Baby Friendly: When To Use Pacifiers (Courtney Barnes, MD)

And it's not so much that pacifiers are bad,

because actually, pacifiers decrease the risk

for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome,

so we want moms to use pacifiers with their babies.

But initially we want moms that are planning

to breastfeed, to nurse as much as possible,

because it's that frequent nursing

that brings in a really good milk supply.

And so, babies are sort of built to cluster feed.

They eat frequently, and a couple times in a row,

for a little while, and then they'll take a little break

and that's normal, but moms, they're tired,

they're emotional, and women just always feel like

if something's going wrong,

it must be their fault.

That's just, I think, how mothers are.

And so it's really about saying no,

your body is doing what it's supposed to,

your baby is doing what your baby is supposed to,

and this frequent nursing is to bring in

a really great milk supply.

And so the pacifiers can sometimes

get in the way of that.

So we, really, for our term babies that are healthy,

we try to avoid pacifiers until breastfeeding

is going well and then we do encourage their use.

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