What is obedience training for dogs?

in this video I'm gonna explain and show you what obedience dog training is

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anything so what is obedience training obedience

training is a communication system that you develop between you and your dog in

order for you to be able to communicate to your dog many years ago humans have

developed a system that we teach our dogs few commands that we teach these to the

dog so the dog can listen to us and obey us in a way we call them commands and

these commands are sit stay come lie down stand and maybe few others

Oh Johnny come teaching a dog this simple commands or simple cues helps you

to have a communication system between under your dog so you can tell your dog

what to do at certain situations and certain conditions and certain locations

so your dog is able to listen to you and does what you're asking it to do you

probably will have a dog which is under control

usually obedience training is divided in few sessions or sections or parts or

division it all starts with puppy basic obedience training and then you get into

basic obedience training and then intermediate level and then advanced

level of obedience training and after that I offer for example off leash

obedience training as well most obedience dog trainings start with

on leash some choose to start off leash as well although I recommend always to

start training your dog on leash basically basic obedience or obedience

in general is you learning a new language and then once you learn this

new language you teach it to your dog so first you learn the language you learn

the basic obedience once you learned it then you start teaching it to your dog

once your dog learns and knows that language as well then the part three or

Step three is that now you're able to communicate your dog and now your dog

knows what to do and knows what to expect from you you know what to expect

from your dog as well now you both are speaking the same language now is the

time that you can actually start implementing new behavior and also help

your dog to change bad behaviors that you have been experiencing so after you have learned

the obedience then you teach your dog what obedience is and then you expect

your dog to be obedient that's when you can start implementing new behaviors and

managing your dog so in general obedience training is very basic language

of you communicating to your dog I hope you enjoyed this if you have any

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training with your dog what did you think about obedience training did you

have difficulty training your dog the basic obedience I'll see you next time

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