How I Tracked My Fertility + Got Pregnant INSTANTLY

hi guys and welcome back to my channel

so today I am gonna show you how exactly

I tracked my fertility after coming off

birth control and how I got pregnant

pretty much straight away in my second

cycle of trying so the one thing that

you need to make tracking of fertility

so much easier is obviously ovulation

tests and I will link the product and

the box that I got off of Amazon in the

description below because it was

probably the best purchase with anything

to do with fertility so these came in a

box of quite a lot I can't remember the

exact number but I will link it down

below and it had a bunch of these and a

bunch of test pregnancy strips as well

so this is exactly how I laid it out I

started off with cycle number one after

coming off of birth control on the left

hand side I had the date and then I had

the cycle day right next to it so as you

can see each cycle starts at cycle day

one which is the first day of your

period so for me we weren't actually

trying this cycle this was just letting

my body go back to normal after coming

off of birth control so as you can see I

had a withdrawal bleed for pretty long

it wasn't a exact period it was just a

withdrawal bleed my body going back to

normal after coming off of the hormone

and then I started taking my ovulation

test strips which is what is inside this

packet so I started taking those every

day in the morning as soon as I woke up

and as you can see it got two cycle day

14 15 16 17 still no ovulation and it

was actually on cycle day 22 that I had

my ovulation day so the way that these

ovulation test strips work is that

you'll get two lines no matter if you're

ovulating or not so unlike a pregnancy

test where if you have two lines it's

likely that you are pregnant so with an

ovulation test strip two lines does not

necessarily mean you are ovulating

so the first line is the test line the

second line is the control line so when

your test line is actually darker than

your control line that is when you're at

peak time for ovulation so you're

actually not ovulating exactly right

then you're ovulating 12 to 24 hours

after you get that first pee

test I then just have a random pregnancy

test thrown in the mix right there and

that is what also came in the pregnancy

test pouch which is the little pink

pouch and that was just to make sure

that I wasn't actually already pregnant

so moving on to cycle number two this is

when we actually started trying to

conceive which is what TTC stands for as

you can see there was the date on this

side and cycle day 1 beginning and that

is when I had my period I then began

taking ovulation test strips beginning

around cycle day 8 just because I didn't

know when my body was actually ovulating

so I was sort of seeing what was

happening with my body right here and as

you can see I ovulated on cycle day at

13 this cycle well that's when I got my

peak which means I ov you lated around

12 to 24 hours after I got that peak

which is why here that's sort of like my

fertile zone between cycle day 13 14 and

15 and the reason there is so many

ovulation test strips is because I took

one every morning and one every night so

I could see exactly when I got my peak

so I got it on cycle day 13 in the

morning and then it was still pretty

dark at night but the next morning it

started to fade away which means I did

actually get my peak right on cycle day

13 so you don't have to take as many as

I did but I just wanted to see exactly

what was happening with my body

obviously then once you've got your peak

you only ovulate once every cycle so I

stopped taking them and that's when I

moved on to taking the pregnancy tests

so DP o stands for days past ovulation

and I did start taking pregnancy tests

really early you won't usually get a

line even if you are pregnant because

there's just not enough hormone and your

system to be able to tact it on the

strip you'll usually start seeing a line

around ten DPO but I was pretty eager as

you can see and I wanted to get a nice

sort of gradient so if it did show up in

it would get darker and darker every day

that you took a pregnancy test

however this cycle I didn't get pregnant

I did then end up getting my period so

from this cycle I now know that I of you

late around cycle day 14 and that my


is approximately 27 to 28 days long

moving on

to cycle number three of trying to

conceive so again I've got my period on

November 21st cycle day one and then the

same thing again started taking my

ovulation test strips once in the

morning and once at night and then I got

my peak on cycle day 14 so you do the

deed around here you can do it as soon

as you get that peak or you can do it 12

to 24 days after you can also do it

before but you obviously don't know if

you're ovulating because sperm does live

in your system for up to five days so if

you do it beforehand and then you

ovulate you could also get pregnant from

that I got my peak I ovulate 'add we did

the deed and I stopped taking the

ovulation test strips and moved on to

taking the pregnancy tests so again I

started at four DPO because I am eager

and just wanted to see that positive

line straightaway so that's when I

started taking them everyday in the


straightaway in the morning you're gonna

get the best line if you take it in the

morning when your urine is pretty dense

and got the most hormone and as you can

see tend EPO there is a very very faint

line and that is the day I knew I was

pregnant on December 15th 2018 so after

I got my positive on one of these cheap

strips I then moved on to a more

expensive test so this was the first

pregnancy test that I took and there is

a very very faint line going down I did

take these about four months ago now

it's April and obviously I got pregnant

in December so these are pretty old but

as you can see I wrote on it 10 gpo so I

knew exactly when it was it came up with

a line I then took a clear blue digital

however it said not pregnant because

those tend to did not be able to detect

until about 12 to 13 or a year and

fourteen DPO and I was doing it at ten

dpo so instead I took a first response

which can detect that early and it came

up with a positive yes and that is how I

knew I was pregnant for sure I then

stopped taking a test but as you can see

the lines did get darker and they would

have continued to get darker

if I had taken them daily but this was

on 14 DPO just two days after this test

and as you can see it is pretty clear

that line is a lot darker and the

digital did come up same pregnant so

that is how I got pregnant so the reason

I made this video is because when I was

trying to get pregnant these odd types

of videos that I literally watched all

day every day just seeing how other

people were tracking their fertility and

I thought if any of you are trying maybe

you'd be interested in how I tracked

mine so if you are watching this video

and you are trying good luck to you and

I hope you enjoyed this video and I'll

see you in my next one