★ How to: Grow Nasturtium from Seed in Containers (A Complete Step by Step Guide)


in today's project re I will show you

how to bar distortions from sake

hi and welcome to project Diaries in

today's video I want to teach you how to

grow a nasturtiums from seed now if you

don't know what these are I have talked

about these in previous videos they're

basically a really good edible flower

and a great companion plant there's a

link here on companion plants and edible

flowers basically they can either repeal

certain pests or they can attract other

pests away from your vegetables and they

just work really well plus they're a

really beautiful flower so in today's

video I'm going to teach you how to grow

them from seed and here's how to do it

so here's a close look at the seats as

you can see they're quite large and

distinctive now if you don't have any

nasturtiums seeds already as usual or

we'll put some amazon links in the

description box below I don't sell any

of these these are just recommended

seeds as there's so many different

varieties you can get so just using your

finger you want to press in a hole

around three times the depth of the seed

then simply put a seed in each hole and

cover it up gently the soil that I'm

using today is just really cheap shop

brought multi-purpose compost now mister

shams are one of the easiest flowers to

grow and they're great to do with kids

because they're really Hardy and they

can handle a lot of bad weather when

you're back filling the soil you just

want to make sure it's pressed down

gently and not pack down too heavily if

the soil is too packed down the delicate

seedlings won't be able to push through

and they might even die nasturtiums also

don't mind growing in poor soils so you

don't need to use fresh soils through

this they also don't need any

fertilizers or feed for up their entire

growing period so they're really easy to

grow you can start sowing these indoors

between four and six weeks before your

last frost date you can also grow these

in warmer countries you just want to

make sure they're not in direct sunshine

around the afternoon after you've

backfill gently you just want to water

them in now I always use collected

rainwater but you can use tap water if

you have that instead

once you finished all of those steps

don't forget to label it up so you know

which seedlings are which then just

leave your tray in a sunny self facing

window or a warm greenhouse here they

are a week later and as you can see they

will germinate between five and twelve

days around ten days to two weeks you

should be seeing them produce their

first true leaves and after around two

weeks you should start seeing their

distinctive leaf pattern nasturtiums are

extremely quick growers so you should

start seeing some great results just

after the first month I'm just gonna

leave those to grow for a little bit

while give you some more information

about nasturtiums now there's over 50

different varieties of an assertion that

you can get but there's three main types

these are low growing trailing or

climbing they also come in many

different colors such as yellows orange

red burgundy peach or cream here's a

popular variety known as Alaska you can

get these in mixed colors other

varieties and a dual cherry nasturtiums

and they also come as the dual mixed I

also like the gleaming gold as they have

a similar head for marigolds marigolds

are also a really good companion plant

and also some varieties are edible so

check the link on the screen now if

you'd like to know how to grow those

I've also only just found out about this

variety they're known as the Phoenix

nasturtiums and they're absolutely

beautiful but delicate petal shapes and

the coloration will make these stand out

in any border also the canary creeper

variety looks just like a canary in

flight spreading its wings and I think

I'm definitely going to get some of

these to grow for granddad this year

especially as yellow is my favorite

happy color and also some of my

favorites at a black velvet variety I'm

also going to grow the same name in

petunias this year and I've just

finished recording that video and I will

upload it soon so don't forget to

subscribe I really like this variety the

Empress of India produces a stunningly

bright red

and here's another variety that will be

growing for the first time this year and

that is dayglo these are a fantastic

variety to use in hanging baskets and

they're also granddad's favorite so I

will be doing another video on how to

grow hanging baskets later on this year

so let's go back to the growing process

and see what they look like

after four weeks so these are coming on

really nicely now unfortunately we've

had a hell of a lot of cold weather so

I've not been out of transplant least a

few weeks ago and you can see that there

is quite a lot of root system in there

so I'm just going to take the risk as

you can see it's a little bit still too

cold but I'm going to take the risk and

transfer these into a bigger pot now

these will self seed and spread so it's

better better to keep them in a

self-contained pot rather than plant

them straight into a garden and so what

I'm going to do is get a bigger pot

which is about 12 inches to 15 inches

and Transplant a few of these in and

I'll do that now and show you and but

what I mean you could see the hell how

beautiful these are they're growing

really nice new shoots they're really

strong they did start off a little bit

leggy so you can see the base is

slightly thinner than this pot here but

it should be okay to bury that a little

bit more um but yeah I'm just going to

plant these on and show you how to you

know so grabbing a really nice-sized

plant pot this one's around 12 inches

and as usual make sure they're made out

of polypropylene if you're unsure there

should be a triangle underneath every

plastic item and this is the RIC code

this will be a recycling symbol with a

number inside nearly everything you buy

from a garden center should be peepee

and the number 5 polypropylene is one of

the safest plastics you can use while

growing and this won't ensure that

there's no leaching going on into the

soil and again there's no need to use

fancy compost here so I'm just using

last year's mix that I've saved out all

the roots then all you need to do is dig

a hole roughly the same size as your

seedlings plant pot picking up your

seedling gently tip it upside down

between your fingers and give the pot a


once you've done this tease out the root

system gently this will ensure the roots

go into the new soil then just place the

seedling in the hole and backfill gently

again making sure you don't push your

soil down too hard because you want this

root system to branch out but you also

want the soil to be firm enough in order

for the plant to be stable

once you finish doing that repeat this

process until the pot is full also try

not to bury to plant any deeper than the

original soil line so here's what it

should look like once you've finished

planting all of them in you want to

leave a few inches gap between each

plant as they will push out a lot more

and as you can see I've used one two

three four five plants in this and I

might put another one in the center just

double-check in the soils pack down

nicely and each plant is stable you then

want to give them a really thorough and

deep watering making sure you water at

the base of each plant and around the

edges but like I say nasturtiums are

really easy plants to grow they don't

need that much TLC just want to keep an

eye on the soil and make sure its moist

and not soaked or too dry also as I said

before you really don't need good

quality soil when growing nasturtiums in

fact the better the soil is the less

likely you are to produce lots of

flowers and you may end up just growing

lots of greenery if this is the case you

can trim them back a few times

throughout the growing season in order

to hopefully grow more flowers then all

you need to do is leave your container

in full sunlight if you live in England

or if you live in a hotter country you

want to make sure these get a little bit

of shade in the afternoons now depending

on variety and growing conditions

nasturtiums can take between 35 and 50

two days to bloom they're an incredibly

versatile flower and it's always best to

deadhead the flowers once they start to

wilt to encourage new growth you can

easily plant them in any beds or borders

to fill up any unsightly gaps you can

trail them up walls or fences in order

to add beautiful splashes of color over

larger areas or trail them effortlessly

from hanging baskets

nasturtiums also do a fantastic job

attracting certain pests away from your

crops as you can see black fly white fly

and a feeds are more attracted to the

scent given off from these flowers

pollinators and other pest predators

will also naturally be attracted to the

smell and color of the flowers and as

you can see leaf miner are moving in as

well and if they're attacking your

nasturtiums it makes it a lot easier to

treat these rather than on your cross

check out the link on the screen to help

with this problem and this is why

nasturtiums make such a good companion

plant for so many fruits and vegetables

so here they are in just under three

months they've already started to bloom

and you've got loads more flowers coming

here now basically I'm bringing these

back indoors because you may see there's

a lot of these leaves that are turning

yellow this is because we basically had

nine days of non-stop rain and now these

are completely being over watered so I'm

just going to bring them back into the

shed and dry them out a little bit but

yeah there you go hopefully you've

enjoyed today's video that's how to grow

nasturtiums from seat and I'll see you

again next time take care if you'd like

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