hi guys welcome to my channel so for

today's video I thought it would be fun

and interesting for you guys to see what

an entire night with a newborn baby

looks like so I am exclusively

breastfeeding our two week old little

boy Grayson I had him two and a half

weeks ago and right now he's currently

waking up every two to three hours to

feed so when I show you guys and what

our nights typically look like so I just

finished feeding him it's about 7:45

right now and I just put him down for

his first like night stretch so I

anticipate him to wake up around 11


give or take I don't know we'll see when

he ends up waking up but I hope you all

enjoyed today's video be sure to give it

a thumbs up if you enjoy these types of

vlogs and I'll try to film more of them

I know we need to film and updated

morning and nighttime routine now that

Grayson is here that is off my agenda so

I'll be sure to film that for you guys



so after I'm done nursing and burping

him I'll swaddle him up in his bassinet

and it's usually hit or miss with him

passing out right away or me needing to

replace his binky a few times until he

falls asleep the best thing that he's

sleeping in is this new by the happiest

baby and it's by far my number one

must-have baby item it is pricey but

they do have the option to rent it which

is such an amazing idea

we're renting ours for three months and

I'm so glad we decided to it saved me in

my sleep this time around we're using

the hatch white noise and nightlight for

him and I love it so much you can change

the color to whatever you want it to and

it has a bunch of different noises to

choose from and you can also control

everything from the app on your phone to

which is super convenient


10:44 is when grayson woke up for a

second nursing session of the night





after I get them up out of the bassinet

I'll take him over to the changing pad

on our dresser and change him into a

fresh diaper




Grayson is a super-efficient nurser and

usually will drain my milk within 10

minutes or so around a week and a half

after you was born is when he was able

to nurse from both breasts but in the

meantime when he's feeding from one side

I'll use the Hakka to catch my letdown

so it doesn't go to waste and a breast

pad this is another must-have and

definitely recommend it if you plan on



in between nursing and burping I always

sneak in the countless kisses and

cuddles from him I could honestly do

this all day there's nothing better than

newborn breath and staring into his eyes


occasionally he will need another diaper

change before I lay him back down to

sleep and this was one of those times



Grayson was the most active in my belly

at around 11 o'clock at night so this is

usually the hardest time for me to try

to get him back down to sleep I usually

have to replace his binky countless

times until he falls back asleep


and then I can finally sleep until I'm

woken up again at 3 in the morning


I'll do the same thing as before except

this time I'm a lot more exhausted and

usually end up nursing with my eyes



I also usually end up having to use the

restroom to change my pad at least once

in the middle of the night because I am

still bleeding give me oh oh gosh I want

you nursing on top of the insane

postpartum night sweats causes me to

become extremely thirsty so I'm coming

into the kitchen to fill up my cup of

water and I'm adding my after ease drops

to help with the post labor contractions


you and me yeah that's all I need and

I'll be all right


I swear that I'll stay here with you


cause I wanna stay with you



if you are get


as each other


it's fine

then I'm back to sleep again before

getting woken up at 6 a.m. for Grayson's

4th feet


tell me what what you wanna do I'll do

anything as long as I can be here with


everything sorry


9:00 a.m. is when he woke up after I put

him down at 6:00 so he's been pretty

consistent at waking every three hours

to nurse at night


if you are


and after I finished changing him into a

fresh diaper I'll nurse them again and

then I'll get up for the day but usually

won't end up changing out of my PJs or

looking any better than I do right now

but these sleepless nights covered in

sweat and milk are all worth it for this

cute guy


give me all your love