moving and packing can be really

stressful and overwhelming but it

doesn't have to be so here are some of

my favorite tips for having an easy

stress-free moving experience number one

tip is to purge and to purge ruthlessly

to purge often when you think you're

done purging keep going keep eating the

spaces you think that you've already

tackled honest you guys there is nothing

better than packing as little as

possible and only the things you know

you're absolutely gonna love and when

you move into the new house you're not

gonna miss any of those things that

you're like kind of on the fence about

once they're gone and out of your home

out of your mind

you can just move into the new space

with the items you love and really

unpack and make the space your own

without a million extra boxes everywhere

of the random stuff you don't know what

to do with tip number two do not pay for

boxes you guys can get so many free

boxes from so many different places I

understand if you're on a time crunch

and you don't have time to maybe go out

or ask friends but if you have even just

a little bit of extra time you can get

free boxes my brother-in-law works

retail and he was able to give me so

many free boxes from the you know items

that come into the store another great

resource is liquor stores

I found liquor store boxes to be the

best for packing fragile items because

they're already pre sort of like

organized for you with the little

dividers that the liquor bottles would

go into I found these to be perfect for

my milk glass collection for fragile

home decor items like I said another

great option is grocery stores because

the big box is that bananas come in as

well as apples those are perfect for

moving because they're big and sturdy

they're meant to hold a lot of weight

and again they're free and one more free

resource for boxes is to go on

Craigslist or local Facebook pages or

somewhere in some sort of online buy

sell trade site and a lot of people that

have moved are more than willing to give

away their boxes and something else you

can do that's really helpful if you have

kids just call ahead to some stores and

just let them know that you're moving

that you're looking for boxes and they

could probably have them ready for you

just outside the store go and pick them

up put them in your trunk you don't have

to get the kids out and be hauling boxes

around if you just call and ask

they are more than willing to help you

out and to provide free boxes another

tip is to not remove things from their

original containers as often as you can

so what I mean is like if you have a

dresser and they have all these drawers

filled with items rather than taking all

those items out and wrapping them and

packing them away individually just get

something like this this is moving wrap

or like you know saran wrap plastic wrap

whatever you want to call it so what I'm

gonna do is just take out the drawers

from my dressers and wrap them with this

wrap and then when I move to the new

house just cut off the wrap and put the

dresser drawer right back in and

everything is already unpacked I'm also

going to do the same thing for our

bedside tables I'm not going to take

anything out I'm just gonna wrap the

whole table and they'll be good to go

you can also use this for if you have

bins of toys or you know boxes of

anything really just wrap it with this

wrap and that makes unpacking so super

simple my next step is to use what you

have to pack what you have basically

don't pack anything empty don't bring an

empty suitcase with you to a new house

fill it with heavy books heavy shoes

because it's on a roller you can just

fill it with the things that you need to

move and roll it right into the new

house and unpack it you don't have to

again use an extra box just use what you

have also socks I'm using a lot of socks

to wrap fragile items especially like in

my bedroom I have a little vintage

perfume bottle collection and I just

wrapped them in socks and then put them

in a box a small box you don't want to

fill a big box with anything too heavy

and fragile and then when we get to the

new house I can just unpack them roll

the socks up and I've unpacked two areas

at the same time and definitely if you

have reusable shopping bags if you have

purses and overnight bags don't bring

any of those things empty fill them with

the stuff that you're moving and again

you're saving on those packing materials

my next tip maybe one that you've heard

already but again don't take your

clothes off of their hangers to pack

them and then packed a hanger separately

just use a plastic garbage bag and just

wrap it around your clothes and tie it

around the top of the hanger and then

when you get to the new house just hang

them in your new closet take off the

garbage bag and use it to throw away


and my last tip when it comes to packing

and moving and more so the packing

aspect have one spot to keep all those

packing necessities so for me I have

this thirty-one bag that somebody gave

to me for a gift and in here I have some

Sharpie markers these are the really big

fat ones these are the perfect for it

labeling boxes which you definitely want

to do label label label and inside I

have this little bag of labels and again

I got these on Amazon they came in a

roll like this but it was much longer I

separated out the ones I wasn't going to

use like bathroom number three and a

study our house doesn't have that so I

just separated out the ones I'm going to

be using and I'm gonna use these two

labeled all the boxes so that everyone

knows where everything goes and there's

no confusion on moving day also inside I

have my wraps that I just showed you and

some packing tape things like packing

tape and sharpies you can buy these at

like the dollar store but for me I would

rather spend just a tiny bit more money

this was literally $1.99 versus the

dollar stores one dollar but it's so

much better quality I just want

everything to be working I want

everything to be sturdy again with the

markers I don't want them to run out

after I write on five boxes I sprung for

the three dollar sharpies pack of two

and spent just a little bit more money

but I know I'm getting better quality

and one tip when you're using packing

tape is to fold over a little corner of

the edge of your tape when you wrap a

box that'll make it so easy to unpack

the boxes when you get into the new

house and you don't have to use a box

cutter you can just pull them right open

and again you don't have to have a knife

or anything to open a box just pull the

tape right off super simple okay two

more bonus tips number one make some

make-ahead dinners so that when you get

to the new house you don't have to

stress about what's for dinner I

actually made a bunch of these we're

bringing one to friends who just had a

baby tonight but I still have four more

in the freezer so we don't have to rush

and worry about what's for dinner when

we move okay bonus tip number two this

one's really important have somewhere to

keep all of those important like

mortgage documents and all sorts of

things you're gonna get quotes from

contractors or just the plethora of

documents you're going to receive have

somewhere to put them I got this little

file folder from the Dollar Tree but you

can have a

you can have a planner just something

that's dedicated to the house keeps

everything organized and all in one

place so those were my packing and

moving tips I want to share with you

guys we are still a blue less than two

weeks out from our actual move so these

are the things we've tackled so far I

will have more tips to share as we get

closer to that moving day so I hope you

found these helpful if you are moving or

you enjoyed these moving tips definitely

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