Oil Pulling from a Dentist's Perspective

oil pulling it's something anyone can

google and see but basically coconut oil

has been found to have a lot of

antibacterial anti-parasitic properties

when I do it I take about a tablespoon

of coconut oil put it in your mouth and

the thing is with coconut oil the

melting temperatures is so low that

it'll almost turn into water type of

consistency within a matter of a minute

or two and then for about 20 minutes I

might drive to work i just variously

swish with coconut oil i do believe it

does clean stain off of your teeth and

like I said before it does have some

anti bacterial anti-parasitic qualities

to it which doesn't hurt things it won't

cure cavities or it won't you know

change your life radically but I think

and I I've talked to many people who

also feel that they're gone other gums

in their mouth just feel better after

you do it and during the process you

know you may ingest this a little bit

and oil coconut has has some great

systemic properties as well which could

you know be beneficial long-term but

after about 20 minutes you know go to

the bathroom or wherever and spit the

coconut oil out and then rinse your

mouth and brush your teeth and it's it's

not a bad routine to get into I think

there are benefits