Dia De Los Muertos ~ How to Build an Altar or "Ofrenda."

well now how do you know

welcome to gild the garden I'm Shelley

Cuevas and today I invite you to

celebrate Dia de los Muertos with me

traditionally rooted in Mexican culture

dia de los Muertos is celebrated all

throughout Latin America on November 1st

festivities include art food music and

the building of a friend ads which are

altars created with the intention of

honoring a loved one who has passed on

so today I'm gonna build an altar in

honor of my grandparents mater Cellino

and Horsa Fenix Webbys their grave site

is located in Cuba so building a deal in

los Muertos altar is perfect for me

because it's a great way for me to honor

them without physically being in Cuba

although no altar is alike there are a

few items that you'll need to serve a

very specific purpose in the

construction of your Dia de los Muertos

altar these items include a framed photo

of the deceased mati Gold's commonly

referred to as the flower of death the

aromatic fragrance from the flower helps

guide the spirit to the altar calacas

and Calaveras meaning skeletons and

skulls perhaps the most recognizable of

the other laws what of those symbols

though there are many artistic

representations of calacas and Calaveras

they are almost always portrayed as

being happy or in humorous situations

Galactus and Calaveras are designed to

poke fun and mortality and items that

belong to the deceased can be

incorporated into your Calavera

for instance my grandfather was a barber

so I'm placing a comb in the hands of

this skeleton candles a candle

represents the fire element the fire

from the candle welcomes the spirit to

the altar and eases them after their

long journey from the spirit realm

incense another aromatic attraction used

to guide spirits to the altar snacks and

beverages including former favorites of

the deceased

this will help nourish the spirit after

their long journey back to earth sugar

skulls edible treats in the form of the

skull images of religious figurines or

people that were important to the

deceased my grandfather was a barber so

he gets barber supplies my grandmother

was a school teacher so I incorporated

school supplies into her basket in papel

picado or decorative paper wano had

veneto that's all for today I hope I've

inspired you to build a Dia de los

Muertos altar of your own and when you

do don't forget to share photos with me

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and Twitter thank you so much for

watching until next time happy Dia de

los Muertos