Very First Piano Lesson (2010) - Free Piano Lessons for Kids



hi I'm mr. Hofman welcome to free piano

lessons for kids calm I'm excited to be

your piano teacher today we're doing

lesson number one and you're going to

learn about your piano where high and

low is and your first song on the piano

Hot Cross Buns so if you are watching me

on your laptop bring your laptop to your

piano your keyboard so you can try on

your piano what I'm going to show you on

my piano here first let's find where the

high notes are if you go all the way up

to the right side of your piano you can

just start playing white notes and keep

going on up to the right

you notice the notes are getting higher

and higher and higher then you find the

very highest note on your piano now if

you go down to the left you'll find the

low notes on the pin if you keep going

down further and further to the left

you get to the very lowest note on your

piano now see if you can find any

patterns on the black sheets if you take

a look you'll notice patterns of two

Black Keys in a group and then a group

of three Black Keys and that pattern

continues all the way up the piano to

three to three

now just for practice let's start at the

lowest part of your piano remember left

for low and find and play just the

groups of two Black Keys you can use

either here using two fingers getting

higher and higher two Black Keys now

starting at the high end this time let's

find the groups of three Black Keys and

go all the way down so whenever I show

you something feel free to try along

with me if you need to watch one time

then push pause and try it yourself

that's fine too let's learn our first

song Hot Cross Buns I'll show you once

by myself you can just watch and listen

and then I'll teach you how to play it

first I'm going to find a group of three

Black Keys here's this song what Cross

Buns hot cross buns one up and meet two

up cross buns

now in this song I hope you noticed that

there were some patterns certain words

that you hear over and over again the

first pattern is called stepping down in

music in music we use these dark black

circles to mean the notes that we hear

in each note has a different sound and

this pattern is called stepping down

because the first is the highest note

hot and then the next one's a little bit


lower in fact cross and then the last

one is the lowest funds so we could say

like this start step down step down with

the notes move like that here's how we


hold up your hand in front of your face

like me and we'll try to move our

fingers in a pattern called stepping

down we're going to start with your ring

finger because for this song we won't

need your pinkie or your thumb really

need three notes these three middle

fingers stepping down makes a pattern

like this

Hot Cross Buns and that's how you would

play these three notes

Hot Cross Buns now let's try it on three

Black Keys so again starting with your

ring finger as the highest note because

it's the furthest to the right will step

down like this Hot Cross Buns try it

with me now locked Cross Buns so the

song begins with that pattern two times

then after that we get a new pattern one

penny two a penny this part of the song

has a new kind of pattern it's called

repeating notes repeating notes look

like this they stay in the same position

this these four are down low and then

these four are a step higher so we could

say like this start repeat repeat repeat

step up repeat repeat repeat bye repeat

I mean is just the same note again and

again they're very easy to play

so now holding up your hand in front of

your face again this time we're starting

with our finger that's on the lowest

note which is this finger right here

your pointer finger one up penny now for

two a penny we go up a step higher to

your middle finger two up penny you

notice I just moved the finger over and

over again to make it a repeating note

now let's try it on the three Black Keys

again starting with your pointer finger



we now move up to your middle finger for

two a penny - great job now we're ready

for the last pattern of the song which

is just one more time playing hot cross

buns now remember this one starts with

the highest note which in this song is

played with your ring finger but cross

and then the song is over so now to do

the whole song you just have to put

those patterns together remember our

first pattern which was stepping down

the song begins with two of these

patterns hot cross buns

then again hot cross buns then we do our

repeating pattern one a penny two a

penny then the song ends with once again

hot cross buns but this time I only do

it one time instead of two let's see

what the whole song looks like then I'll

let you try it yourself at home

if you feel brave you can try it with me

here we go what cross buns no again but

cross buns

now the repeating notes one then me to

upend me hot cross buns great job now

just keep practicing that if you need to

rewind and watch me do it again or if

you need to pause and try it a few times

on your own that's great also if you go

to you can download

worksheets and fun sheets that will help

you in your learning and help you

practice this song I think you did a

great job learning your first song on

the piano I hope you come back again

next time to learn another song and more

about music and playing the piano