When should I take an ovulation test?

when a couple is trying to conceive it

can be difficult to know exactly when

you're ovulating in an order for

pregnancy to occur you need to time

intercourse with ovulation

maybe you've been trying for a few

months and you haven't gotten pregnant

yet and you've been just tracking your

cycles using the calendar rhythm method

maybe monitoring changes in cervical

mucus or a basal body temperature if

it's been awhile and you haven't had

success then maybe you could try using

ovulation prediction kits and what these

do is look for a surge in LH or

luteinizing hormone which is associated

with ovulation and typically if you get

a positive result you're going to

ovulate within 12 to 36 hours this is

especially helpful for women who maybe

have been ovulating a little bit sooner

or later than the norm and that's why

they haven't gotten pregnant yet so the

manufacturer of most tests recommends

starting to test on day 9 and then once

you start seeing positives it's time to

start trying once you stop seeing

positive results then your chance for

conception is over for that cycle and

all you can do is wait to see if your

next period starts if it doesn't start

as usual then it's time to take a

pregnancy test but if you're not

pregnant and you can try again the next

cycle now maybe your cycles are 25 26 or

27 days long that's regular but a little

bit shorter than the norm maybe that

means you're ovulating earlier than

usual and so you should start testing on

like day 7 now as for the time of day to

take it read the manufacturer's insert

and find out what they recommend because

some are standardized to different times

of the day and you'll want to take it

when they tell you to take it so that

it's most accurate good luck with

everything and if you have any more

questions for me in the future

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