Advice for Future PCT Hikers

are you planning to thru-hike or either

section hike the PCT coming up well I

might have some advice for you

so this video was actually spawned out

of a comment and a question that I got

from a viewer here on YouTube and I

thought it was a great topic to make a

video about and share my advice if you

had a friend that was going to hike the

PCT in 2019 what are the three biggest

pieces of advice you'd give them before

they started excellent question and it's

something that I actually think about

quite a bit now aside from giving the

typical advice the cliche advice like

hike your own hike or you know make sure

you have enough water in the desert or

any of the other advice that one through

hiker would give to another I thought

about what some advice that I would give

a future through hiker that had to do

with my hike in particular in 2018 so

three pieces of advice I'll do you one

better I have four so the first piece of

advice that I have for anybody that is

planning to do the PCT within either the

next year the next couple years and

whether you're through hiking or section

I 'king is don't go out too hard listen

to your body folks the first section of

the PCT if you're going northbound can

be very deceiving now for me when I went

out and started my hike in April I

started doing 20s every single day and

you can do that no problem at all well I

was doing 20s and since I was feeling

good doing 20s I decided to keep jacking

it up and jacking it up and by the

second week I was already doing 25 and

close to thirty miles a day now in my

opinion the terrain is pretty easy and

you can put out those miles because it's

nice smooth terrain however if you're

not used to hiking in the desert it can

definitely beat you up fast without you

even knowing it the trail itself is very

hard and rugged and it can definitely

put a beating on your feet and your legs

within the first couple hundred miles

now I myself got injured in the first

300 miles when I was coming out of Big

Bear now the reason I got injured was

because I tripped and I tore something

in my shin however I'm sure doing 25 and

close to 30 s up to that point was not

helping my case instead I

probably should have just stuck to low

20s maybe even 15 for the first handful

of days and don't that strength up so I

didn't have the injury later I know a

lot of people that got injured in the

first 300 miles of the trail I

constantly heard about people getting

shin splints people getting Planners

fasciitis people having sore knees so

the first 500 700 miles of the PCT if

you're going northbound can be deceiving

so listen to your body and don't go out

too hard the second piece of advice that

I have for any through hiker or section

hiker planning to do the PCT is take

advantage of trail towns so in Southern

California up until about Mammoth Lake

so right after you leave

Bishop you get to Mammoth Lake that is

basically the last trail town

now when I say trail town I'm talking

about towns that have a lot of hiker

services that have good resupply points

like nice big grocery stores they have

Outfitters they have hostels they are

more catered for the through Hecker or

the section hiker now once you start

getting into Northern California from

there on trail towns just kind of

disappear now out on the Appalachian

Trail there pretty much the entire trail

but when you're on the PCT they go

bye-bye after Mammoth Lakes so take

advantage of those trail towns in the

first seven hundred miles when you go

into one of those towns take a little

bit of time make sure that your gear is

dialed in go to the Outfitters maybe buy

a new pair of shoes and send them ahead

maybe resupply for further on down the

trail box it up and bounce it up to

yourself so in that first seven hundred

miles go into places like Ottawa go into

places like Tehachapi go into Julian

have a good time experience those trail

communities stay at some hostels meet

some trail angels because for me a big

part of through hiking or section hiking

is experiencing the trail culture and

you're not going to experience any

better trail culture than the first 700

miles of the PCT the third piece of

advice that I have for any through hiker

or section hi

and this one pertains particularly to

the Sierra Mountains make your own calls

now this year in particular and I'm sure

that it's every single year there was a

lot of fear mongering and misinformation

about the trail there was a lot of other

hikers businesses Outfitters that were

fear mongering people about the Sierra

now this year on the PCT we did get a

lot of snow and I personally got off of

the trail in Bishop because of a big

snowstorm that came in however there

were a lot of hikers that were getting

fear of monger whenever they were in

Kennedy Meadows not to go into the

Sierra people that hadn't been to the

sea-air yet

telling people that the snow was too bad

you needed all this gear are you needed

to wait and there were a lot of hikers

that either didn't go into the Sierra

State put in Kennedy Meadows for weeks

on end or they flipped up and switched

their hike and most of that was because

of fear-mongering by people that weren't

in the Sierra and didn't know really

what was going on there was one

outfitter in particular that actually

used my name and stole a picture off my

Instagram to scare hikers into buying

more expensive gear and gear that they

didn't really need at their outfitter my

advice to any future through hikers or

section hikers is get to Kennedy Meadows

look at the weather report maybe look at

some reliable sources like find the

Facebook group and see people that are

ahead of you listen to people that are

experiencing the trail at that time and

then make the decision for yourself you

know me personally my whole thought was

leave Kennedy Meadows get into the

beginning of the Sierra and if it looks

like it's gonna be a bad situation if it

looks like it's not something you're

gonna hike in make the decision and turn

around or there's plenty of places that

you can bail out before you get to

Bishop there's two points that you can

get out to go into Lone Pine so if it

looks like it's gonna be bad

are you hearing bad weather reports get

out there make the decision for yourself

and make sure that you're not changing

your hike because of what someone

says or how someone else feels okay and

the last piece of advice that I have for

any future through hikers or section

hikers is create something during your

hike now what do I mean by create

something well

document your hike while you're out

there if not for someone else just for

yourself journal about your hike do a

blog shoot photos make videos use your

phone and record a podcast from the

trail create something while you're out

on the trail you're out there from four

to six months and you're having this

awesome experience with other people

with yourself you're in your own mind a

lot of different thoughts and ideas come

to you whenever you're on the trail a

lot of hikers that I've talked to and I

personally get very creative while I'm

on the trail and I think it's because

you simplify your life a little bit why

you out on the trail you take all the

extra stuff out of your life and you're

basically just left to your own devices

so a lot of people including myself get

very creative it's something that I've

said in the past that I wish so much

that whenever I was out on the

Appalachian Trail in 2015 that I would

have recorded my hike and took a lot

more pictures and it's not just because

I started a YouTube channel but it's

because I would love to personally

experience that again whenever you get

off trail it starts to fade away the

whole journey you start forgetting about

certain parts you start forgetting about

certain hikers that you met you forget

about certain towns that you went to

certain views that you saw so take that

time and create something again even if

you don't want to share it with the


like making YouTube videos or making a

blog or something have it for yourself

because it is an amazing trip and an

amazing journey that you're taking in

your life so document that have

something for yourself so you can look

back at that or maybe even share with

your family and friends one massive gift

that the trail has given me over the

years is teaching me to be a more

creative person whether it's through

video or photos or writing about it and

sharing my experience with others which

is why

I encourage you to do the same all right

so hopefully some of that advice will

help you if you're planning to do the

PCT in the future have you through hiked

or section hike the PCT what's some

advice that you would give a future

hiker planning on going out there leave

something down in the comments and let

me and everybody else know your thoughts

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