Does Music Affect A Fetus?

safety curiosity is presented by Nissan

innovation in all the walls of the

abdomen and womb filter some sound

frequencies but still a barrage of

everyday noises thunders through

scientists want to figure out whether

different kinds of sound affect the

behavior or mood of the foetus Erica and

Megan are both taking part in an

experiment to find out two very

different types of music will be played

to their babies investigators will then

measure heart rate indicating whether

the fetus is calm or agitated but

they'll also use a less scientific

indicator face pulling even before birth

the expressive fetus can smile or scowl

first the ultrasound technicians check

the baby's heart rates and appearance at


Megan's fetus looks relaxed

Ericka's baby's resting heart rate is a

hundred and twenty-eight beats per


headphones channel music through the

walls of the womb first some hip-hop the

rhythms reverberates through the

amniotic fluid within seconds the baby's

heart rate rises dramatically baby's

heart rate is 155

oh wow and that's literally what a

minute of are the baby's heart rate has

left by 20% at Megan's scan her fetus is

played the same track she doesn't like

grimacing the fetus does not look to be

enjoying it