How Much Time Should You Take Off Between Cycles After PCT?

sup guys this is Derek from more plates

14 so um today we're gonna be going over

how much time you should take off

between cycles or after PCTs so

obviously there are a lot of you know

rules thrown around the community of

what you need to do what you need to not

do you know time on equals time off this

and that and at the end of the day these

are just compounds that guys have

essentially created protocols based on

their own experience and anecdotal logs

to determine what is the best approach

for each particular scenario and there

is no correct way to go about things

there is no time on must equal time off

or else you die kind of thing it's in my

opinion I always get asked this so I

just figured I'd make a video on it

honestly this is what I think I think as

long as your endocrine function is back

up to par in other words your natural

testosterone production has completely

rejuvenated and rejuvenated and come

back to normal as in your levels are

back up to where they were pre cycle

when you didn't have anything

suppressive in your system and your

health markers are all in check

aka your blood work looks good you have

no you know cardiovascular issues you

don't have cholesterol problems you

don't have increased red blood cell

count you don't have increased blood

pressure etc etc there's no reason why

if you are fully recovered and you're a

hundred percent healthy why is there

like a rule that says you have to wait

an arbitrary amount of time or else it's

bad for you like obviously the more time

drugs are in your system the more time

you're in a potential position for

compromised health but at the end of the

day all you can really do isn't sure

you're as healthy as possible and your

endocrine function is recovered if those

two things are fully intact

and there's no discrepancies that or

anything in your blood work then it's up

to you personally

based on your own personal goals and

needs what time off is appropriate for

you so if for example you're trying to

you know bulk up for a show you're doing

a certain amount of months and you're

completely recovered and everything on

your you know your blood work looks

absolutely perfect and everything has

come back is spot-on

do you need to take another three weeks

off because you know like Joe Blow

online on the forums told you that time

on equals time off at the end of the day

what you do is a personal decision and

it should be based off of an individual

assessment of your own needs and your

own health and the implications of what

you're doing not on what some random guy

told you is the correct thing to do so I

hope that cleared some things up and you

know on the opposite side of the

spectrum if you're doing time on equals

time off and you've done time off and

your testosterone levels are still in

the gutter and your cholesterol is like

a [ __ ] mess then you should not be

jumping back onto a cycle of something

and that's just common sense but take

that into consideration everything is

individual in this there's no set in

stone way to do anything at the end of

the day it's your health

it's your goals that you're trying to

reach it's your you know surpassing your

genetic limits that you're trying to do

so everything has to be tailored based

on your body your blood work your

personal needs not what some guy told

you on a forum so keep that in mind

be smart take an intelligent strategic

approach trigger to your own

individualized you know needs in

specific situations so hope that cleared

some things up thank you guys for

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