in a professional truck who's going to

show up when they say they're going to

show up because

it's their full-time job me for example

then they can pick me

if they want the side hustle for 20

bucks then they can do that if they want

me for 50 bucks

then they can pick me i don't put a gun

to their head and say you must use me

when i give a quote i simply say

who i am what i'm about what i can bring

to you as a lawn care service and then

they can pick me if they want and i've


so much success with that i just don't

know why people think that

yards have to be 10 20 30 you can be the

most expensive person in your city

i keep saying this i'm pretty sure i'm

the most expensive person in my city

when it comes to lawn care

and i'm proud to say that because i work

hard for my money and the work that i do

and the customer service that i have

reflects that you should just charge

more straight up

if you charge 40 charge 45 if you charge

30 charge 35 after this video

it's all about money that's why we're

working i'm here working i know the

value that i can bring

a charger rate that i feel like i'm

worth the customer agrees with it they

pay me

and they pay me week after week and then

the business keeps going just like that

you just have to realize you have to

price these yards at a price where you

can happily show up week after week

to maintain these yards if i have a yard

for 50 and the customer talks me down to

40 which i don't let people talk me down

no more i used to

but if someone's talking down the 40

then every time i do the yard i might be

thinking damn this is a 50

yard but i'm doing it for 40 this sucks

stand firm by your price and just charge

a rate

that will make you happily come out to

this yard week after week and that's the

only way to build a successful business

you're not going to build a business by

just trying to get the smallest price

because you're scared of the customer

not giving you

the answer that you want to hear which

is a yes charge what you're worth and if

the customer doesn't want you

then just move on to the next one

there's a million yards that you could

take on

we don't chase them we replace them