BABY GIRL NURSERY TOUR | Baby Room Transformation

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- Hey everyone! - Hey guys!

And welcome to our nursery.

If you've been following along on our videos,

you would have seen that we are currently

doing up our house and I think we've left

the funnest room for last,

so we're currently standing in our nursery.

We're currently using it as a dumping ground but

- Yes. - I think the first thing

that we need to do is probably get all this stuff out

and give this place a fresh coat of paint.

β™ͺ My heart's a little bit dizzy β™ͺ

β™ͺ Since you spread your magic like a pixie β™ͺ

- So I'm pretty sure the previous owners

did use this room as a nursery as well.

Guessing from like the stickers they put on here

and there is one thing that we did change early this week.

We needed to get like an electrician in here.

They had like this cute train.

Alrighty, just doing some prep tomorrow

we've got an electrician coming in, a local guy

to come and swap this out and we're going to just take,

get rid of the blinds.

Luckily we still have the shutters so we can keep

quite dark in here.

We're going to get rid of the blinds,

put up a curtain rail for us.

But we've now swapped it like this to match

more of our lighting in our house.

First task is kind of to prepare this wall

for new paint. - This is gonna be hard.

- I think it could be.

- What the?

- Gonna need some sugar soap.

- Oh no.

It's like ripping off,

like you know stickers already annoying.

Oh no, this is gonna take a while.

Oh here we go, here we go.

- You got a bit?

Satisfying rip?

- It's kind of pulling the paint off.

That's all right.

All right, that's this morning.

(upbeat drums)

- Alrighty, totally doesn't look like

we've ripped up the stickers

'cause now it has left this perfect like paint

marking on there.

But first task is done.

Alrighty, we have now prepped the room extra carefully

'cause it's carpet.

Now it's time to change this room.

We've decided we're going to go for a bit of a white

and then we'll show you how we're gonna

splash some color in.

(rock music)

- It looks so good.

- So good.

So much better.

- And it's just white.


So it's been two days.

I think it took about three or four coats,

but we officially covered the dark walls,

they are now nice and bright and white.

No more owl.

But I do have a funny story to tell you because

halfway painting this room we ran out of paint

and where we actually found the paint was in our garage.

So last week we have two walls in the house

and they were orange and we wanted to paint the white.

So we're rummaging through the garage,

and we found this big tin of white paint

and we're like, "Oh my gosh, that's amazing."

So we used it for both the walls, painted them up,

thought they looked great, came in here,

started using the same paint and then we ran out.

So Stephen went to Bunnings with a picture of our paint can

and he said to the lady, "Oh Hey, so we just want to get

"this paint can again in the exact same color."

And she was like, "Oh, okay.

"So if you turn around, see that wall behind you

"full of primer?

"Yeah, that's what you've been using."


So our feature walls in our house are primer white.

That's what we calling it now because we're

not repainting it.

And yeah, we just realized that we've been using primer

the entire time.

So this is the first room that actually has a coat of

actual white paint on it.

It just has like two coats of primer underneath.


(drill whirring)

So I feel like today's going to be the fun day.

This is the day that we're actually

putting the nursery together, adding the proper colors.

Do you drop a screw?

- (laughing) No.

- And Stephen's trying to be a handyman.


Wait, is that right Steve?

Oh yeah, yeah.

Sorry. (laughing)

- It's all right.

- So first thing first is we need to put up

some curtains.

β™ͺ Captain America everyone is wondering β™ͺ

β™ͺ Where have you gone β™ͺ

β™ͺ Rode past in your Cadillac β™ͺ

β™ͺ Straight path to a funeral home β™ͺ

- They look nice.

- Yeah, looks so nice.

- It's quite nice to what we thought we would do

is for some pop of color first is to get these pink

kind of like linen curtains,

they're only $30 from Spotlight, very cheap.

And if you're wondering how this is going to block

all the light, 'cause it is quite nice.

I kind of like curtains where if you close it,

it still brings some light into the room.

But if you want to completely close to dark for the baby,

our house actually came with,

what do they call it, shutters?

- Yeah.

- So I can actually roll a shutter down,

which can blackout the whole room, which is so handy.

Like for a nursery I know people, you know,

you want to make like a nice dark room.

- A burn.

- That's so cool.

And then the curtains look so nice.

You know the next step?

- This wall? - Yeah.

It's time to make our feature wall.

So when we were working out what we wanted to do

with the feature wall, initially we were thinking of getting

wallpaper and then I was trying to imagine Stephen and I

putting up wallpaper and all I could picture was bubbles

and it really not working.

Like I don't think we're wallpaper people.

So what I did was I was Googling online

and actually found these decals and I bought like

a bunch of them.

And we're going to stick them onto the wall.

So it's kind of like wallpaper

but it's actually not wallpaper at all.

So I got a bunch of these kind of neutral

looking rainbows and we're going to be

sticking them onto this wall.

So I think first we need some blue tack

and we're going to work out where we want to put them,

but the color turned out really nice.

I think it's gonna look really good.

β™ͺ Stars β™ͺ

β™ͺ When you walk in the room β™ͺ

β™ͺ There's such thing as ordinary β™ͺ

- Alrighty, we've got some blue tac.

Gonna kind of figure out where we want this

before it becomes permanent.

And the sticker goes on there.


How high do you reckon?

- Sort of like six rows.

- Six rows.


- Oh my gosh, we should go on the block.


That's our guide.

- So like here.

- But no, no, no, no wait.

Get the beep off!

(calm music)

Okay. One hour and one smoothie later,

we've now blue tacked them to the wall.

I think this is the fun decision, right?

- Well we need to lock it in 'cause once it's on.

- Once it's on it's on.

So now it's the scary part.

We're gonna now start sticking them on the wall.

- Slurp, slurp?

- I'm scared.

- First sticker.

They say, it's like putting on a screen protector

on a phone, which is everyone knows

is the easiest thing to put on.

- I feel like I need your finger here

for our amazing measurements that we do.

So that I know that that was the middle at the bottom.

So I'm gonna pull this away from your finger.

Keep your finger there.


- Didn't move at all.

- Okay, I'm scared.

- Okay.

- I'm shaking.

She said a 45 degree angle, what's that mean?

Oh, it's not even hard.


- Awesome. - It didn't even bubble.

Yay! Okay, looks like I did it straight.

- Yeah, that's awesome.

- Okay. Time to do the whole wall.

(calm music)

- Alrighty, the day has arrived.

Time to build her cot.

(box ripping)

(calm music)

- This side up.

- Awesome. Easy.

- And then you use that little machine and tighten the nut.

(calm piano music)

- Aww, making her bed for the first time.

- I've been wanting to see what this looks like on it.

- Suppose we are a few weeks early, but.

- We are and also I still need to wash them

and put a mattress protector down.

But this is gonna look so cute.

(calm piano music)

- That's the heavy one.

- Okay, now for the chest of drawers.

(calm piano music)

I have been waiting for so long to finally have

a chest of drawers because we have been collecting

and accumulating quite a lot of baby clothes

and now I finally have a place where I can start

organizing it.

We grabbed this from Ikea.

It's actually quite nice.

Look, and it does the...


- Classic Ikea.

- Wait, you go.

- There we go.

- Maybe it's just the long ones.

I did not expect that though from Ikea, ready?

One more time, it's kind of fun.


I need to do it harder.

There you go. - There you go.

Wait, wait, before we do the clothes,

do you want to get her little toy box?

Oh yes, and we were also thinking 'cause now we have

her chest of drawers 'cause we weren't sure like

the size of the room and how everything was going to fit.

But now we're thinking we can actually get a chair here.

So this can be like where I put the breastfeeding chair.

I'm being the chair.

And then we'll bring that down to fit in.

So I think we need to go get a chair

and yes, we have a little toy box that we need to build.

So, this was actually like a last minute purchase.

We saw this.

- In Target. - Target.

- Well, we did see there was this really cute toy box

that we saw in a shop for $500.

- And we were like nah. - A toy box.

So I was like well it's a cute idea but

I'm not spending $500 on a toy box

and then we saw this one for like,

I think it's just over 50 bucks in Target.

- Which I was shocked 'cause like usually Kmart

has like the cool stuff.

- Yeah, but Target's been actually having such nice things.

So the only things is flat packs.

We have to--

- So we just have to build it.

- Another thing to build.

- Looks good.

- Now we just need some toys 'cause I actually don't think

we have anything to put in it.

- We're the worst parents.


- Here are some hangers and a basket.

- Looking good.

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Now let's head back to the video.

I can't believe this came.

- I cannot believe it either.

I was scared that I bet I'd cut it but it's all good.


So we decided to buy a rocking chair on Amazon

and we have no idea when it was gonna come

but it came quite quickly.

It's looking good.

This is a big gamble, I'm not used to buying things online

that's like a--

- That's furniture. - A big purchase.

Yes, 'cause usually I want to see it in person.

Aww, look at that, we got a little rocking chair,

it's gonna be a little rocking chair.

- It looks cool. - Yeah.

Okay, I think we need to build this thing.

Another day of building.


- That's the side.


- Another Tetris piece.

- So those are the two sides.

And then we've got the back.

Oh yeah, this is the back.

Oh, that's cute.

So then where's the seat?


It literally looks like it's just a

- Wait, what?

- I told you, there's no seat.

And no instructions and no screws.

Do you reckon it was meant to come in two boxes?


So we kinda have half a chair right now.

And we've got no screws and no seat.

- Maybe it is meant to come in two.

- Maybe it is.

- Okay, well today we are not building the armchair.

- So it has been a couple of days since we last saw you

and a few things have changed.

First of all, we did order a rug online

and that did come in all its pieces.

So this is our nice little rug that we got.

We also went and bought some floating shelves from Ikea.

They were only like $20 and so we popped two here

and I'm gonna fill up with books and stuff.

And then one over here, but now we are going to

decorate the walls.

- Yeah, that sounds good.

Yeah, we put a couple of screws in the walls.

- So now let's start hanging.

- Do you want to grab the pieces?

β™ͺ It'll help you get together when you're feeling alone β™ͺ

β™ͺ Make you feel happy remind you of home β™ͺ

β™ͺ Make you wanna get up, get out and go β™ͺ

β™ͺ Look at what love can do β™ͺ

β™ͺ Oh oh oh oh the things β™ͺ

β™ͺ Oh the things β™ͺ

β™ͺ Oh the things that love can do β™ͺ

β™ͺ Oh the things β™ͺ

β™ͺ Oh the things β™ͺ

β™ͺ Oh the things that love can do β™ͺ

- And the last thing we have, it is so special,

a girl called Ashley who watches our videos

actually drew this when we announced that we were pregnant

and we loved it so much, we asked her

if we could get a high quality version

so we could print it in our nursery and we finally have it.

Like, look how good that is.

- I know, if you guys remember the photo

we took on the beach.

Like it literally looks like us.

- It loos so good, I love it.

- She's such a good illustrator.

- Like the moment I saw it,

I was like, this has to go in the nursery.

So, I suck at hanging up.


Oh looks so cute.

Oh yeah, then I have something from up here. Wait.

- And as Jess grabs that, as you can see,

we've taken one of the Ikea floating shelves

and flipped them upside down.

So one can be for books and then one,

oh, we got some of her outfits out,

can be to hang some of her stuff.

- Yeah. And then this is a little plant pot,

which I thought was so cute.

So I'm going to get one of those little plants that like

hang down a little bit and I thought I'm going to use

this top as my changing table.

So I went and got a changing thing.

And then in the top drawers that's what I'm going to keep

her like nappies and stuff.

So then at night when we change her,

we have like a little spot where she can go.

I think it's time to show you all the clothes

that we've collected over the last eight months.

The first thing I want to show you is when

we first found out we were pregnant, we got excited

and we ordered some clothes online and you can clearly tell

what gender we thought we were having.

I just always pictured us having a little boy,

so we were calling it gender neutral, autumn colors,

but you can totally tell we thought

it was going to be a little boy.

Like look at this.

- And even this, I mean this is a cool like mustard,

but it's a very...

- Like, I dunno, we got a lot of blues and deep rich colors,

which she's still going to look super cute in

because chuck on a bow, say it's autumn

and I think they look quite cute.

But you know what's funny is that the moment we found out

we were having a little girl, we then did

another little shop and the clothes look

completely different.

Like we went and got this little onesie.

- That's so cute.

- We call these little like little bloomer pants,

they go over her nappy, and then Stephen went

and got excited and picked out a swimsuit.

This one we got over on the East coast in Australia.

So cute.

I cannot wait to put her in all of these,

but it's just funny to see like the first things we bought,

to the second things we bought.

Seeing as we're having our little girl

during the winter months Best & Less is awesome

if you're looking for little jumper

and track suit pants, if you're looking for cute,

affordable onesies, and then they also had

these little knitted jumpers with matching bloomers.

So it's a great place if you wanted to stock pile

a bunch of different outfits.

Another brand I love is Miann & Co and at the moment

they have the cutest autumnal wintery looking colors.

Like look at this color scheme.

- Wow. - So cute.

So I've got like a couple of jumpers and cute little

knitted pants and then as the weather gets

a little bit warmer over here, I've even got little dresses

and stuff like that.

Oh, I can't wait to see her in these.

So we wanted to find some cute outfits

that she could wear when we start traveling again.

So we knew it would be when she's a little bit older

and summer and we found this brand called By Billy

and they have really cool, they kinda like

matching tee shirts and shorts, like look at these shorts.

And then they come with a matching t-shirt.

I can not wait to dress her up on our travels.

We've got way too much stuff.

So if you're looking for a place that does

really nice swaddles and head bows, blankets and bassinet

and cot sheets, I really, really like Snuggle Hunny Kids.

And this was another thing that the first thing we bought

when we found out we were having her was,

there's this little hat with lemons on it

and it also comes with a matching lemon swaddle.

I feel like if you're looking for swaddles that

you want to take photos of your baby in,

Snuggle Hunny Me, they have the most beautiful stuff.

Oh my gosh, this is so heavy.

- This is what happens when you have a very excited grandma.

- So unfortunately my mom and dad, they live

on the other side of Australia and at the moment

all the state borders are closed.

They can't fly to meet the baby, which really, really sucks.

And my mom like for the last eight months has been buying

so many clothes and was so, so excited to give it to me,

but because she can't come here for it, she posted out

all the clothes and I think it's like 11 or 12 kilos

full of clothes.

Like look at this box, it is just full to the brim

of baby clothes.


Can you see this?

- This is inane.

- It's full.

Absolutely full of clothes.

This is going to take so long to put away,

but I think one of the most special things that she did

was she also didn't just buy things for me.

She knitted some things.

Like a full on grandma.

Except my mom wants to be called mima,

so like a full on mima.

So first she knitted like this blanket,

which is like a smaller one that can go in the pram

or go in the bassinet or wrap her up in.

And then she also knitted a matching massive blanket.

Like look at this.

- That's so cool.

- I don't know how long it took her.

Not only that, I didn't even know mom could knit

this kind of thing.


She kitted me like little matching shoes,

like little booties.

She knitted little hand mittens.

Where are they?

Yeah, she knitted little hand mittens.

- So cute.

- And a little hat.

And what's even cooler is that she went on eBay

and found that you could make your own kind of like

tags, like clothes and this is handmade by mima.

And that's on all of them.

There's so many things, like even more,

there's like more little booties, like all of this

she hand knittd, which is so special.

I feel like this is one of the first things

that I want to put on her.

And all these little knitted things.

- And I love them because it looks so handmade

and so from grandma.

- And it's so my mom.

So mima. (laughs)

So about two months ago we actually went shopping.

I bought some essential things for the baby

and a bunch of you wanted to see what I got

and one of the things, actually our friend

gifted this to us.

This is one of those baby wraps where you can wrap a baby

onto you and it's just a giant piece of material,

we have no idea how to use it and I really want Stephen

to try and put it on right now.

- What? What are you doing, Jess?

- I just want you to video

so let me see if I can work it out.

Also, this is going to be our baby.

Okay, so first thing you need to find like

a little thing that says moby.

- Yeah, I see it.

Glad we're practicing this with a bunny first.

- Yes. I thought we definitely need to have a bunny trial.

You're kind of like, guess my guinea pig because

I couldn't really do it because my belly was in the way.

- Looking good?

- Yeah. Okay.

And then remember and then you have to

tuck this down into this.

- Both of them?

- Yes. Oh, it's looking good.

- We should do like a jumping off the plane stress


Quickly. We've just jumped off the plane.

There's 20 people behind you.

I want to go.

I need to immigrate.

What's taking so long?

- Get you up close to the camera

now that we kind of got you ready.

Maybe do like a little spin so they can see

how to put it on.

And now we've got the bunny.

Which is the baby.

- Which is the baby.

- That's crying.


You dropped the baby!

And then I think you don't smother the face though,

maybe have it on the side or something.

But then there's the little gappy thingies.

Just gonna have to practices like

50 million times.

- You got it like, super quick.

- And it was the one that was going under,

so we put a little foot in here.


Then her other foot goes in this side.

- Oh really?

- Yeah. - Oh okay.

- It's like over her little booty.

- She has pretty big ears.

She got it from you.

- Oh, thanks.

Do you feel like a dad now?

- Yeah, now I can go do my housework.

(vacuum whirring)

- Is she breathing?

Let me see.

Oh, you look so cute.

- If we're talking about essentials,

this is the most essential.

- We've never seen newborn diapers before

and we've been excited to see what these look like.

160 nappies.

How long do you reckon that's going to last us?

- What, 160 days?

So pretty good.

Oh my gosh.

This is one of many boxes we're going to be opening up

in her lifetime.

- Oh wow, that's a lot of nappies.

Oh my gosh, Stevie, they're so little.

Wait, so these are size one, whatever that means.

Maybe this will hold us.

Luckily we had a friend come with us who has two babies,

so she helped us choose out things.

- Oh my goodness. - Oh my God they're so little!

Oh look, it says back and front.

I think.

Back? Is that a hole?

Oh, so we've got the Huggies one 'cause they have

a little line on them that's yellow

and I think the line changes color when it's wet.

- To what?

- I don't know what color,

but I know it's weird how it starts with yellow, right?

- Shouldn't it start off with like white?

- How little are these?

Oh my God, they're so cute Steve.

- That is really cute.

- They're cute until they stink and are full of things

that we don't want to see.


I definitely don't know what I'm talking about yet,

but I know I want to breastfeed.

Haven't had any classes or any real knowledge,

but I have bought a few things.

One including a breast pump, which I'm excited to try out.

Let's have a look at it.

It looks kind of complicated.

Where's the actual pumpy thing?

I know you guys are gonna want to see what this looks like.

Oh I see.

So you connect it to a bottle.

This is kind of fun.

Is that weird?

- Yeah, especially because of the use of a...

- Feed the baby.

- That's to extract the juices for the baby.

- There you go.

See the little breast pump?

- Demonstration?


- And then I also went and got breast bags,

breast milk storage bags to store all the breast milk.

And the reason that I did want to pump sometimes is that

in the middle of the night if I really need to sleep,

Steve can feed.

And also it's kind of nice because

then you can experience what it's like to feed as well.

- Yeah. - Not just me.

So be nice to store up a bit of breast milk

and I went and got some bottles of it like,

these are the bottles for when she's a newborn.

And this is bottles for when she's three months old.

And I went and got like something to clean the bottles

and liquid cleanser, which is meant to be like safe to use

for babies to clean baby stuff.

And I even got a microwave steam sterilizer

to put the bottles in to sterilize them.

I really don't want her to get sick.

And the last thing that I guess goes into

the whole breastfeeding section is I also picked up

some of the cutest dummies ever.

Like look at these.

I think the brand's called Bibs

and this was a pack of three.

And look how cute the colors are.

I heard that like babies, they can be fussy

on what like dummies they take.

So I'm hoping she takes these, 'cause they're so cute.

And these are the only ones I've bought so far.

But that's everything I've got

where it comes to like feeding.

So next step is the things that

I'm calling this the cleanliness section.

So we did get her the cutest bathtub ever.

So you're meant to use it from,

I think you can actually like, transitions as she ages.

So it's in the shape of a whale.

That's probably what sold us.


And there's three stages, so there's a way you use it

when she's zero to three months

and then three to six months and then six plus.

I think that that's how you use it

maybe when it's a newborn, I'm not too sure.

You probably gonna see this the first time

we ever bathe her and then we'll

I'm sure we'll work it out from there.

Also went and got some body wash for her.

I went with the brand Thank You 'cause it's like

a natural ingredient brand.

So this is the baby wash I got.

And then I went and got her some nappy balm

from the same brand.

And if we ever wanted to have like a baby spa pamper day,

I went and got like a little baby massage oil.

How cute is that?

- This baby's spoiled.

- I don't know. - Spa day?

- I just thought it'd be really cute idea.

And then we went and got her a towel

and we got the one where it has--

- This is really cute.

- So cute.

It's the one that has like the little hood

that goes over her head and it's a bear.

- It's a little bear.

- So cute and then I just got little matching washes

to wash her with.

And then we got some baby laundry detergent,

which is meant to be baby safe to wash baby's clothes

and pooey things, right?

And then this was really cheap.

It was like a pack of 12, Oh by the way,

I got all of this from Baby Bunting here in Australia,

which I'm sure they have like in like America and Europe

you have your own little, you know, big cheap baby store.

But ours is called Baby Bunting.

I picked up a cheap packet of 12 kind of like

little towels that you can use as like birth cloths

or wiping up things that are

super cheap and you can just chuck them in the wash

whenever they get dirty.

I also went to got mattress protectors for the bassinet

and for the cot so we can put this underneath to try

and save the mattress for any spillage.

So we've got those. - Spillage?

And then, I don't know if something comes out of her nappy

in the middle of the night.

You don't want it to go into the mattress.

- What? - So mattress protectors.

Yes, I told you you're on nappy duty.

- Oh no.

- And then I just went and got a lot of baby wipes.

So I got one that's like in a little packet

that I can take around with me when we go out of the house

and then I have this box that I can reuse.

So I'm going to keep storing the,

just like you can like re put baby wipes in the box

and then I went and got a pack of 480 baby wipes.

Again, not sure how long this has meant to last,

but I'm hoping it lasts a while.

So that is everything we've got under like cleanliness

and then our next little section is medical stuff.

So I went and got a thermometer.

But this one you can actually put up towards their forehead

and it's meant to take the temperature.

So then if they're sleeping and you want to take

the temperature, you're not going to wake them up

in the middle of the night, so I got that.

I got some baby safe nail clippers 'cause

I heard their nails grow really fast as really easy for them

to scratch themselves.

So hopefully these work well.

I went and got, this is something

that my friend recommended.

This is the lanolin thing that you put on your nipples

when they're sore when breastfeeding.

- Oh great.

- I know, but she said it's really, really good stuff

'cause your nipples and get all like cracked

and stuff like that.

So that is the cream that I've been recommended.

I also was recommended pseudo cream for the baby's bum

to stop nappy rash.

So I've got that.

- Show the duck, I wanna see the duck.

- Oh yeah, the duck is cute.

So this is actually a little duck

that you put in the bathtub and it's a thermometer.

So it tells you the temperature of the water,

which actually I'm not sure what it's meant to be for babies

so we have to look that up.

But you can actually check the temperature of the water

before you put the baby in.

I went and got, so babies can't blow their nose,

which you don't think about actually until someone goes,

"So how are you going to get the boogers

"out of the baby's nose?"

And this is basically like a nasal,

they call it a nasal aspirator.

So this is what we're going to be using to de-snot the baby.

And I also got some saline nasal spray,

which I guess you just pop up there to help them

with nasal congestion.

And then the last thing that people have been recommending

is this thing called infant's friend oral liquid.

And it's meant to help with colic and wind.

So it's like a little drop that you can give them

if they're getting like a really upset tummy.

And I still think I need to get some like

baby Panadol and stuff.

I'm not too sure.

But this is all I've got so far for medical.

So hopefully this is all we need for the moment.

So this is something Stephen chose.

- I wanna show this off.

- Yeah, you choose well.

- I remember like when I looked in my parents' bookcase

we would have like a baby book, which is kind of cool

'cause it's kind of like your first thing about you.

And yes this is our little baby book that we kind of

want to fill in stuff.

- I started filling it in.

- You did?

- Yeah. - Oh cool.

So they ask you, I need to start putting pictures in

but it's quite a cute one.

So they ask you first about your parents,

like about the parents.

So I filled in your page and my page,

we just need to put a picture in.

And then this will be about my siblings

but she has no siblings.

And then about the grandparents.

I wrote about your dad and your mom

and then we need a picture.

And then my dad and my mom and I need a picture.

- We're thinking of maybe like putting the picture

after we've taken a photo of the person with the baby.

- That's why I thought that would be quite cute.

And then like aunties and uncles,

I put all those down.

And then I think they ask questions

about like the first nine months.

So I wrote what the first nine months has been like.

So, this pregnancy has been so much easier

than I'd expected.

I barely have any morning sickness

and managed to still travel to 18 countries

all while having you chilling in my belly.

- That's crazy.

- You're a little ninja and kicked so much,

especially when we were on a plane.

So that's what I wrote.

And then the rest of it will be filled out as she goes

because then we take pictures of like the birth

and then I think it like goes through milestones.

So goes through each month.

The brand is called Write To Me.

- Oh cool.

- I think it's really cute

and I love how it comes in the box,

so that's a good one.

And then the last thing I wanted to show you guys

was my hospital bag and my nappy bag

'cause that is something else I got.

And I think then that's everything.

If I've forgotten anything, let me know because

I'm sure there are still things that we need,

but I'm sure we'll learn along the way really.

But yeah, I've got two bags that both by Fawn Design,

still need to take a little tags off and stuff.

But this is going to be my nappy bag and you can actually,

it's quite cool because you can hold it

and it also comes with, I still need to put it together

but it comes with a strap that also you can turn it into

a backpack.

They actually have the--

- Oh, straps.

- Yes, you can actually make it into a backpack,

which I really like.

And then inside there's little compartments

so I need to fill a little up and then I'll show you.

But yeah, this is inside.

- Can my drone fit in there?

When we go traveling?

- Your drone probably could fit in there

around her nappies.

And then I have this bag which is like a way bigger bag

and this is going to be my hospital bag.

And it's quite nice because I feel like

you could use this again as your like

carry-on on a plane and stuff like that.

So I'm soon going to be filling this up with

a bunch of stuff for when we go to the hospital,

which I probably need to fill up kind of soon.

I'm kind of due in three weeks.


(calm music)

- Well well well.

Look who decided to join the party.

Our second half of our rocking chair.

- This bunny has become our child.

I was testing it out

and I was like, well I have to get the pregnancy

breast pillow thingy out.

- It looks good.

- And now I feel like we just need like

a little stool here and put my feet up.

- Yup, a little.

- And I'll be ready.

- Side table.

- Put my coffee.

My cold coffee.

That's not going to spill on the baby.

- But I think we did pretty good.

I mean compared to what it looked like before.

I'm very happy.

- Now she just needs to come.

- Now she just needs to come.

Alright, thanks so much guys.

I hope you enjoyed this little nursery vlog.

If you're new around here, make sure you hit subscribe

and we'll see you guys in the next video. Bye!