★ How to: Grow Passion fruit from Seed (A Complete Step by Step Guide)


this project re our tents you have to

grow passion fruit from sake

hi and welcome to project Diaries as you

can see I've got my weekly food waste

box so today I'm going to look through

it and see what can grow now as you can

see I've got some lemons I've got a

really squished apricot some mint some

peaches an aubergine but mostly today

I'm going to concentrate on these now

these are passion fruit and if you know

anything about passion fruit you don't

actually eat them when they're like this

what you need to do is wait until

they're all crinkly and sort of raisin

like then they become really juicy and

at their best so I'm going to do is take

this out of the wrapper and leave it on

the side for a bit and I'll come back to

that in a week or so so here they are

two weeks later as you can see they're

really wrinkly and they're just ready to

harvest now so as these were from food

waste the skin had actually pierced so

these are going to be really dry and a

bit moldy I wouldn't eat these or

suggest eating these from food waste

anyway but as you can see there's no

actual juice or moisture inside there

and it's all nice and dry for me to take

the seeds out here's a couple on a knife

already so I'm just going to put these

down there so I'm just going to gently

take them out one at a time and place

them back on the plate I will put them

on tissue paper later on to dry them up

yeah you can see it's really easy to get

the seeds out this way now if you're

trying this under usual circumstances

you just get a spoon and eat the juicy

fruit from the inside and spit out the

pips now I hear some of you saying but I

don't like eating passion fruit so my

reply would be why would you spend all

the time growing them if you're not

going to eat them the next step is just

spread them out on some kitchen roll now

you just want them nicely spread out so

they're not touching each other and just

leave them there for an hour or two and

they'll be perfectly dry now I'm not

sure if you can see this on the camera

if you can zoom in enough but I really

like these seeds they come with this

really sort of pitted texture that I

haven't seen anywhere else so yeah these

are my favorite little seeds so I'm

using my ever-faithful chocolate eclair

box as a propagator so I'm just going to

get the seeds I'm going to put about a

three in each section

once you've done that you just need to

push it in slightly with your finger you

don't want to go too deep

what about two or three times the

thickness of the the seed itself and

then just push the soil over so it's

nicely covered now I never cut any

drainage holes in these but you can if

you want but just water it in gently

make sure it's not too sodden then all

you need to do is just put the lid down

and keep this in a nice warm dry place

now as these seeds come with a really

hard shell this will actually take up to

three to four weeks to germinate and

push through to the soil but as you can

see they've just started to emerge

here they are a few days after

and this is just

days in once they've started to emerge

they really start growing quickly so

this is them two weeks in they're now

getting a bit too big for this pot so

I'm going to transfer them into their

own separate pots so you just get a

yogurt pot and a Brattle and punches

some holes in because these are going to

need some drainage now just make sure

the hole goes all the way through and a

couple rounding edges so next up just

fill the pot with multi-purpose compost

and use a spoon to dig a hole about an

inch deep

then using the spoon prise out the

seedling as gently as you can and try

not to break any of the roots

then place the seedling into the hole

that you just made and push it down

gently to try and make sure that all the

air pockets are out

then all you have to do is water it in

and repeat the same process for the



here's the progress four weeks after the

seedlings emerge from the soil

and again after six weeks

so here we are eight weeks later all six

seeds did actually turn into better

plant this one was a slightly late

bloomer so he's a lot more smaller than

the others and unfortunately this one

was attacked by something and I just

woke up the other day and something just

snapped all the leaves off so I'm not

actually sure what maybe there's an

earwig or a slug but everything else

seems to be really successful these are

going really strong now I'm going to end

the video here because all that happens

is the leaves get a lot bigger and the

stem will just get stronger and thicker

so nothing will happen for the next few

months but I will do a follow-up video

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that's about it

good luck growing your own passionfruit

take care

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