all right hi doc I'm in need of some

advice and information regards to a

current problem I have I've been on a

cycle of tests and the f8 300 milligrams

and Trin and ante 200 milligrams twice a

week injection Monday and Thursday of 1

ml each for 16 weeks Wow okay

while one cycle I was taking tamoxifen

five Oh 50 milligrams each day well yeah

I just completed a PCT of ACG 5000 IU

three shots per week and did a total of

three boxes of 5000 IU I also have been

taking clomid tablets of 50 milligrams I

feel like my desire for sex is low I'm

also not getting my normal erection so

that was before even during or even

during cycle please could you advise as

to anything I can do regards boss scene

yeah I guess my best advice would be to

wait give it some time because if you're

literally writing at the time you're

including this information in an email

then you got to give us some time

because you're taking that much

treinen aunt they intestine a date each


you've probably you know you've been

carrying a titer from I mean if you do

the math we'd have to the math if you

look at the half-life of these and

roughly if we're looking at an ante

we're probably talking about a week's

half-life seven days half-life and

Terminal half-life is roughly five times

that three weeks later I think that's

what he's saying here three weeks later

you could still have some of this in

your system obviously that's affecting

your your body's endogenous production

so things are still going wonky to use a

technical term you know this closely

after coming off a cycle like that and I

would argue that most of us probably

from your lack of endogenous

testosterone production but that's an

awful lot of tamoxifen right have you

ever seen any guys in the gym doing the

head tumbling groans each ten milligrams

at ab most I usually see is 20 a day

yeah that'll block remember you're not

trying to you could have lots and lots

of estrogen in your system but you still

have the same limited number of

receptors and all you're doing with a

sir Mike tamoxifen is blocking receptors

so more is not necessarily better so you

know yeah but you know that's tomate

cinnamon tamoxifen has a relatively

short half-life but the bottom line I

think it's too early to say one way or

the other that things are have gone awry

from what you did libido it might take

anywhere from again it depends on your

age there's so many factors but anywhere

from three months to even six months

before things get normal again really

depending upon your age and you know

ditto for a Russians but you know I'd

open up a whole nother can of worms how

many reasons are there for not getting

whatever normal erections are to Waseem

you know age and what you did for the

last 16 weeks it says here you know

doing that protocol was it all weight

lifting you know was a power lifting was

it Olympic lifting was a bodybuilding

lifting you know hypertrophy lifting and

so many other things he was doing you

know things that might or might not

affect the nitric oxide synthase in the

in the blood vessel walls and again it

is this gentleman 25 or 65 yeah there's

so many issues that are played here but

again with just three weeks it sounds

like if you do the math here it sounds

like he finished a cycle up three weeks

ago or you argue yeah cycle three weeks

ago because he did PCT for you know PCT

for three weeks

that's pretty short

it's a it's a suppressive PCT for sure

that in part can make up a little bit

for the lack of time on PCT oh you know

everybody's different but what I like to

do is make it as easy as possible if

someone tells me hey Rin I like to come

off TRT for whatever the reasons it used

to be more often than not fertility

reasons hey I want to have a child now

I'll ask him to let me know as soon as

they know wait what do you want to do

this and we can start six weeks maybe

just three weeks before they they either

get off of tee all together or start to

taper it off at that point with a CG and

a relatively high dose to again get

those those diesel inches those ten

Samoas up and run it again so that when

they decide to go off completely either

cold turkey


six weeks from that or tapered from that

if that makes sense

they've been up on a CG for a little

while longer and then you say okay the

testicles are up and running

let's pull those and as the tests will

start to drop off again

let's wait for that gas age the

pituitary jump on board and start

sending a signal and keep things going

it tends to smooth that process out so

guys don't just you know keel over from

lack of energy you know and keel over

lack of you know erectile function this

tends to smooth that out a little bit

better but you know everyone's different

and it isn't always a guarantee of the

way smooth chronicity abuse you know how

long they've been on TRT and their age

are big big factors into how well that

works and how much lead time you might

want to start using the HCG before you

start to pull the T the exogenous T and

versus when you finally say okay I'm

gonna stop the HCG on the other end of

that factors involved Chloe it's not a

bad idea either we mentioned before that

some people have negative side effects

to that particular term but it was

different if he didn't have bad side

effects argue again first thing I ask

them is hey have you tried clumping

before and if you did did you have side

effects like this or if you didn't

maybe this is because the clothing we

know why did you go off the tamoxifen

and change the the the Clement they're

both sermons granted one does work

differently than the other but why would

you change so it might just be he's

having some issues with the Clubman

alone there's just too many factors and

again if I had to put my finger on one

to start with and give it some time it's

awfully early yet we're just stopping to

say hey everything supposed to be back

to normal yeah yeah yeah thanks