Post Pregnancy Pelvic Floor Exercises

so this next exercise routine is really

important post partum especially when

we're trying to engage through those

deeper abdominal muscles and the pelvic

floor remember to take it easy and just

stay with your own level and only do as

many reps as is comfortable for you so

working first without pelvic tilts so

holding onto our pelvis just to assist

with this movement allowing out back to

arch and then allowing our back just

flatten down to the ground

so just arching and flattening arching

and now when we flatten think about the

tailbone tucking slightly under engaging

through that pelvic floor and then

releasing one more like that

think about that pelvic floor engage and

then release come back in just to a

neutral position and release the hands

out by the side I have those feet come

closer and the knees towards each other

hands as Wireless is comfortable for you

and we're just going to release the

knees to one side and then use those

abdominal muscles to draw those knees

back into the center and again over to

the other side and then use those

abdominal muscles to draw the knees to

the side nice and slow and only go as

far as is comfortable for you and that

you know that you can draw those knees

back into Center so two more each side

up relax the shoulders not pressing the

hands into the ground one more each side

here out to the side back into the

center using those obliques those

twisting abdominals and then coming back

in feet again hip distance hands by the

sides leg slides lengthening one leg out

along the ground and then slide it all

the way back again sliding that leg out

and drawing all the way back in this is

a little bit harder on a grip man so if

you want to do it just off the

then that might be a little bit easier

for you as well lengthening the leg out

and sliding thinking about that power of

ik floor drawing up so you can almost

imagine that's the power of ik floor is

drawing that leg back up really engaging

through let's just do asked one more

remembering you can do as little or as

much this is comfortable but don't push

yourself too far we're now just going to

do the same exercise but lengthening and

lifting that leg so that leg just hovers

above the ground right to the side back

in lengthening out still engaging

drawing the belly back thinking about

the pelvic floor lengthening out and

back in keeping the shoulders nice and

soft and still breathing lengthen out

and back in let's just do one more here

each side and then from here we're going

to go into our single leg lift so

lifting up and then slowly lower hinging

at the hip lifting up and lower

lifting keeping the belly drawing back

gauging through pelvic floor let's just

do two more each side now little lifting

up control that movement on the down

face breathe it in and exhale and back

down one more each side breathing in

exhale and down breathing exhale and

down last exercise we lift then we

extend out long 45 degrees back in and

then we lower we're gonna lift that leg

for now back in and lower so just going

for each side remembering just staying

with your own limits keeping those

shoulders soft breath still flowing

jasc are two more eight side lift and

lengthen lift and lower lift and

lengthen back in and one more each side

flowing with that breath still engaging

pelvic floor deep abdominal muscles and

then from here just lower down rocking

the knees gently from side to side and

then rolling all the way over to the

side stay here just for a moment and

then making your way all the way back up

through to a seated position