Natural Cycles | Which Contraception I use Without The Pill

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all about contraception and what method

I use which isn't a pill long story

short we haven't seen some of my my

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anyway today I'm going to show you the

method that I use which stops me having

a baby first I want to say is well this

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this is just something that I genuinely

do use and I really do like it but

actually funny thing is I actually

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anyway you want to know what kind of

contraception mine use and all that Jack

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okay so the form of contraception I use

is called natural cycles so what you do

is every single morning you take your

temperature now the first thing I wanna

mention is you have to have a

thermometer which measures to two

decimal places you can't just go to

boots pick up a thermometer and just use

that because that one probably just do

one decimal place it has to be two and

these things are hard to find I just

have the natural cycles one I have to

order it well as it came when you like

pay for that yearly subscription with it

that is that the first key a bit of

information otherwise it will not work

so what you do is every single morning

you take a temperature and I just want

to say here you have to take it first

thing when you wake up don't get out

there go about your day do something and

I think oh I'm going to take my

temperature like I'm then do it and then

put it in because it's not gonna be

accurate you have to do when you first

wait yes you take the temperature and

then what you do is whatever the number

comes up on the thermometer you pop it

into the natural cycles app now

basically there's an app and what you do

is every single day like I said you put

the temperature in you'll come up with

like a round circle and it will either

be a green or it will be red and today's

for example for me is red which means I

need to use protection and if it's green

it means you don't use protection but

the thing that I like about this app is

you can see your monthly view and the

best thing about it is you become so in

touch with your body because you get to

know exactly what's going on it will

tell you exactly when you're meant to be

ovulating it will tell you when your

periods do and it's just so reassuring

to know exactly what's going on with

your body because even if you were late

on your period your app might be saying

like hon you're not going to come on for

like another week so like chill it's

fine and you're not so stressed whereas

before if I was like using a different

method of contraception I've laid my

period but that we could be a help to

make um a good improvement

I thought I think that she's really

reassuring as well always so so accurate

like I can't explain to you how accurate

this is like for example I'll be laying

my period I'm like where the hell is my

period and I know that when I have my

period my temperature will suddenly drop

right in my ass

or something I woke up in the morning my

temperature had gone down and as I oh

that means my period might come kid you

know two hours later oh it's the Twitter

period oh wow like it is so accurate

I've honestly had nothing but good

things to say about it

the one thing I want to say is you need

to be consistent and you need to be

honest with it like you need to do it

every single day especially when you're

first style because when you first start

it's going to give you a lot of read

days because one thing about this app is

it will not give you a green day unless

it's 100% sure because it doesn't want

to risk you getting pregnant

they say it's as effective as a

contraceptive pill so and it's also been

like completely confirmed by I don't

even know like the contraceptive gods I

don't know like whatever the

organization is it's been confirmed that

it's a good method to use this methods

been around way before natural cycles

like using this it's called a family

planning I think they call it using this

way of like monitoring your bodies and

cycle isn't a new thing it's just this

apps kind of like a new thing because

it's so in touch with your body also if

you're someone who does want to get

pregnant is a great way to plan a

pregnancy because it will tell you

exactly when you're ovulating because

basically the way this works is with a

woman's cycle this only a certain amount

of time in that cycle that you can get

pregnant that's when the egg has been

released not gonna starve so it actually

detects day so whether you're trying to

prevent a pregnancy or plan a pregnancy

it's such good information because it's

either like you need to use protection

now ASAP or go at it and have some fun

and get a baby it's about fifty pounds I

think for the year around that I mean

you're always gonna hear stories and

people say all I know so many went on

that and I got pregnant in two weeks but

you want to reassure all you guys

everyone comes out with these stories

about everything like I even know people

who have got pregnant of being on the

contraceptive pill so I really really


definitely promote it and also it means

that I could be safe and also not pump

my body with hormones and hormones and

cause my body's stress and problems and

I also just want to mention now if

you're someone who suffers with like

infertility or like anything about your

family and you'll read all the other

concepts of pill because that actually

can worse than that this is a really

great way to get your body functioning

but still be safe at the same time so

when you do get that when we were like I

won't have a baby

your body's in a much healthier state

and you're probably more likely to get

pregnant quicker than if you like we're

on the pill came off but and your body

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