TRG 2016: Starting Onions Indoors: Knowing the Zones & Over Seeding Seed Starts

welcome to the rest of garden today is

January 10th and I'm going to be

starting my onions indoors and I want to

just you know take you through the

processes of processes I do things in my

garden for 2016 I have videos on this

already if you want to check them out

and I think it's called indestructible

onion sets and it's really just an easy

way to start your onions and they're

almost indestructible let me talk about

what's most important about I need the

onions come in really three not really

varieties but three types let's say

there are short day onions and they need

10 to 12 hours of daylight in order to

bulb properly and this is good for zone

7 where I'm at or warmer so it's zone 7

Maryland going down towards Florida so

zone 7 8 9 10 and 11 you want to look

for onion seeds or onion sets if you're

buying them that are for short days and

it's important because if you don't have

the right light

they don't bulb as well or get to the

mature size that you want the next type

of onions are intermediate day onions

and they need 12 to 14 hours of light

and again the light means that length of

light is what triggers the onions to to

bulb and these are good for zone 7 but

mostly for zone 6 and 5 if you try and

grow them in zones where it's not

necessarily the best you just don't get

really large bulbs but you still get

onions and you still can use them it's

up to you like the Walla Walla onions

that I'm gonna plant aren't really for

my zone but I really like the taste they

are a little bit smaller but I use them

all the time have any of long day onions

and they need 14 to 16 hours of daylight

and that's good for zone 6 or colder so

that's just above me going up into

Canada and it's four zones five four

three two and one so you have to know

what kind of seed you're buying so that

they match the zone that you grow it and

you got to make sure again it's the

amount of light that comes in your zone

that really triggers the onions to bulb

and get to size I like the Walla Walla

onions they're not perfect for

seven let me step over here I forgot a

card if you're in zone 7 you can grow

these and George a sweet sweet red Texas

super sweet or Texas sweet white if you

can find these seeds you can start them

just like I'm going to show you but they

often come really to box stores Home

Depot and Lowe's in those bunches where

you just buy a bunch for like $2.99 and

it's like you know 50 onions and you

just plant them into the ground I don't

like buying the round bulbs anymore

because I found because onions are

biennials that when I plant those bulbs

very often they never grow an onion they

flower so I like doing it this way

because this these onions will consider

themselves first-year onions and as they

grow through my season they're gonna

really want to bulb up the easiest way

to do onions is not to just plant one

seed at a time in here oversee them they

are really really indestructible and

just to fill up your starting mix or put

your starting mix into yourself pack it

down you want it to be nicely packed for

onions because they are going to grow

very tightly and close together and the

extra soil helps them so here's how you

set it up so there's plenty of

pre-moistened starting mix in here and

then you just take the onions for them

all into your hand put them in there see

there to see you can see how many there

are and I'm not going to just put 1 2 3

seeds in each I'm just gonna take the

whole thing and sprinkle them all into

there it's what your really over seeding

it but they are really indestructible

and you're basically growing your own

bunches you're just growing really tight

together the roots of onions and then

mix them in you know good half an inch

you want to make sure the onion

seeds get down below the soil surface

the onion roots are really wiry they're

strong so you can pull them apart really

easily when they're all kind of enmeshed

and growing this way

so you're mixing these down and then

you're gonna press the cells down and

you're gonna have 6-8 onions growing in

each of these and again you can check

out my videos and you'll see what the

growth looks like on these but if you

haven't seen them maybe those will give

you an idea of something you can start

now in January here in zone 7 so I

really push them in add some more soil

on top you want the seeds covered and

you're good to go they would go into

your grow light station under your

lights I'm recommending this year leave

your lights on sixteen hours eight hours

of darkness I've changed that a couple

of times but to keep it simple 16 hours

of light the lights should be about this

close to them when seeds germinate you

really want them met by bright light so

that they don't become thin or spindly

and weak so the light sitting above it

will warm the soil and it will also give

them the light they need to start off

nice and strongly and then make sure

let's see you label voila

January 10th this will be a whole pack

of seeds growing out of here and come

probably what let's see January February

March 15th because onions can take a

freeze and freeze in a frost I'll

probably go out sometime in March into

my garden

I hope you enjoyed the video it gives

you some idea of how you can start

onions in your growth stations please

check out my blog at