DOs & DON'Ts: Painting your nails | how to paint your nails perfectly

hey guys it's Gabby welcome back to my

channel so today I have the do's and

don'ts of painting your nails and this

is actually going to be a series on my

channel so each week I'm gonna have a

do's and don'ts of something related to

nail polish so get excited yeah okay so

first off you want to make sure there is

no polish on your nails I know this is

an obvious one but I've seen other

people paint over other colors so don't

be that person so I always start by

caring for my cuticles and this is like

nail rule number one do not cut your

cuticles I can't even show you the

little cuticle cutters right now because

I don't have any what you want to do is

get yourself some cuticle oil and just

massage that along your cuticles and

then after about five minutes you're

gonna use an orange stick this is what

it looks like and you're just gonna push

back your cuticles gently just to make

them look all nice and even

I guess now if you already have a

buildup of cuticles you can use a

cuticle remover this is one from Sally

Hansen that I use from time to time but

you do have to be careful with these

because they can over time weak and your

cuticle and overall just weaken your

nails so again if you can just stick

with a cuticle oil and a little orange

stick and you'll be good

next I move on to filing my nails and I

actually use a high grit nail file and

basically what that means is it's like a

really rough file because my nails are

really hard so they're kind of difficult

to get down but if you have weaker nails

you definitely want to use a glass nail

file which I don't have right now but

it's a very low grit file so it won't

damage your nails or anything and the

biggest thing to remember is do not file

in both directions make sure you're

filing only in one direction if you file

in both it's like sawing your nails back

and forth which only causes more damage

so don't do that and I know filing one

direction takes so much longer but trust

me it's worth it and as for my nail

shape it's actually pretty easy to

maintain all I do is file going straight

across the top and then I also file

going straight up along the sides just

to get that square shape and that's

really it so moving on you're gonna wash

your hands after that just to get those

oils off and just get any file shavings

off of your nails after that you need to

get any oils off of your

and a lot of people don't do this step

but you're gonna get some alcohol just

like regular rubbing alcohol that you

get from like the grocery store and

you're gonna get a makeup sponge I know

a lot of people use cotton balls or

cotton swabs but you don't want to do

that because it can get those little

cotton strings on your nail and that's

probably the worst thing finding little

strings in your nail polish and that

just messes up your mani

so I use a makeup sponge and I just wipe

the nail with alcohol and after you do

this do not touch your nail or anything

because you're gonna be putting the oils

right back on it is finally time to

apply your basecoat I feel like there's

not many ways to mess this up I mean you

can make it too thick I guess so

definitely avoid that but I feel like

the main thing is people just don't

apply their base coat sometimes and I've

been there I've done that and I had

really stained nails so make sure you

apply a base coat because it not only

prevents staining but it will also make

your mani laugh next you're going to

pick your nail polish color and you want

to make sure that you don't shake your

bottle because this is a great way to

get air bubbles so instead you're going

to roll it just in between your hands to

get that formula all mixed up and then

you are ready to paint your nails also

just throwing in there you probably want

to pick a nail polish that has a better

formula or that's new wear as opposed to

a nail polish so it's like old in-goal

peed just because that will be harder to

work with and I also think it's easier

to use a polish that has a bigger brush

this is a personal preference because my

nails are obviously bigger so it's kind

of up to you but nails Inc is a great

example of that their brush is huge so

when you're painting your nails I always

start in the middle I feel like it would

be kind of weird to start from the sides

but you know if you want to go ahead but

either way just make sure that you're

applying a thin coat if the coat is like

thick you'll probably get air bubbles so

just make sure it's a thin coat and also

make sure you're not too focused on

getting it really close to the cuticle

line because that honestly make it

easier to mess up because you could

easily flood your cuticles and get nail

polish everywhere and also don't worry

if it's not perfectly done around your

cuticle line because you can go back and

fix that later and then you're gonna

finish that first coat by capping the

tip which is basically just taking your

nail collage brush and running it across

the edge of your nail then when you go

to apply that second coat you want to

make sure that that first coat is

completely dry because like I said

you can get air bubbles if it isn't so

once that dries I'm going to apply the

second coat and then this time I'm not

gonna cap the tip you don't want to cap

the tip with every single coat you do

because at least for me it can cause a

buildup and it'll be awkwardly thick

which makes it chip easier so I

recommend just capping it with your

first coat of nail polish and also your

top coat so after that second coat now

is the time to go back and fix any

mistakes you may have made along the

cuticle or if you accidentally gotten me

a posh on your skin and I don't really

have that many mistakes but all you're

gonna do is take a brush and you want to

use an angled brush you don't want to

use a brush that's just straight across

and you're just gonna dip that brush in

some acetone and just gently clean up

around your nail and don't go crazy

because you don't want to accidentally

knock into the Polish and mess up so

just take your time and you'll be good

and now for your top coat it's pretty

much the same rules that you're gonna

follow you want to make sure that that

second coat is completely dry and then

you want to make sure that you don't

shake your top coat and then also make

sure that you cap that free edge so that

is it I recommend just sitting there

after you do your nails for a little bit

let them completely dry because you

don't want to mess up all the work you

just did and don't wave your hands

trying to dry them faster because again

air bubbles but yeah I think that is

everything hopefully I didn't forget

anything if I did feel free to leave

some advice down in the comments to help

other people I hope you guys enjoyed the

video I will have another do's and

don'ts video next Wednesday so yeah

ok bye