The Newborn Nap Schedule You've Been Searching For!

y'all there is one thing that I beg to

know when I had my first daughter I

looked at my lactation consultant and I

was like please give me a schedule

somebody anybody give me a schedule for

this baby and I'll never forget I handed

her a legal pad and a pen and like

please write this down and she couldn't

give me a schedule that was so upset

because that's all I wanted and if you

are holding a newborn right now I know

that's all you want so get ready because

I'm about to give to you

hey there I'm Becca Campbell your

pediatric sleep consultant welcome to

the little Z sleep YouTube channel where

it is my mission to resolve your child's

exhausting sleep habits and I wish I had

this channel myself five and a half

years ago our oldest daughter was a

terrible sleeper I don't know if like

she legitimately was just that awake

baby or if it was because I didn't know

what I was doing I have told the story

often and it still sins like shivers

down my spine but the breaking point for

Chad and I was when we woke up and our

three and a half month old baby was

under our covers and we had no idea how

she got there

that is a scary place to be and it's

still it still freaks me out that like

we were we were at that point in our

life with her and I was so exhausted and

even weeks before then I was fortunate

enough to be friends with my lactation

consultant I taught her kid in

elementary school and she went to church

with us and she came over often in those

early weeks and I was like Laurie please

I need a schedule just tell me when to

feed this girl tell me when she's

napping tell me what to do I'll do it

like that's my personality

if you equip me with the tools I'm gonna

do it I'm gonna do it really really well

but like she couldn't give it to me and

I even remember my mom came in to help

thank goodness

her a lot she flew down to help us and I

remember her asking me like what kind of

routine I was doing just so she could

help I said well I've read about I can

eat play sleep routines so I'm trying to

do that and I will never forget she

looked at me and she's like what's wrong

with eat sleep play and I was like I

don't know I'm a newbie I don't know and

I just had no clue what I was just so

unaware of was that my daughter was

exhausted instead I just held her

throughout the day like wow I have such

an alert baby she's been up for five

hours I just thought that's like who she

was but I didn't realize that there

needed to be a schedule in place it was

a complete game changer when we had our

second daughter and so before I even get

into what is a newborn sleep schedule I

have a free guide for you this free

guide is insanely helpful and it's two

pages yes you can get started on a

newborn sleep schedule a newborn routine

today in this free guide it is two pages

the first one you're gonna print off and

put it on your fridge or put it on a

wall or turn it off and put it all over

the house for anyone who's there to help

you because it's your routine that

you're gonna follow all day long so make

sure you get our free newborn guide

right in the links below check it out

it's all about your newborn daytime

routine this is the guide that I

followed to a tee with our second

daughter so by the time we had our

second daughter they're only 19 like

18.5 19 months apart but by the time

Haddie came I had been asleep consultant

for gosh maybe a year the last of the

year and I knew what to do I felt so

much more equipped and competent and

what I could handle and so from the

beginning I implemented a proper newborn

sleep schedule for her but there's a

little caveat to this you can implement

and implement all live long day but it's

not a schedule so I want you to like

just release the word schedule this is

not a schedule

your newborn is not ready for specific

times every single day instead we're

using the word routine so take away

schedule put in the word routine all day

long your baby is gonna go through an

awake and asleep and awake and asleep

and it's very very small in fact a

newborn can only handle 45 to 60 minutes

of being awake before they need to go

back down for another nap so when they

wake up in the morning 45 to 60 minutes

later time for a nap they wake up from

that nap 45 to 60 minutes later down for

another nap your newborn is going to eat

sleep eat sleep maybe a little play in

there all day long throw in a little

poop in action a little change in their

diaper action like that's all they're

doing and it's that's what their that's

what they're all about there is no

concept of a newborn being like worn out

you know I've heard this from people

over the years like well how is my baby

able to get tired they're only a week

for 45 minutes they're not ready to take

a nap

newborns are not like us okay they have

a very very very small frame of how much

awake time they can handle there's no

such thing as being like worn out from

playtime it literally is just a ticking

clock tick tick tick tick tick tick tick

time for a nap and if you go over the 45

to 60 minute wake window is like I did

with our oldest you're going to be in

what is called the witching hour you're

going to be more prone to being your

baby will be more prone to being colic

where they're screaming for three hours

for three days for three weeks and it's

a lot and it's just not a great place to

be in so trust me when I say your baby

can stand to be awake for 45 to 60

minutes that is literally it all right

the only difference in this is that

sometimes if they near that four-month

mark they can handle guess what 75

minutes of a week time that's all like

it just creeps up a little bit by a

little bit and if this helps put in

perspective by the time they're 5 months


romi looking for 2 hours of wake time so

it does just get a little bit more and a

little bit more very slowly so all

throughout the day whenever your little

one wakes up from a nap 45 to 60 minutes

later that's when they should be asleep

for the next nap

and that just sounds like a lot of

napping and it is and I want to give you

some relief here there is no again

there's no set time to when your little

one should be you know taking a nap at

this time and taking up at this time

it's just the awake windows you're

rotating around also I don't expect

every nap to happen in their crib or

bassinet or pack and play it's not gonna

happen in fact if you could aim for two

and like wow you're an overachiever like

three naps in the crib or the bass

another pack and play awesome the others

you're probably gonna have on you baby

carrier taking a walk you've got an

errand to run things like that like

that's gonna be very normal to have naps

on the go for newborns and that's okay

and that's good now as far as like how

long should a nap be I get that question

a lot for newborns thirty minute naps

aren't junk naps those aren't like bad

guess what they take a 30 minute nap

while they're only awake for 45 more

minutes they take another one so it's

not a concept of like oh no they only

had you know this little nap so they

need to go to an app like sooner no a

30-minute nap is not a junk nap it's

okay now we're looking for and this is

the National Sleep Foundation saying

this not like a candle we are looking

for newborns to sleep anywhere between

like 14 to 16 hours and sometimes even

go up to 18 hours but those are like the

outliers like 14 and 18 those are

extremes so generally between like 15 to

16 hours of sleep in a 24 hour period

okay so I'm not saying they're gonna get

that much sleep all day long or all

night long like it's gonna be spread out

because they have those small wait times

now I know I have to say this because

I'm I'm talking to exhausted parents the

45 to 60 minute wake time does not

include nighttime stuff okay so

nighttime there's no awake time all

right you're down for the night and

you're gonna have multiple night

feedings but we're not keeping you awake

for 45 to 60 minutes during the night

time that may sound obvious but hey when

you're sleep deprived you have a newborn

baby you're gonna ask that question so

I'm here for you I'm gonna say that just

right out front the other important

thing about a newborn is to remember

they do not know the difference between

day or night until they are like eight

nine weeks old so you're gonna be

implementing 45 to 60 minute wake

windows all the time and up until eight

to nine weeks they don't really know the

difference between day or night and I

want you above all to think of this

newborn sleep is not like this whoo-hoo

every week it's getting a little better

and a little better and a little better

than like we're succeeding it's more

like this whoa we're having up and down

up and down up and down and down to it

who would update Oh a down date like

it's just all over the place that's okay

we are not here for linear progress we

are here for yes taking steps forward

and sometimes having a bad day and then

coming back and having a bad nap and

coming back and having a good nap like

it is all over the place and that

characterises newborn sleep newborn

sleep is chaotic their sleep cycles

don't make sense and I want you to know

above all the number-one rule the number

one thing you just probably didn't know

about your newborn is they can only

handle being awake for 45 60 minutes and

they need to go to sleep all day long

wash rinse repeat all day long now make

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you equip you with everything that will

happen within that okay you're doing an

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insanely helpful especially hint hint

wink wink do you have a really wonderful

in law or grandparent helping you right

now and they are you know just keeping

the baby awake this will be helpful for

you to tell them hey look I'm gonna try

this routine so I hope that helps I am

excited for you congratulations you are

doing an awesome job and you are the

right parent for your baby thanks so

much for being here you guys sweet


see you next time