How To Kill A Lawn and Start Over - Lawn Renovation Step 1

the time has come to begin my lawn

renovations so today we're gonna be

talking about step one in that process

I'll take you through everything that

we're going to be doing let's just stay

tuned for that


so I mentioned in my last video that I'm

gonna be killing off a portion of my

yard to completely recede that and that

step is going to start today now I'm a

little bit later than I would like to be

if you can if you're thinking about this

in the future and you're gonna just kind

of watch this whole process this year

right around maybe mid-july for cool

season grass it kind of depends on your

climate but but you want to be planting

somewhere around ten weeks before your

first frost date or average prostate so

just kind of gauge that with your area

and what you want to do but I'm I wanted

to start maybe up two weeks ago or so

just kind of time got away from me and

so I really can't do anything about that

but we're gonna get started today so

here's what I'm gonna be using for the

product to kill everything this is just

a grass and weed killer has glyphosate

as the main ingredient and this one is

the 41% stuff so I know that there's

going to be some people who don't want

to go the method of killing with Roundup

or this chemical and there are some

other ways that you can possibly do it

I've heard of different things you can

do a little research on your own on that

if you'd like to go with some kind of

different route of killing things but

for me I'm running out of time as well

so I kind of have to do what I have to

do here it's a small section that I'm

spraying so take that as you will it's

up to you what you want to use but I'm

gonna be using this product I've got

this cheap old hand can then I just used

to spray roundup

I don't really spray it that often in

general but if you do spray it you want

to make sure you have a can dedicated to

that in my experience at least I

actually ended up killing off a decent

amount of my backyard in a few different

sections a couple years ago and I did a

video about that but I kind of came to

the conclusion that the roundup was

embedded in the plastic even though I

dreads it so multiple times things like

that sometimes there can be some

residual silt in there so just in my

opinion I wouldn't chance it at all just

use one of these $10 $15 hand cans for

that and just don't ever use that for

anything else that's just my advice you

can do what you want but learn from me

and my mistakes I would just get a

dedicated can


whoever came up with this little tab

system here to try to pull off these

instructions it just does not work well

so just letting you know right so we're

going through the lawn renovation

section of these instructions and it

kind of gives you some things here now

one thing that's going on with mine is

my grass is slightly dormant right now

so what I'm gonna do is I'm going to

spray it right now and kind of see what

kind of results we have here and then

I'm gonna begin watering it anyway with

a method that I'm going to show you in

the upcoming videos but if the grass is

dormant then usually it says it's not

supposed to work but in my past

experience I tried a few things last

year and spraying some dormant grass it

still seemed to kill it so I'm just

gonna test this out but I am going to

start watering it a little bit anyway

and then we'll see if it needs another

application so for the lawn renovation

part of these instructions it says you

need two and a half ounces per gallon of

water that should cover 300 square feet

now I have about a thousand square feet

to spray here so we're gonna have to do

a few applications or a few fills of the

tank I should say so that's the rate for

this specific product but check your

instructions for what you need

last thing I want to be using as part of

this is the market blue stuff or any

kind of blue or some kind of dye that

you want to use I like this just because

you know where you've already sprayed

also this works along the edges very

well to make sure that you're not going

into another area that you don't want to

spray so some kind of dye is helpful

okay this thing is half full of water we

need two and a half ounces I got this

little container here that I use just

for roundup as well just to measure




I actually think the neighbors might

think that I'm dyeing my lawn green

because it does look pretty green from

that blue dye mixing with the grass but

here in a few days they'll know for sure

what's going on

so again just read your instructions

that's very important and here in a few

days I will let you know some progress

of what it's looking like stay tuned for

that thanks so much for watching we'll

see you next time