Pelvic Floor Exercises For Pregnant Women

hey guys today we're gonna do a pelvic

floor exercise routine for women during

pregnancy so this is gonna help you

prepare for an easier birth as well as a

faster recovery after your birth and to

help prevent leaking after you've had

your baby if you're new here my name is

Jessica pombal I'm a pre and post natal

fitness instructor and the exercises

that we're gonna do now are exercises

that my pelvic floor physiotherapist

recommended that I incorporate into my

fitness classes and that really helped

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I am NOT a pelvic floor physiotherapist

and they are amazing so if you're


I also recommend going and try and find

a pelvic floor video that can help you

depending on what trimester earring you

might want to go in a different position

so if you're in your first trimester

then sitting up either on a ball or a

chair it might be helpful if you're in

your second trimester it may be easier

to do them on your hands and knees and

if you're in your third trimester when

your belly is really big then laying on

your side may be a helpful position so

there are different cues that can be

helpful when doing Kegel or pelvic floor

exercise one of them that you hear most

commonly is to squeeze as if you're

stopping the flow of urine and then I

also like to think of lifting another

one is picturing a blueberry or a raisin

at the opening of your vagina and

sucking it up into your vagina and then

the third one is to picture a string

that goes from your belly button to the

opening of your vagina and then you're

looking to shorten that string so

whichever one of those cues is most

helpful for you my next video is going

to be how to do pelvic floor exercises

and then how to check that you're doing

them properly so if that video has

already come out I'm gonna link to it in

the cards above and in the description

box or you'll have to wait a couple of

days until that video comes out and if

there is a cue that helps you you can

also share that with in the comments

below and I'm sure other people would be

happy to know what is helping you as

well okay so the first one we're gonna

do is we're going to hold for up to 10

seconds so for the first one you're

gonna use whichever cue you want I'm

gonna use picking up the blueberry

because that's the one I connect with

the most and I'm gonna pick up my

blueberry and hold it and I'm going to

count how long I can hold it for so if

you can only hold till two or three or

four or five or wherever then that is

your your starting point and you're only

going to practice each of these holding

as long as you can before you get

fatigued and then you can build up to 10

seconds so we can let it go so now test

how long it is and then we're going to

do five of these exercises and take two

breaths in between just to make sure

that we're fully relaxed we want to keep

breathing relax your legs or relax your

buttocks and we're really just working

at the inner sides so if you're ready we

are going to pick up our blueberry or

whatever cue

and lift it up and we're gonna hold 10 9

8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 and release fully

relaxed take a couple of breaths you can

even close your eyes and we'll do it

again I'll let you count on your own

however high you can go until you can't

hold it any more up to 10 and if you're

still holding release and close your

eyes fully relax take a couple of


and again Kegel and hold and release

take a couple of breaths and we'll do

this two more times

pick it up and hold strong hold and let

it go a couple of breaths and we'll do

our last one of that set and last one up

and hold the next exercise we're going

to work on our fast twitch or type 2

muscle fibers and this is going to help

protect against leaking when we sneeze

or laugh and so what we're gonna do is

we're gonna do as many as we can quickly

within 10 seconds so I will count out 10

seconds for you and I want you to see

how many quick kegels you can do in 10

seconds so fully relax let it go get in

a comfortable position and go

and that was ten seconds relax take a

breath and when you're ready go

and relax take a breath fully relax your

pelvic floor and get ready for your

third set and go and release

take a breath relax and get ready for

your fourth set and go

and relax and then we'll do one final

set relaxed fully and prepare and fast

as you can

go and release a great job the next one

we're going to do is a little bit harder

to feel and you may not feel a whole lot

at first but if you keep practicing then

you will get it and it's going to help

strengthen the anterior or the front of

your pelvic floor and so what you want

to visualize is actually taking the

opening of your vagina and sliding it

forward and then release sliding it

forward and fully relaxed sliding it

forward and release so you may feel it

but if you don't you may even feel more

like an energy keep practicing as you

keep practicing the other types of

kegels as well you will gain more

feeling to be able to do this forward

and release forward release we'll do a

couple more forward and release and

forward and release great job

so again if you haven't been doing

pelvic floor exercises regularly or even

if you have it can be hard to just

isolate and do a Kegel without

activating your back passage or your

anus but ideally we would get to a point

where we're only doing our Kegel and not

activating our anus and so while in the

previous ones we did you may have been

contracting it and that's okay because

you're still strengthening that muscle

we're gonna try now to do it even if

it's the smallest Kegel without

activating our back passage so it may be

again it may be the tiniest little Kegel

or it may be more of an energy but we're

gonna try and isolate it without

activating the back okay so if already

we'll do ten of the

and go

perfect and release all right we're

gonna do one more exercise that is in

preparation for labor and it is

involving the pelvic floor but it's

actually relaxing are we're gonna relax

where we're doing our Kegel but we're

going to activate our lower abdominal

dominus and you almost want to feel like

you're sucking it in at the same time as

you're relaxing your pelvic floor and

this is going to help with the pushing

phase of Labor so you can put your hands

on your lower belly and suck in your

lower belly at the same time it's fully

relaxing your pelvic floor and will hold

for five four three two one

and release take a breath relax

everything and prepare again five four

three two one and release breath and

again five four three two one release

and lower belly in five four three two

one release and we'll do one more once

you're fully relaxed and lower belly

engage the pelvic floor relaxed one two

three four five all right great job for

the full benefit ideally you do it about

three to six times per day and because

it's all internal you can just do it as

you go through our day you could be

driving can be brushing your teeth if

you tie it to an activity that you're

already doing that can help you remember

to do it and get into the habit you can

also just play it on your phone and

follow through with the audio cues if

you wanted to do this video again or in

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printout if you wanted to get the

printout if that you prefer that of

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