Winter Sowing Onion Seeds - Growing Onions in Zone 6b/7 - Urban Organic Garden

hey everybody welcome back to our winter

sewing marathon I guess today we're

gonna be planting these onions now these

are red and pasta onions or red onions

and they are an intermediate day at

length onion for me here in Kentucky I

grow intermediates be sure if you're

growing onions for the first time see if

you are neat a short-day onion a long

day onion or an intermediate onion

that's the number one key to success is

knowing which I mean that you need to

plan it

I personally struggled a long time

growing onions back when I started a

vegetable garden because I had you know

no clue these are gonna be kind of a

cool season in the summer type plant

onions I believe our biannual anyway but

we won't get into that anyhow I have

onions growing in the yard right now

during the wintertime their

overwintering for spring but like I said

since they are biannual some of those

will go to flower and produce seed but

for the most part most of them will

produce a nice-sized bulb onion

but never fear if you forgot to plant

some before in the fall you can plant

some now and your winter sowing

containers and they will do pretty darn

good at least in my experience they've

done really well I'm just gonna prepare

my winter sowing container and sprinkle

the seeds on top of the soil remember

any time we make it winter some one

container we're gonna make sure that

medium I just use potting soil some

people like to mix their own mix that's

fun to make sure that's good and damp

and moist not like soaking wet but make

sure there's a good amount of moisture

in there and that's gonna really help

the seeds germinate after you tape it up

and set it outside these onion seeds

approve to germinate pretty and readily

when I do this of course I'll have an

update to all this stuff when when it's

time but what's your plants start to

grow you'll be able to plant these out

whenever it's safe in your zone I know a

lot of Ag Extension offices can give you

a list of when it's safe to plant

certain vegetables in your zone and as

long as you are feeding these onions

lots and lots actually surprising how

much these things need to be fed you

should have some pretty decently sized

onions depending upon where you live I

hope that this video was

how helpful I'm not quite sure if it was

if you have any questions feel free to

leave them down in the comments and

maybe I can help or somebody else can

help who knows I hope y'all are having a

real great day and I'll talk to y'all

later bye guys