Preparing Oatmeal Cereal Bottle for Baby| What Formula We Use

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video this video will be about how my

mommy makes my cereal bottle also like

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so today we will be making the oil

cereal bottle now the bottle that we use

are the como tunnel bottles these

bottles right here we have a smaller

version of these bottles but this is the

8 ounce and we started using the 8 ounce

when she started eating cereal we have

this water and I got this water from

Target is the nursery water then we have

the Earth's best organic oatmeal whole

grain oatmeal cereal so our pediatrician

told us to get oatmeal cereal and not

rice I'm not sure why but we went with

the oatmeal and then the whole grain and

so this is the formula we use it is from

Target and it has iron in it our

pediatrician told us to make sure that

when we get a formula that it has iron

in it and then I did research on this

and they were saying that it's not much

different than the like name-brand on

formulas and she was before she was

taken um in famille inspired but this

one is pretty good too hasn't given her

any um that like not anything out of the

ordinary that she already has she's a

really gassy baby so that's always been

issue since she was born

we're gonna take the bottle I'm making

it I'm making it mama

don't cry and I usually do 6 ounce

bottles so I'm gonna fill it up with

water to 6 I see

hey mama

where's your pacifier formula and I'm

gonna do three scoops of formula because

we have six ounces

and so I usually pretty cereal I usually

do one tablespoon to six ounces or I'll

do one teaspoon and four ounces but

sometimes we like eyeball it but for the

sake of video I'm going to use the t's

the tablespoon

shake it up really really really good

you ready mama you're ready to eat are

you ready to eat you ready you ready

mama let's eat let's eat


and there you have a happy baby so you

see you guys in the next video bye