5 Tips How to Grow a Ton of Oregano in Containers

however you pronounce it or Oregon or or

agonal or Oregon I'm eight it's all the

same plant to me

g'day I'm mark from social vision me and

in this video I'm going to give you guys

my five top tips on how to grow a ton of

Oregon au in a good-sized container such

as this so let's just get into it have a

look at this plant cascading over this

pot it really does look beautiful but to

keep it in top shape like this there's a

certain routine that I do go through

every few years or so to keep this plant

healthy and I'll show you what I'm

talking about in the last tip tip number

five it doesn't take much to do but it

really does make a big difference to the

health of the plant and a healthy herb

plant means plenty of healthy food for

us speaking of health Oregon o is known

for its high levels of antioxidants

that's those cancer-fighting qualities

and is currently still being studied by

medical experts on ways to extract and

use these ingredients contained in

Oregon o to make medicines for an array

of ailments but more often than not I

think the best way to get the benefits

of these types of foods is to grow them

yourself tip number one where to grow

Oregon o is a member of the mint family

and I've done a how to grow a ton of

mint video if you want to catch that


the word oregano is derived from the

Greek Aros meaning mountain and Ganis

meaning joy mountain because you do see

it growing naturally on the rocky

outcrops of mountains and cliffs in the

Mediterranean and I guess the joy part

is how wonderful it is at flavoring


so since oregano does grow in harsh

conditions naturally that's good news

that means it does grow quite easy

home in containers such as this or in

rocky garden beds where other plants

might find it more difficult to grow

Oregon Oh does do best in full Sun and

you want the soil to be free draining if

anything oregano will tolerate horrible

dry and dusty soils but it will not do

well in wet boggy ground or mediums to

first start growing Oregon oh I would

sell it or plant seedlings in the

springtime a nice sunny garden bed or in

a container like this just make sure the

container has a good premium potting mix

tip number two grow it for the long term

Here I am down here you don't have to

buy plants constantly all the time from

the nursery or so more seed year after

year especially for something like

oregano to keep it fresh and plump

that's a bit of a myth oregano is fine

to keep growing for years and years you

don't need to grow it as an annual at

all to keep it growing well yes you will

find that oregano will go through

certain seasonal stages where it won't

grow as well as it should

oregano slows down growth in winter

looking shabby and straggly and in hot

climates such as here in the subtropics

it hates the middle of summer too so we

do get good growth for about six months

of the year and for the other six months

we still use it but it isn't this

plentiful and lush regardless don't get

downhearted if your Oregon Oh dies back

a little or doesn't grow as strong as

you think it should because it will

bounce back and like I said think about

growing it for the long term tip number

three use it or prune it a great way to

keep your Oregon o leaves fresh and

plump is to harvest them often

it's just what would happen in the wild

anyway you know animals would come along

and that graze on these plants and that

would make them grow back even more and

more bushier that's what their adapt to


you know with most herbs and food plants

the new growth and shoots are often the

best you'd be surprised at how much you

can prune or igano without doing any

permanent damage so don't be afraid to

give it a good haircut and it'll grow

back nice and lush just like my hair

used to in my 20s tip number four water

regularly in hot weather

one thing I have noticed about growing

oregano here in a hot climate

subtropical climate is that it does

suffer tremendously in the middle of

summer or when it's a really hot day and

because it does prefer lighter free

draining soils rather than heavier soils

that might hold water better it does put

it at a bit of a disadvantage in a warm

climate such as this therefore during

summer do keep an eye on your Oregon a

plant and if you see it's suffering a

little like the leaves are wilting then

give it a good drink and that should

stop any issues with die-off or

permanent die back due to overheating in

the hot weather tip number five pocket

when growing oregano in a container such

as this

over time the soil can become compacted

and depleted of nutrients when this

happens the plant finds it difficult to

get the water and the nutrients or food

that it needs to grow well so what I do

to fix this problem is during winter

when the plant slows down growth or may

hardly be growing at all I firstly give

the plants a good cutback like I mean a

real cutback almost back to soil level

then I fork through the top of the plant

and soil all over the place and what

this does is not only loosen the soil

but it airs it out and also allows water

compost and nutrients to penetrate the

surface thereby improving the container

medium overall I then add compost either

our own homemade stuff or a good-quality


and give it a thorough watering to

ensure it gets in you might find it

necessary to apply more than just one

layer of compost because it will get

absorbed into the pot after that you'll

find that your organic plant will slowly

recover in this case it grew from the

outside in and it will eventually take

over the pot again and grow back very

happy indeed if you feel like the plant

needs a boost then you can apply a

little fertilizer but be careful not to

over fertilize as it can do more harm

than good

oregano is well adapted to getting the

most out of the soil as it is so too

much love is not good and that's it

those were my 5 top tips on how to grow

a ton of oregon oh and I think it's

appropriate for such a Sun loving plant

that the Sun has come out finally for

the end of this video remember the five

top tips where to grow grow it for the

long term use it or prune it water

regularly in hot weather and fork it do

all those things right and you'll grow a

ton of Oregon oh just like I can don't

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