What Happens When You Don't Bathe?

you've probably gone a couple of days

without showering maybe a week but have

you ever wondered what would happen if

you didn't bathe for an entire month or

even a year but let's talk about your

skin you might not know this but even

when it's clean its crawling with little

German Jers up to 1,000 species of

bacteria may be enjoying life on your

skin at this very moment along with 80

types of fungus before you get you out

know that most of these germs are

actually good for us they take up real

estate on our skin effectively crowding

out the bad fungi and bacteria some

germs also break down secretions from

our skin cells to produce natural

moisturizers and anti microbials but

sometimes our body's natural defenses

aren't enough to handle some of the more

nasty pathogens especially the ones that

have adapted to evade that so bathing me

comes our second line of effects now

let's say you stop bathing you use no

soap no water no nothing what happens

throughout the day you encounter a lot

of germy stuff from door knobs to

diapers to toilet handles and even your

cell phone when you don't wash yourself

especially your hands you make it easy

for microbes to wind up in your eyes

nose or mouth and give you all sorts of

things from diarrhea to influenza not

washing also makes it easier for germs

that cause skin infections to upset that

all important balance of microbes that

call your skin home so preventing

infection is one reason we bathe why

else so we don't get filthy of course if

you didn't wash at all dirt sweat dead

skin cells and oil would start to

accumulate if you have a chronic skin

condition like acne or folliculitis not

bathing can make it worse and if enough

filth got caked onto your skin it would

form into thick brown plaques all over

your body dermatologists call this

condition dermatitis neglect uh we also

bathe to keep from getting stinky after

all we need friends you might think body

odor comes from sweat but sweat itself

is odorless Bo formerly known as bro

Madras s actually arises when bacteria

feed on proteins and fatty acids and

and convert them into as many as 30

different bad smelling chemicals one of

the worst offenders is three methyl two

hexanoic acid its odor has been

described as goat light and you can

blame ISIL Valarie acid for that pungent

cheesy foot odor can you say PU now

before you go shower crazy here's

something to keep in mind

bathing too often can dry your skin and

strip the body of its natural oils that

can create tiny cracks and inflammation

in your skin making it vulnerable to

infection similarly going overboard with

antibacterial products and kill the good

germs that help fend off the bad ones so

how often should you bathe

dermatologists we spoke with emphasized

it's important to focus on key bacteria

friendly areas like the groin underarms

and face on a regular basis they say

that if you work in health care or

exercise every day it's probably best to

bathe daily but if you're mostly

sedentary you're probably buying bathing

three times a week that is unless you

notice friends or family members given

your dirty looks now you know