10 Things to Do Before Your Trip | Packing & Travel Checklist

Hey there, it's Ernest from Trip Astute. In this video, we'll be covering the top

10 things to do before your next trip.

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Leaving for trip can be stressful, even if the purpose is to relax. Today, we're

covering my top 10 things to do before you leave on your next trip. Keep in mind

this this isn't an exhaustive list, but it's the 10 things that I do before I leave.

Number 10: contact your credit card issuers. This can usually be done online

or by calling the number on the back of your card.

Don't forget about your debit card as well. The last thing you want is for your

accounts to be frozen when traveling. Number 9: get cash. This might seem

obvious, but I suggest getting small denominations so that you can tip easily

and avoid breaking any bills. Also, don't worry about getting any foreign currency

I suggest waiting till you get to your destination and using the ATM to get your

cash. Number 8: get spare passport photos. If you're getting a visa on arrival or

at a border crossing, you may be asked to provide a passport photo. Carrying a few

extra passport photos can save you a lot of time, money, and effort. Number 7:

make a photocopy of your passport. While some people prefer to carry their passport

with them at all times when traveling, I much prefer to leave it in the hotel

safe and carry a copy with me instead. To me, it's much safer and I don't have to

worry about theft or damage from the elements. Number 6:

set up a hold of your mail. If you're in the US, you can arrange to have the

post office hold your mail. It's a great way to reduce any risk of mail theft, as

well as make it less obvious that you're gone. Number 5: set up light timers. I have

my lights connected to the network using a system called WeMo. All I have to do is

set up a vacation profile when I'm gone and my lights turn on.

But you don't have to have Wi-Fi enabled light switches. A cheap and simple light

timer will do the trick. Number four: set the thermostat. There isn't a hard rule

on what temperature you should set your house when you're away. It really depends

on what you have at home. Things like wine or certain electronics can be

sensitive to extreme temperatures, so I suggest doing a quick survey of your

home. For me, I usually set the temperature not to exceed 85 degrees

Fahrenheit in the summer, and not to drop below 50 Fahrenheit in the winter.

Number three: turn off alarm clocks and unplug small appliances. Have you ever

had to listen to your neighbors alarm clock go off for hours?

How about days? You definitely don't want to be that person! Make sure your alarms

are off before you leave your house. Also, take the time to unplug any small

appliances. You don't want to be on the plane wondering whether the coffee

machine is still on. Number two: prop open doors if your pets are staying home

while you travel. Make sure to take the time to prop the doors so they can't

lock themselves into rooms. I usually leave pillows or boxes next to the door

so they can't actually close themselves. A couple years ago, I left for a weekend

trip and my cat got stuck in the bathroom. It wasn't a life-or-death

situation, but I felt really bad that she spent the entire weekend in the bathroom.

And my number one tip is to take out the trash. One of the worst things is to come

home from a trip only to find that your home stinks, or even worse, that you have

a bug infestation. I left for a two-week trip once and forgot to take out the

trash. When I came back, my apartment not only smelled terrible, but I had fruit

flies everywhere. Learn from my mistake and empty out your garbage before you

leave. As I mentioned earlier, there are ton more things that I do before I go on

my trips. I've put together a comprehensive list of to-do items, as

well as a packing list, and posted it on my site. It has a ton of items and tasks you

should consider before you leave on your trip. You can download the list for free

from my website. The link is in the description below. Lastly, though it's not

an official tip, you may want to consider installing a

home security system or monitoring device. I always thought this was

overkill, but since I setup the Canary device, I have to say that I have a lot

more peace of mind when I travel. Devices like the Canary can not only give you a

glimpse of any activity at home, but also can monitor things like temperature,

humidity, and overall air quality. Check out my Canary review for more details.

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