How do you get your baby on a schedule?

having a newborn baby is simply the best

thing in the world it opens up new

centers of our heart that we didn't even

know where they are but it can also be

completely overwhelming a lot of us are

eager to just figure this newborn out to

get them on some semblance of a schedule

and crack the code and I'd like to tell

you the secret there is no schedule in

the very beginning newborns are

completely overwhelmed themselves

they're all over the place and so the

more that we try to get them on the

schedule the more frustrating it can be

it's just more comfortable to follow

your heart and your soul and not a thing

so much watch the baby learn them read

their cues their feeding schedule is all

over the place that's why we say feeding

on-demand and whether we're giving

formula or nursing we're going to

support you in that quest here at

Brooklyn Heights Mount Sinai offices we

follow the babies lead and then that

becomes our schedule in the first couple

of months newborns or a different

creature perhaps even until three months

old then you can play your card and get

them on a schedule we'll talk about

sleeping nutrition development at each

pediatric visit so even from the first

newborn visit a day of life three four

or five will give a plan for you and

then you'll play your card when the time

is right but in the newborn period just

buckle up and get ready for the ride it

can be very intense it's extremely

rewarding but can be completely

overwhelming so hang in there and we'll

do it together