Getting Final Approval on our Dream House + Packing/Moving Tips

all right the house is starting to look

more bear we're moving out we're moving

out Sadie Sadie we're moving out

hey guys what's going on it's Javier

here it is uh what is it remember first

Halloween was yesterday was fun we

dressed Nolan up as a Ghostbuster right

Nolan yeah and Sadie was the Stay Puft

Marshmallow and here's a picture of it

it was awesome we're also it's gonna be

the picture of the day at the end of the

video but anyways I wanted to give you

guys an update on the house for

everybody isn't following a journey

first of all thank you all for the

positive support I know a lot of people

you guys are enjoying following our

steps to our dream home and it's all

going to conclude with a walkthrough of

the dream home so I know some of you

guys are asking for it but you're gonna

have to be patient I wanted to make a

video about the appraisal coming in and

having to negotiate the appraisal with

the owners and you know so that way you

guys can see how I did that but

appraisal came in good it came in and

exactly what we offered no issues so

unfortunately I can't make a whole video

about the appraisal process in my

situation it came in right at the value

we were a little concern about it but at

the end of the day you know the worked

itself out so instead I'm gonna kind of

fill you in on other things that have

been happening so we submitted all our

documentation for a loan and we got

what's called a conditional loan

approval conditional loan approval means

that the loan has been approved but

they're just some conditions that need

to be met because our conditional loan

approval came in and our proposal came

in good we are now came in well not good

well came in well we're not packing

taking down a lot of our family stuff

we're probably gonna take that down too

right no the family portrait

only it's safe up there for now

yes Mullen because we're moving to a new

house yeah that's helped do it no has a

pool yes it does and it has poo too so a

little kind of ranch but kind of good

thing happened to us so we realized he

get so silly when he sees the camera

don't just be normal just say hi how you

doing Oh check this out so everything's

been going super smooth and the lender

said hey if he hasn't closed soon or you

can and we said that but then we usually

have we realized we have a bros giving

event that we do every year that's gonna

be the weekend before Thanksgiving and

the way things were we were packing

everything up and it was just getting

stressful and we couldn't really imagine

doing your Bros queuing here in an empty

house and on top of that so we said why

don't we push it so we talked to the

sellers and the sellers you're totally

fine with it

so we're now moving in a week before we

were supposed to and that sounds like

great news but it stretched mercy out

cuz I just basically moved all four pens

up by a week right so I just sent this

message to Lizzie so the worst thing you

can do when you're buying a house is go

buy a car or open a new credit card or

something so we just got some great news

and instead of just calling her and

thanking her as a normal person I'm

doing a little prank on her I just

messaged her hey I just went out and

bought it took Tacoma to celebrate the

house thanks so much for everything I

get my dream car and my dream house so

the reason why I sent that is because we

just got our final approval for the

house so literally the week before we're

supposed to move out we get finally

notice that were approved and I know it

sounds like it sucks but it's just the

way it is they prequalify you but they

don't pre-approve you but they don't

finalize your approval until like a week

or two before you close so

and Omer compared I feel like I am using

them as which will be good because I

could probably relax a little bit the

last few days she's built like this

super awesome system that's making

everything super smooth so when the

movers come in which the first time I

hire movers why always very excited

they're going to be super like organized

so Mercedes can you give us a quick

run-through of your processing systems

what is the first thing you did as soon

as you need to ring them about so the

first thing I did was that was this and

I have this actually from a company that

does planners and I really love their

stuff I have one of their planners here

and they offer these pages that you can

start writing your project down so I

started kind of writing a very loose

list of what very broad before moving

out Lizzy and it a like moving endless

before moving in yeah and then I

realized that within this doing enough

to clear my head because within this I

know like pack pack is like everything

so then I thought okay I found

principles that I can start training and

I built a to-do built to do pages

categories that I could put it so like

declutter and I put go through and put

everything that needs to be decluttered

tactical and as I've got as I've come

back to check on it I can just kind of

cross off things that have been done and

then felt like packed so then this is

like literally every corner of my house

now it's written down in as soon as I

finished the reason why it doesn't look

that done

is because we're still a week out six

days out so I can't pack every single

thing and so I'm not gonna check it off

until every single thing is is put away

that belongs in that category so then we

came up with the timeline I came up with

a timeline it's just a monthly spread

that I filled in that was usually last

two months so there's or they they go

through the scale two months and so then

that's for November when we're moving

this week but that means that got

cancelled obviously got moved up we lost

all that so I lost all that copy and

then on the side here we just have a

little notes about you know utilities

things like that that I know that needs

to be scheduled this is crazy she has a

she basically labeled the boxes before

we even pack them well I just I didn't

label the boxes themselves I just made I

Hadley little quadrant printables and I

estimated about 30 or so I can print

more if we have more so so if we know

remember where something is you'll just

go here and you'll see so once we get

today logs for had the headphones for

kids so the movers were really care

about this part that's for us with the

they're gonna know later so yeah so even

though so the boxes go up by numbers and

then the location where the boxes are

designated to can change but the box

number will not change so like that's

four five six seven eight even though

the location has now changed and it's

just ascending and it doesn't matter

what location it's going to so on the

box says you have the top so the number

box and the location that it's going to

and people like me who are not organized

at all what advice would you give them

to help them because obviously your

brain is different than a lot of things

Mary Sibley

no I'm just kidding um that's okay so

what advice would I give trying to

system find a system that you're gonna

stick to it doesn't have to be like

complex it doesn't have to be it doesn't

have to be color-coded it doesn't have

to be anything insane it just has to be

something that you know that you're

actually going to to follow that

something like we're putting something

together like this if you want pudding

on okay yeah I like just getting it down

just just get down everything Google is

your friend there's a lot of like

timelines I think that's another big one

it's like sets sticking to a timeline if

you get ahead of yourself then that's

great I also wanted to say I have one

more tip and trick is that get yourself

a cool little hold on don't zoom in

don't zoom in I've had two babies get

yourself a little apron like you look

like your take like your little waitress

but this thing is like lifesaver

because this one in particular it was

only six bucks or something you know

super cheap and below link send me the

link for that where you bought it

because it did it is helpful she had

what do you have in there so okay so for

girls a lot of time to like what do you

wear when you're packing up stuff like

you wear leggings and leggings I have

one pair of leggings I have pockets and

those are like revolutionary but anyway

you know most of the times you don't

have pockets or like whatever so anyway

um your I have like my phone here I have

over genuine we're doing like what's in

my bag but we're doing like it what's in

my brain and what's in my moving apron

well they put onto the comb you see

what's in your bag I keep a pen

a pen and keep a sharpie Charlie boy in

the box yeah yeah was making that

sharpie today very good that's the best

sharpie we found that I saw it so then

in the middle compartment I have my

little tiny ceramic box cutter also from

Amazon these things are awesome many

kids have run away with them and I only

worry about them cutting their fingers

I have rubber bands because like this

these are good for cords red tape and oh

I forgot I have like a little

screwdriver in here for taking apart

stuff also it's like I'm anyone so it's

not stabbing me anything

oh well Lizzie just responded it did you

buy cash I'm gonna put no question mark

so I had three chairs

Oh Lizzie calling me hey Lizzie dude are

you kidding me like it's why would I kid

about it it's been my dream car I'm just

kidding Lizzie I just wanted to take an

opportunity to thank you because we got

our loan approval today I forgot to tell

you something super important oh you

maxed out all of your credit cards you

owe how much to the government you've

decided to move out of the country you

never filed your tax returns you bought

a new car if it wasn't for these super

creative ways to keep me on my toes I

don't know how else I get the necessary

adrenaline rush and cortisol to keep

this awesome mortgage bod oh good job

plug in your video in my video so if you

haven't checked the video check it out

but yes I just wanted to give a little

give you a little prank and once again

just thank you me my wife are here with

you and we got the approval today so

we're excited

all righty will you take care now bye

bye she calls everybody honey and babe I

know babe

these are things help guys thank you so