Great Herbs! How to Seed Start Oregano Indoors: Over Seeding Method! - MFG 2014

welcome to my first vegetable garden

today I'm going to show you how to plant

oregano and I'm also going to do

separate videos for chives parsley and

some other herbs that you start early a

lot of times you hear start vegetables

indoors six to eight weeks before you

would put them outside that's true for

the most part but what you're trying to

do is have the plant grow to a good size

so that when you put it into the ground

that season or you know that spring that

summer it will get to a maturity and

you'll be able to use it and oregano is

a very fine seed let me show you what it

looks like here's a pack that I have

opened one out it's very very fine and

you don't just plant one oregano seed

and wait for that plant to grow the way

that I plant a lot of my herbs oregano

thyme is to overseed it and I'll show

you how to do that when we get most of

these back in here some plants you just

use one seed other plants you may put in

lots of seeds the method I'm going to

show you is a over seeding method and it

really works

now oregano takes one to two weeks to

germinate that's not a long time but it

grows excellent extremely slow so you

want to time this about ten to twelve

weeks started indoors before they would

go out into your garden so this is

something in Maryland zone seven you can

actually start in January I'm starting a

little bit early just to show you guys

how to to do the video this is some

fresh oregano that I see they bought and

again you can see how fine it is I'm

going to mix it with this pack from last

year seeds can last a couple of years if

stored the right way so here's my

oregano I'm going to do two cells and

this has been pre-moistened like I

showed you in another video and

pre-packed like I showed you another

video and is it this is your first time


my videos you want to pre-pack the soil

this when you press down you see how

much I pushed it that's because I just

filled this once and it's too fluffy you

want to fill yourself

press it down put some more out starting

mix in and then that makes a nice solid

base for plan but you can check out my

other videos to see how I set this up

now like I said I'm going to over seed

the oregano and the reason you do that

is oregano is extremely Hardy so if 50

seeds grow I can break this in half I

will have two oregano plugs and if you

trust me and try this you could end up

with plenty of oregano so you're putting

in about a pinch and you're not gonna be

able to see it but I'm probably rolling

twenty or thirty seeds into each cell

and they're just going right on top and

I'm going to do two cells worth it's six

and six starting seeds indoors really

great way to save money if you go and

buy just an oregano plant it's going to

cost you three dollars this whole setup

to make to grow these twelve plants um

cost me less than three dollars and each

of these plugs I'll divide in half this

will really be twenty four oregano

plants let me get this seed back into

the packet so once you have the oregano

on top you don't want it to go too

deeply down just mix the tops up just

like this some of the seeds I'll fall

exactly where they need to fall that's

another reason you over seed every

single seed is not going to germinate

just mix it in

and this is how you start your oregano

indoor these would have to go in to grow

lights I'll have some videos to show you

how to fill some grow light stations it

can go by a full Sun window and once you

mix it in

just pull the soil in and press

everything in and again there's twenty

to thirty tiny irregular seach and each

one of these cells you can start these

plants early you want to drop in a

marker what it is put on the date

today's the fifth so if I have another

one let me just make another one real

quick and that's my oregano now the

water this don't water the top putting

water straight on top will splash the

seeds out what you do is you fill the

bottom of this tray about I don't know a

third of the way accorded away just set

these back in let them absorb water till

they look nice and moist on the top dump

out the excess and I just want to show

you this starting kit I got it Big Lots

it actually came with starting soil and

I mix that into the potting mix that I

make but for six bucks it gives you

enough to start six different trays of

herbs or vegetables and it's a pretty

good deal and it also comes with

starting mix if you want that so I hope

you enjoyed the video I'm going to go

through the different herbs and do some

more videos please check out my blog at