Birth Control Advice : How to Start the Birth Control Pill

hi I'm Christina Kamali I'm a nurse

midwife with Planned Parenthood and I'd

like to talk to you about how to start

your birth control pills if you've been

prescribed birth control pills follow

the instructions your healthcare

provider gave you if you don't have

instructions from your health care

provider the right time to start your

birth control pills is anytime you know

you're not pregnant for many women this

will mean at the beginning of a

menstrual period but some women need to

start their birth control pills between

two menstrual periods and that's fine as

long as you know you're not pregnant if

you haven't had unprotected sex since

your last period it's a great time to

start if you have you should do a

pregnancy test before starting your

pills and only start your pills if your

pregnancy test is negative this method

of starting birth control pills is known

as a QuickStart it's been well studied

and it's medically safe there's no

medical reason to wait until your next

period when you start the birth control

pills this way in the middle of your

cycle it will take seven days for them

to become effective so please use a

backup method of birth control for the

first seven days when you're ready to

start your birth control pills pick the

time of day that you can easily remember

a pill every day this may be the morning

this may be the evening there's no

perfect time of day to take your birth

control pills just the time of day that

will be easiest for you to remember when

you go to take your first birth control

pill identify which pills are the

hormone pills and which pills are the

placebo or non hormone pills the first

pill in the pack is usually the one on

the top left if you're using a square

pack of birth control or the top of the

circle for a circular pack of birth

control pop the pill out of the blister

pack and swallow it

and take another fill this next day the

exact same way you go on like this

taking one pill a day every day no

matter what happens take a pill whether

you're bleeding or not in the order they

come in the pack never skip around in

the pack after you've finished all the

active fills in the pack you can take

the inactive placebo pills we expect you

to get a period sometime during this

week it may not start right away and it

may not last the whole week and that's

fine after you finish your placebo pills

it's time to start your next pack of

pills the very next day it's important

to start your next pack of pills on time

because starting a pack late is a

primary way that people become pregnant

while using the birth control pills if

you have any questions about using your

birth control pills talk to your

healthcare provider and remember that

birth control pills don't protect

against sexually transmitted infections