alright guys if super : here we're

freezing and you don't have a house I

had central heating so I'm gonna show

you guys how I get my house warm

so this is about stove those are pellets

they're everywhere so first you gotta

get some pellets into this uh this

little square in here we don't have a

manual heating one so you gotta light it

up yourself you put the gel in there he

is a this is the starter that I use in

mine and you like that you get that

going then I found it a lot easier if

you get a propane and torch get that way

if you put that in there on the pallets

it's a lot easier to get it lit

when the pellets in there get all nice

and black you know you're pretty much

good then you close the pellet stove


we'll see you some flame on your pellets

and that's when I usually go over here

turn this up that's the heat output and

this is the blower for the heat you turn

it up about halfway until it starts

getting good I'm gonna turn it all the

way up

and then once your plane gets going

pretty decent in your little square

thing in there we're in one turn your

auger on this is the feed to the fire

this is how your fellows get to the fire

no know if you guys can see but they

drop from in there on top of the fire

and that's how you start your policy of